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  • James

    James broke into a sprint, knives drawn, leaping on top of Barrett, preventing him from reaching his gun. Both of them on the ground, desperately wrestling, as Barrett punched James in the face as he went to stab him, rolling him onto the ground, as Barrett picked up his gun. James managed to stab him in the thigh before he could get oriented, though, knocking him to the ground once more with a scream, as he dropped his gun again. James attacked him while he was prone, fighting past his struggling, slitting his throat, following it up with 8 stabs into the forehead. As James reached for the gun, Lochlain punted him in the mouth, knocking out a tooth, causing heavy bleeding, and making James dazed.

    "Fucking scum of the earth." Lochlain growled, as Maggie ran over, snatched up his trench coat full of knives, and spit on James' prone body, fleeing to the direction James was coming from. James, still disoriented, crawled over to the gun they left, lying on his back, shooting at Lochlain and Maggie as they fled. He got Lochlain once in the shoulder, but missed every other shot he took. He began spitting out blood, examining the gap where his left canine used to be.

    "Motherfucking bandits. Fuck off with that bullshit. Fuck!" James yelled in frustration, getting back to his feet. No coat, only 3 knives and a gun. He knelt next to Barrett's body, managing to find a single can of spam, and 2 reloads for the gun. However, hearing walkers approach, he fled back in the direction he was going anyway. Mask off, he was finished picking fights for no reason. Nothing good can come of it, especially with only 3 knives.

    After a solid hour of walking, he finally saw something. A sign, advertising a drive in, leading into a city. He COULD go check out the drive in, but it could just be infested with walkers. It may just be safer to go into the city, especially with so few weapons, but it could be infested too, however he'd have more places to hide. The decision wasn't easy, but he sure as shit wasn't turning back.

    Enter the city

    Enter the Drive In


    A week and 3 days had passed, and it was a beautiful day. He was so glad Hiyoko decided to let him, and really appreciated Takako's warm welcome, but Erin was so cold to him, but he had expected that, really. Of course people are pissed they have to share their meals, but he did appreciate the hospitality, and wanted to show he could pull his weight. After he became healthy, which was about 4 days into his stay, Mrs. Enoshima began treating him like one of her butlers, which he was okay with. He went on food runs often, and didn't mind, because it meant he was helping out. Mrs. Enoshima walked into the kitchen where everyone was eating breakfast, and announced: "Okay, so today, it's time for another food run. Erin, Takako, Danny, Amelia, get dressed, we need lots."

    "I'm not fucking doing it!" Erin announced, standing up from the table. "You don't need 4 people, plus, I've done enough already. If you need me for something that's less a waste of my valuable time, I'll be in my fucking room." Erin stormed off, and slammed the door upstairs. Erin was usually annoyed about being bossed around, but never this mad. Something must have snapped in his head, because he's been spending a lot of time in his room, usually with Amelia, and has been lashing out constantly.

    "Wow, who fucking pissed in his spam?" Hiyoko asked, laughing. "What a baby..."

    "It's okay, Mrs. Enoshima, we'll be sure to get enough food for all of us, with or without Erin." Amelia said quietly, as everyone stood up. Mrs. Enoshima looked irritated, probably because of Erin, but sent everyone off anyway, headed towards the city.

    2 hours past in the blazing hot sun, as everyone had a respectably sized bag of food. The route they were taking was new to everyone, so a map from a stand they found was super helpful. Amelia leading them from the back of the pack, they walked into a supermarket. It seemed too obvious to still have food, but it was out of the way, and Amelia claimed it was a low housing area, so they tried it anyway. After about 15 minutes of searching, to no avail, they all decided to head out, as Danny spotted a biter.

    "Shit, a biter. Let's go the other way." Danny said, as they all nodded in agreement, and turned to go out the back door. However, on that side, they spotted even more biters, about 4 of them, all in a pack, who saw them. The 1 biter from earlier followed them too. Danny knew what was happening. Exactly what happened on the highway. He was completely surrounded, in a horizontal aisle, with biters coming from the east, west, and south, and a wall to the north. They were entirely trapped.


    Debra, Jeep still running strong, finally rolled into a town. It was a small town, and had few facilities, but some nonetheless. She figured it was a good place to rest for the night, as she drove around slowly, looking for somewhere safe to park. She spotted a garage, and figured it looked fine, so she rolled in, and parked. She got out, gun in tow, walked into the garage itself, checking her surroundings. She didn't see any walkers at first glance, but figured since this was attached to an auto body shop, there may be some walkers in there. She didn't worry about it, though, just figuring even if there was, they wouldn't be able to break into the car, and even if they tried, she could just drive away. So she just shut all the windows, locked all the doors, and curled up in the backseat to sleep.

