Downloaded OFBoneville, want to buy CDs of it AND Cow Race!

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I tried to squeeze that into the topic and it looks a tad messy, oh well :)

I bought the download version of Bone: Out From Boneville, and now that The Great Cow Race is out, I'd like to buy it on CD, but ALSO buy a CD of Out From Boneville.

Since I've already paid for the OFBoneville content, it's just the packaging/materials/shipping that I should be paying for, so how can I go about this?

Please respond ASAP since I'd like to start playing The Great Cow Race! :)


  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    For the first month after the CD version of Out from Boneville was released, there was a promotion where people who bought the download could "upgrade" for a discount, but that offer has since expired. :(

    Right now, we do have a bundle of both CDs for $29.99, which is $6 less than it would cost to buy the games separately. (And of course the price of the CD version of Out from Boneville is lower now than when it first came out!) There's more information about this bundle here.

    Do you have your profile on Telltale's website set up so that you receive emails from us? If not, you might want to change that, so you receive emails about future promotions (like the one that ran when Out from Boneville first came out on CD).
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    Hm, too bad for me. I'll just download great cow race, I guess.

    Does it only install seperately, or does it combine with OFBoneville somehow?
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    It installs separately.

    Since you bought Out from Boneville when it came out, you are eligible to buy the CD version of The Great Cow Race for the same price as the download. Just enter your order number from Out from Boneville into the promo code field and the price will change from $17.99 to $12.99. (Plus shipping, of course.) This is another promotion that was sent out through email recently. :) The offer is good through April 30.
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    Done! Thanks.
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    I've been thinking about ordering the CD version of Bone 2, and I was wondering, does the CD version require activation like the downloaded version, or can you just install and play it without needing activation?

    EDIT: Never mind... Note to self: pay more attention to forums before you post in them.
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    I don’t suppose there’s anyway you could offer a DVD (box) and DVD/CD (disc) cover art (in PDF format) for the bone games?

    I've downloaded both the released chapters and am intending to backup the installs onto one CD/DVD (along with the later releases) - The only problem is that it'll look a bit naff and homemade stuck on a blank Phillips DVD in an empty DVD case.

    Unfortunately I'm also desperately crap at art, image editing, all that kinda stuff... But if there was an overall/generic 'Bone' cover and label set I could download and print off it would make me happy enough to fart. 8-X
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