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I am a 29 year old "gamer" that plays adventures games when i actually do have time to play games (not as often as i wish).

I bought the 2 Bones game. Never heared about Bone before. Haven´t read the comics. But i really enjoyed the game. Very funny and enjoyable characters. Very nice artwork and a pretty god plot.

The telltale team is very talented. If i understands things correctly. They got people from the "Grim Fandango" game. Wich in my humble opinion is one of the best adventure games out there.

The problem i have is with the concept of distribution. This is a dream for the game makers but not for the customers.

The story can go on and on and people that played act 1 and 2 will sure do wan´t to play the rest of the acts to see how it all ends. But this concept can take years and the cusotmer will have to pay 12.99 for each episode. This will be very expensive in the end. Acually i don´t know if it was worth it to even pay the 12.99 for the first act. I think it was very short. The Cow Race was a bit longer but in the same eviroment the whole time.

I heared that the new game "Sam and Max" will also work this way. That is why i am thinking of not playing it. I would like and ending. So when i played it for hours and hours the game ends. End of story. Having something go on and on and have to wait for the next act will be frustrated.

That´s my opinion.


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    Thanks for the feedback. The episodic model we're using for Sam & Max is a little different than for Bone. Since Bone already existed as a long story, it was natural for us to cut that story up into smaller chunks (being careful to make each chunk feel like a self-contained story). We didn't do such a good job of it in Out from Boneville, but I've heard from a lot of people that the Cow Race was a big improvement (and I personally think it has a great story arc, and feels like a complete game even though you're left wondering what's going to happen next).

    The Sam & Max games will each be self-contained. There may be some common elements running through them, and there is an overall story being told in each "season" of games, but each episode stands alone and you can play them in any order or skip some without missing anything. Also, unlike Bone, Sam & Max episodes will be coming out monthly -- which is very different than any of the other episodic content that people have tried so far.

    Of course, if you don't want to buy Sam & Max episodes, you can wait until April when the season is over and get the whole set.
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