    Author's note

    Finally, a part I enjoyed writing, AND am proud of how it turned out. Sorry for the shortening lengths of the story, and the longer waits, but I got my inspiration back, and I finally want to crank these out more often. Especially sorry to Imighthavebrokenit for her character having 2 1/2 short paragraphs total in the last 3 parts, I have plans, don't worry about that ;)

  • Enter the Drive In

    It's worth a shot. Maybe it'll have something good? Probably not.

    Great part!

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    James James broke into a sprint, knives drawn, leaping on top of Barrett, preventing him from reaching his gun. Both of them on the groun

  • Enter the Drive In

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    James James broke into a sprint, knives drawn, leaping on top of Barrett, preventing him from reaching his gun. Both of them on the groun

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  • Enter the Drive In

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    James James broke into a sprint, knives drawn, leaping on top of Barrett, preventing him from reaching his gun. Both of them on the groun

  • Looks like its drive in

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    James James broke into a sprint, knives drawn, leaping on top of Barrett, preventing him from reaching his gun. Both of them on the groun

  • Enter the Drive In

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    James James broke into a sprint, knives drawn, leaping on top of Barrett, preventing him from reaching his gun. Both of them on the groun

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    I'm a little sick, but I should be fine tomorrow, but if not, then the part will be up Sunday.

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    Deb woke up to clanging and grunting. Though startling, the grunting sounded human, and more like an annoyed person struggling with something than a mindless flesh eating monster. Still, at the risk of bandits, she quietly climbed out the window, and gently lowered herself onto the ground. Handgun at her side, she crept up to the front of the jeep, where she could see the person's legs. Readying to shoot the person, she popped up, gun pointed at the person, causing them to drop a scrap of metal they were holding, and scream.

    "FUCKING CHRIST!!!!" The woman yelled, as she put her hands up. "Oh god, please don't shoot!" Debra looked at the terrified lady for less than 5 seconds, when some dude came barreling out of the auto shop ready to chop her down with his machete. Panicked, Debra pointed her gun at the man now, switching quickly between her 2 possible assailants.

    "Hannah, are you okay?!" The man asked, as Debra continued aiming at him, as the woman nodded her head, scared.

    "What the fuck are you doing to my Jeep?!" Debra asked the woman, as she slowly lowered her gun.

    "I.... I didn't realize someone was in there. I thought it was here when we arrived. I was just tinkering with it, I swear!" The woman was still petrified, but Debra slowly pocketed her gun.

    "It's not broken, you know. It's perfectly fine, engine and all." Debra said, still apprehensive of the situation.

    "Oh.... I know...... It's just I....... I....... please don't kill me when I tell you......" Hannah said slowly, "I didn't know you were...... and I was interested in it, so..... I took the engine apart, and then..... it doesn't work anymore...." Hannah said, voice quivering, as Debra was furious.

    "YOU BROKE MY FUCKING 1 MODE OF TRANSPORTATION?!" Debra hollered, reaching for her gun, as the man readied his machete.

    "NED WAIT! STOP, PLEASE! I CAN FIX IT!" Hannah said in a blind panic. "You're pissed, and rightfully so, but I know what I'm doing, I can fix it in a couple days!"

    "How many days is 'a couple'?"

    "2... 4 at most, depending on my supplies from this auto shop's quality. But I know how cars work, please, you can be on your way right afterwards!" Hannah said, as Debra relaxed for a moment.

    "Fine. You seem genuine enough, and I can't fix it myself, so I'll trust you with fixing my car." The man, Ned, sheathed his machete, and Hannah held her chest.

    "My name's Hannah, and this is Ned." Hannah said, as Debra waved.

    "I'm Debra." Hannah turned to Ned, and nodded to him.

    "Hey, Ned'll take you to the back where we have couches, if you'd like." Hannah said, as Debra smiled.

    "Yeah, sure. Thanks." Debra walked with Ned into the Employees only room, as Hannah sighed, and began messing with the remains of the engine, as Debra passed out on te couch.


