A spot of feedback, then?

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I'm usually punctual with TT's games, but I put off W&G until I upgraded my PC, then I settled in for a back-to-back binge of the episodes released so far. I just finished "Muzzled" moments ago, and I have to sing praises.

First off, I'm a claymation junkie, and the detail of the models looked so much like real plasticine that I was doing doubletakes all throughout the game. Add that to the masterful use of depth-of-field effects, and W&G is easily the most beautiful TT series yet. The only fault I can find is that the secondary characters look more computer generated than the titular ones, which is a jarring dissonance.

The VA is great, and very much on par with Aardman's films. Unfortunate side effect: My internal monologue is entirely in Wallace's voice after my little marathon of gameplay. :p

I got used to the controls rather quickly, but I'd still prefer point and click to the sometimes baffling "left is now down, up is now right" Resident Evil-style scheme. Minor complaint, but it does get a bit annoying when you accidentally walk up and down a flight of steps four or five times.

The puzzles were always fun, even if they all adhered to the "complete for me these tasks of three" format. They weren't difficult, but they weren't too obvious either.

All in all, I'd love to see another season. New W&G material is so few and far between that four episodes doesn't seem nearly enough. On the other hand, assuming Bogey Man keeps up the quality, this will have been a perfect run, with no lows outside of the bugs in FotB.

Quick aside: My favorite line by far is after Wallace pulls on the dining room trapdoor lever in Ep. 1. "Oh, I guess I'm up already." :D
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