Soup seller mistake.

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First of all, I really enjoy the first game. The second one looks even better but I think I've found a small mistake with the soup seller. When you look at the bags near his stand he recites a funny list of ingredients for his soup. But when in conversation you ask him about what exactly is in the soup he replies that it is a family secret. It is kind of inconsistent, isn't it?


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    Hmm... maybe he lied about the ingredients? :-/
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    This explanation could work if the two inconsistent answers had been given to two different persons.
    Let's say that he lied but why 2 minutes earlier he told the truth? (or maybe it was a completely different lie). From the further conversation you can see that he isn't mentally unstable or anything. Furthermore, the game protagonist should protest, right? He should say something like - "but 2 minutes earlier you said that the soup contains...."

    P.S. I'm pointing this out just because the game has SO FEW situations like this. In many adventure games (especially the newer games) they are very common.
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    Yes, it didn't really make sense what I said. Nice catch, I didn't notice it when playing the game. :)
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