    Entering the Drive in seemed like the right call, so he drew 2 knives, and crept inside. It was run down to the point that it seemed to be run down even before the apocalypse. He pushed through rusted cars with blood splatters on them, a walker trapped under a red desperately flailing at him, but nothing out of the ordinary. The place had been looted clean, so it seemed, but continuing to look couldn't hurt, so he just kept walking around. Opening doors, moving scrap metal and looking under cars, James wasn't gonna leave a stone unturned in this place. He even found the canteen, and smashed the lock on the back storage room with a rock, but it appeared someone came in through the window and got it all already.

    While in this back room, James heard something shifting around in there. The movement was coming from the closet, and the shifting was slowly turning into banging. Letting his curiosity get the better of him he opened up the door, and found a teenager, nametag still on, in his full work uniform, bite on his wrist, with a torn noose wrapped around his neck, and the other half of the rope hanging from the ceiling. The teenager lunged at James, as James went to stab it, another walker dragged itself into this back area as it had entered the canteen without James noticing. James threw the teenager to the floor, sticking the knife into his temple, and then immediately turning to the other walker. This one was in the doorway, and James missed slightly, because the walker tripped as James began to plunge his knife into it's head, and he sent the knife down into the walker's jaw, getting the knife lodged in it's head, without coming near the brain. Not able to pull it free, James instead moved the skull of the walker with the handle of the knife, and bashed it into the doorway. He did so over and over, eventually beating through it's skull, but also destroying that part of the door frame. Now trying to wiggle his knife out of the dead corpse's jaw, some walkers who heard the commotion entered through the 2 doorways, surrounding James. James, realizing what was happening now, had a hard choice. Either open fire on these suckers, and pry free one of his only 3 knives, but loose potentially all of his bullets, or worse yet, die. OR, he could leave one of his 3 precious knives in this beast's skull, potentially coming back for it later. It wasn't much of a choice.

    Not able to shut the door entirely, with the frame being fucked up and all, James simply dropped the corpse, and bolted for the windows, hopping out onto some grass. He began a full sprint for the exit, swerving to avoid more walkers outside of the canteen, and cars in his way. Coming up to a sea of cars, James noticed an alternate option. An RV, parked in off to his left, MUCH closer, and with a more clear path than the exit, that he could hide in. He could also stick to the plan and bolt for the exit. Both real options, both fine solutions, neither more clear of a choice than the other.


    Keep Running


    Now enclosed by biters, he, Takako, and Amelia were totally stuck, and staring death right in the face. With a moment of quick thinking, Danny spotted the emergency exit to the roof, above the shelf in front of them.

    "QUICKLY, CLIMB!" Danny yelled. Unclear instructions aside, Danny lead his group well, as he began frantically climbing up the shelf, with Amelia and Takako both following suit. The biters were so close at that point, Takako lost her shoe due to her foot being grabbed, and she barely skid by, to the top of the shelf.

    "Amelia, I need some help opening this hatch! You're the tallest one here, so it's gotta be you. Please be quick!" Danny said, looking down at the ravenous masses. With a click, the escape hatch opened up, and Amelia signaled for Takako and Danny to walk over. Danny noticed something alarming, at this moment, that the shelf they were standing on is tilting to the left slightly, and could potentially fall over soon. Amelia pulled herself up, and managed to get onto the roof, as Danny had Amelia help pull him up. As his feet left the shelf, he heard and alarming creak, and the shelf was now tilting heavily. Takako was still on the shelf, and she looked horrified, and fell to her knees, facing the escape hatch. Danny, now on the roof, extended his hand to her.

    "TAKAKO! GRAB MY HAND, I CAN STILL REACH YOU!" Danny yelled, as Takako, terrified, didn't move. "TAKAKO, PLEASE! YOU'LL DIE IF YOU DON'T GRAB MY HAND!" This seemed to get through to her, as despite being the shortest of the 3, on her knees, tilting away from where the hand was being extended from, she still was very close to grabbing Danny's hand. Danny could feel the heat of her body through her hand, and she was mere centimeters away, as the shelf was tilting more and more quickly, and....

    The shelf fell. It fell to the left, as Takako screamed in fear and agony, falling alongside it, landing underneath it, as it caused a domino effect, causing EVERY shelf to the left of that one to fall over. Takako was pinned under the shelf from the waist down.

    "TAKAKO! FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Amelia yelled, as Takako's face lost all of it's color, and blood slowly began pooling up from the back of her head. "SHIT! Oh shit, she's dead! I guess she hit her head too hard and it scrambled her brain! Fuck fuck fuck!" Amelia began to cry, as Danny tried to comfort her, now realizing he didn't know where to go from here. But he was alive. Despite Takako's death, he was alive. And that was something to be thankful for.

    Author's Note

    I actually release a part? What sorcery is this?

  • RV

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    Debra Deb woke up to clanging and grunting. Though startling, the grunting sounded human, and more like an annoyed person struggling with

  • RV

    Great part!!! Glad it's finally back!

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    Debra Deb woke up to clanging and grunting. Though startling, the grunting sounded human, and more like an annoyed person struggling with

  • RV

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    Debra Deb woke up to clanging and grunting. Though startling, the grunting sounded human, and more like an annoyed person struggling with

  • RV

    maxbear29 posted: »

    Debra Deb woke up to clanging and grunting. Though startling, the grunting sounded human, and more like an annoyed person struggling with

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    Making a sharp left, James sprinted for the RV, barely outrunning the horde. James managed to push past the thin doorway, and got in with enough time to bar the door with the couch. With couch in place, James laid down on it, adding extra weight to the barricade, reinforcing it. Despite the loud, frequent, and somewhat frightening sounds of walkers banging on the door, James managed to fall asleep on the couch.


    Hannah had some work to do if she wanted to fix Debra's car anytime soon. She was much better at tinkering with already assembled cars, and taking them apart and inspecting the parts individually, then she was at actually reassembling them. Thinking the car was abandoned, Hannah had completely wrecked the Jeep, and wasn't so sure she could reassemble it. But she sure as shit was gonna give it a shot, so she immediately started putting the parts of the engine back together, and adding everything she took away to examine. This was gonna take a while.

    Several hours later, Hannah awoke, car parts covering her like a blanket, as she realized that she had fallen asleep while trying to reconstruct the car. Deciding to take a short break, she headed to the back of the auto shop, to find William sitting on the couch, chatting with Debra. They seemed to be hitting it off, as William was smiling, and Debra was laughing at something he was saying.

    "Oh, hey Hannah." William said, as he turned back to Debra "Anyway, so Hannah and I were both at the park at this point, parents totally unaware, still left at the wedding, Hannah's stolen bottle of white wine in hand, and me, 7 years old, drunk sister leading me around, 8 years older than me, trying to make sense of things."

    "Haha, oh my god, you 2 were little shits as kids!" Debra said jokingly, as Hannah smiled.

    "Of course NOW Hannah's all responsible and smart..." William began, "but back in 1990, she was an average teenager. Disobeying parents, sneaking out with friends, partying, doing everything a shithead teenager would do."

    "Don't exaggerate, Will" Hannah said "Plus don't you remember you 4 years ago? William McMullen partied far harder than I did, had girls come in and out of your life faster than a Burger King, and you blamed more of your beers being found around the house on me than I can count on my fingers. 15-year old Hannah talked a big game, and lied to everyone about how much partying she did, but hell, I think you blamed more alcohol being found on me more times than I ever actually drank. Plus all the pot you were smoking that I had to cover you for!" William was blushing at this point, as Debra punched him in the shoulder.

    "Hey, William, don't worry about being embarrassed, we all did irresponsible stuff as teens. If I had to admit all the stupid shit I did as a kid, then you'd probably think a LOT less of me!" Debra said, laughing, as Hannah smirked.

    "Well, some of us don't grow out of it. Isn't that right, mr. tobacco?" William then stuck out his tongue at and flipped off Hannah, as both she and Debra giggled

    "Anyway, so myself and Hannah were now at the park, having fled the wedding, stolen some wine, when all of a sudden, our parents were sprinting down the street at us, still all dressed up for the wedding. 'Get back here, you little sh- rascals!' Our dad yelled, as drunk Hannah threw a bottle in their direction, and power puked all over the picnic table she was standing in front of." Debra began to laugh, as Hannah remembered something.

    "Oh, yeah! Aunt Georgina and Uncle Phil's wedding! I was totally hammered, after chugging a full bottle of red wine in an elevator, and stealing some white, too! Oh shit... I barely remember this part, I was so zonked out. I barely drank, but you know, because I was so REBELLIOUS AND COOL at this point, I felt the need to get drunk and flee a wedding. Next... I tried to flip the table at my approaching parents to hold them off, it rocked back, and didn't flip, but I still ran full speed with William, and we ended up hiding in a Wendy's. I... Drunkenly ordered 4 cheeseburgers and a root beer, and then puked on the counter, went to the bathroom, leaving William with a 10 from my allowance to pay for the burgers, and then locked myself in the Men's bathroom, but didn't care, and then while leaning over the toilet to puke, I passed out, and then the next thing I remember was the next day." Debra was laughing very hard, as was William, as he remembered that part.

    "Oh, yeah! I can fill in the blanks for ya. I don't think I ever told you this, Hannah, so this should be new to you." William said, finally calming down his laughter. "I got the meal, and ate 2 burgers and drank the root beer before going to check on you. I knocked on the woman's bathroom door, and a woman answered that wasn't you, so I figured you left me. I got the other 2 burgers to go, and went out and found mom and dad. I thought you'd be with them, but you weren't so we went back, women's bathroom was empty, men's was locked with no response to knocking, so we knew what happened. We got the manager, unlocked the door, and pulled your stupid drunken ass out of the Wendy's, and went home." Debra, at this point, was crying from laughter, and Hannah was just giggling, remembering what had happened.

    "Oh my god, that's so funny." Debra said, through laughter. Hannah shook her head, smiling, but embarrassed.

    "Yeah, in retrospect it's funny, but at the time? 2 months grounded, no sketchpad, only allowed to leave the house to go to and come back from school."

    "It's always funny hearing about people's childhoods, because of how much of a nerd I was through grades 8-12. Well, I always was, but at this time it was the most noticeable, because of how everyone else was, y'know, doing what you did, and I was at home, playing Resident Evil all the time because I was angry all the time, and couldn't deal with other kids. You see, when my grandma died when I was 12, I took it super hard. I became violent and aggressive. This girl, Lea Parker, was being a bitch and mocking me for not bothering to put on makeup that day, and I just snapped. I threw her headfirst into a stop sign, took off my sneaker and hit her in the head 7 times with it, I tried to poke her in the eye, threw her into a tree face first, I rolled her down a hill into a ditch, among some brutal punches and kicks. Eventually teachers broke it up, but not before I destroyed her. I broke her finger by stomping on it, I think the stop sign broke her nose, and that was the first thing I did to her, and I gave her a nasty concussion, that they didn't know if she was gonna recover from. My mom was so appalled, she sent me to live with my Aunt in Washington, where I became a total nerd, and somewhat of a shut in, despite actually having an amount of friends there. Sorry for being such a downer, I forgot how boring my childhood story can be sometimes!"

    "Oh, no, I was really interested!" William said, smiling "I thought it was so much more interesting than our's, we never did anything truly sad, it was all smiles and sunshine, which can lead to a boring story."

    "No way, your guy's story is good for social situations, mine just brings everyone down!" Debra insisted, as Ned walked through the door.

    "No dice. Whole town's ransacked within a good kilometer of this place." He said, as Debra piped up.

    "Oh, do you guys need food? I've got way more than plenty in the back of the Jeep!"

    "That's be great, Deb, thanks!" William said, as she ran off, an returned with a can opener, and a can of Greek Wedding Soup for everyone. They all ate, and told stories, and laughed, as the day went on. Hannah worked more on the Jeep, and by the end of the day, quite a bit of progress was made on the Jeep, and Hannah felt comfortable getting a full night's sleep.


    "Shit, what do we do now?" Danny asked, examining the rooftop.

    "Well, we really have 2 options. A) we go rooftop jumping. We start jumping across the roofs, until we find a safer way down, closer to home. Or B), we climb down this ladder here, and have to sneak through the city. Sneaking or athletics. Your choice." Amelia said, as Danny considered.



    Author's Note

    Sorry for 2 short parts, I just really wanted to resolve last week's choice, and create a new one, and keep the 3-part chapter theme going, and the star of this was supposed to be the Hannah part. Sorry for the wait, too, I'm really bad for that kinda stuff, but I'm trying to improve!

  • Rooftops

    More interesting then creeping around.

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    James Making a sharp left, James sprinted for the RV, barely outrunning the horde. James managed to push past the thin doorway, and got i

  • Ladder

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    James Making a sharp left, James sprinted for the RV, barely outrunning the horde. James managed to push past the thin doorway, and got i

  • Rooftops Parkour!

    Great part!

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    James Making a sharp left, James sprinted for the RV, barely outrunning the horde. James managed to push past the thin doorway, and got i

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    Sorry about the constant breaks, but at least I have an excuse this time! Been prepping for school, which starts here tomorrow, so I've been low on free time.

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    Sorry about the constant breaks, but at least I have an excuse this time! Been prepping for school, which starts here tomorrow, so I've been low on free time.

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    If it's not painfully obvious, I'm taking a break from writing for a while, but I promise I'll be back. Sorry, everyone

  • FUCK. Okay, I can't say this enough, I'm sorry. I feel so bad I left this for so long. Hell, I don't think anyone gives a fuck anymore, but I totally flaked out and left this for months. I know it's hard to trust my genuine apology, because I'm a flaky piece of shit, but I hope you really can. Shit, this is text chat, it's hard to emphasize how fucking sorry I am, but I really, really am. I was gonna take the first semester off from writing, and get back to it this break, but I've been so busy I couldn't. I'm sorry, my spark for writing kinda faded over the last few months, I've been falling behind in school and dealing with personal shit, but it's back. Well, as back as it can be, and I want to write this story badly, but I left it for so long I felt bad coming back for it. I considered dropping it entirely, but this little twitch in the back of my brain cares too much to leave it unfinished. I don't know if there's still interest, because I've been gone for so long, but if there is, I'll write a summary and jump back in, taking smaller breaks if I need to, if any. When I started writing this, my love for writing was back in a short burst, but my love for TWD was faded. But now, I love both again, and I want to write and entertain people, but I'm worried nobody gives a shit anymore. Hell, I wouldn't blame you if nobody gives a shit. This sounds cheesy, but it's as genuine as I can make it, and it's not supposed to be excuses or anything, I'm just kinda coming off that way. But yeah, if everyone's still interested, I'll write myself a schedule, and stick fucking to it. I hate being a liar and abandoning shit so easily, I want to finish this. Sorry for tagging you all (except mr.quality, because the period in your name makes it impossibly difficult to tag you xD), but I really want everyone to see this, and at least shrug me off, because god knows you have the right to do that, and it's okay with me if you do, but if you still give enough of a shit, even if it's just 2-3 of ya, I'll write a summary and get back to writing, and actually write a full story this time. I want to, even if just for 3 people, hell 6 is more than I expected, I just waited for that many so I had enough characters. I've been writing for 3 of my friends in my spare time for months, and they seem to think I'm better at keeping up schedules than I was when I started writing. I know, hollow promises and all, but shit, I want to keep writing this so badly, and I'm willing to write through the school year. I'm posting this the day before I gotta go back, and I still believe I can write the full story without elongated breaks that I tend to take. @imighthavebrokenit, @mr.quality (I KNOW IT DOESN'T WORK I CAN DREAM), @Raging_Blades, @The_Walking_Danny, @xSensus, @BethGreene, if you all still use this forum, much less still would like to read this (and as I've said, don't feel obligated to say you want to, I feel pushy doing this anyway), please say so, as I do want to keep writing, and don't just say you do out of pity or necessity, I want an actual audience who cares if I'm gonna continue this. And if you don't, I'm okay with it, I can always write something else, probably still on this forum tbh, but if you do, I'll get to writing the summary up to this point going, so you don't have to reread this whole thing if you don't want to. Thanks for reading my shitty begging, and I hope I can still entertain you if you're interested in it!

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    FUCK. Okay, I can't say this enough, I'm sorry. I feel so bad I left this for so long. Hell, I don't think anyone gives a fuck anymore, but

  • Welcome back, Max! :) It's fine if you fall behind. I think majority of us can understand how difficult it is to keep on track of school, personal stuff, and writing, so if you need to take a break, that's fine. I am definitely still interested in your story and can't wait to read some more. :D

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    FUCK. Okay, I can't say this enough, I'm sorry. I feel so bad I left this for so long. Hell, I don't think anyone gives a fuck anymore, but

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    I will admit I am more of a reader than a writer, and though I've found it now rare to find something I enjoy reading, just the fact that I've known you for this long a time makes it all. I've met you on my first days here on the forum and I will never forget the 400 days fan fiction (Unless I get like amnesia or something.) that we wrote. I can't believe it but I think that was two years ago. So I will continue to thoroughly read and enjoy your story if you choose to continue which I'm sure we all wouldn't mind because it is no trouble at all. I just wanted to say I think you(maxbear29) are a great guy and I hope you're doing great!

    I can relate a lot to what you said. Hell my fan fiction only has about three to four readers but I keep on writing. I also can't just leave a story unfinished and it's cool to see someone who feels the same way about their writing. I don't think you should be sorry because if you were busy then you shouldn't worry or feel bad because we are always here it's not like the forum is going anywhere so no worries! I will try to always be there to support anything that you write so you can count on me! I wish you luck in whatever you do and welcome back.


    Speaking of, can't wait for your next chapter/part or whatever you call it. AliveJames OTP XD

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    FUCK. Okay, I can't say this enough, I'm sorry. I feel so bad I left this for so long. Hell, I don't think anyone gives a fuck anymore, but

  • I've been saying soon for the past 3 months but this time I actually mean it. Soon. AliveJames is the OTP of OTPs

    I will admit I am more of a reader than a writer, and though I've found it now rare to find something I enjoy reading, just the fact that I'

  • I don't have the time right now to read all of your message, but if you can go on with the story then I'll be really happy to read it ^^ but if it's a burden to you or you have other things to do then I'm perfectly fine, don't worry and don't blame yourself so much :)

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    FUCK. Okay, I can't say this enough, I'm sorry. I feel so bad I left this for so long. Hell, I don't think anyone gives a fuck anymore, but

  • Okay, I was planning to put up the recap today, BUT, I got hella homework because of course, but I got it about half done? Alright, when it's done, I'll start writing the next part immediately.

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    FUCK. Okay, I can't say this enough, I'm sorry. I feel so bad I left this for so long. Hell, I don't think anyone gives a fuck anymore, but

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    Waking up from a 2-hour nap, Danny, headed southward, was surrounded by a vicious herd of walkers and chased off the road.

    Hannah and William decide to clear out a motel to sleep in for the night.

    Debra is scouring a diner and is grabbed by Barrett, Maggie, and Lochlain, and decides to flee

    Ned, weilding a machete, stumbled upon the motel Hannah and William were about to clear out.

    Ned, William, and Hannah get attacked while clearing the motel, as walkers heard William's screaming and herded together, suddenly trapping them in a room, as Hannah decided to try to run out the fire escape.

    Debra managed to escape the 3, in their Jeep with all their supplies, including a gun, lots of food and water, and a map of the city with points added to it in red and purple dots

    Ned, William, and Hannah narrowly escape the motel

    Hiyoko, her mother, and their 3 butlers/maids Erin, Takako, and Amelia, converse, as their 4th butler, Kevin has been bitten. Mrs. Enoshima puts Kevin down, and then instructs Amelia and Erin to dig him a grave, and Takako to clean the blood up and then make dinner.

    Danny arrives at Hiyoko's door reluctantly begging for help, as he's lost and out of options, and while Takako says to let him in, Erin insists they send him away or kill him. Hiyoko decides to let him in.

    Ned, Hannah, and William find an auto garage, plan to hole up in it, barring off the door, and using the employees only room as a bedroom.

    After confronting Lochlain, Barrett, and Maggie on the road, James gets into a fight, in which he manages to kill Barrett with a knife to the head, however he gets kicked in the face by Lochlain, and had his coat, and all but 3 of his knives and Barrett's gun stolen from him.

    James, back on the road, decides to enter a Drive In to check it out.

    Erin flips out at dinner, it's revealed he's been crabby lately, and been spending a lot of time in his room, mostly with Amelia

    Amelia, Takako, and Danny go out to go look for food, find quite a bit, decide to go check out a grocery store anyway at the suggestion of Amelia

    Danny, Amelia, and Takako get trapped at the end of an aisle, as a wall is to the north, and walkers close in from the south, east, and west.

    Hannah, unaware someone was in it, took apart the Jeep's engine, breaking it. When Debra discovers, she threatens to shoot Ned and Hannah, but Hannah calms her down, letting her sleep in the employees only room, promising to fix the Jeep.

    James gets attacked in the Drive In, losing one of his knives in a walker's jaw, running away and deciding to hide in an RV

    Danny, Amelia, and Takako scale a wall, trying to reach the hatch to the roof, as the herd closed in on them. Amelia popped the hatch, climbing out, and helping Danny up, as the shelf began to fall over. Takako, before Danny is able to reach her, falls, hitting her head on the ground, killing her instantly from head trauma.

    James outran the herd, reaching the RV, barring the door with a couch and sleeping on it.

    William, Hannah, and Debra told stories of their lives. Hannah and William were at a marriage between their uncle and aunt, Hannah got drunk, stole some wine, ran away to a park with her brother, drank more, threw up on a table in front of her parents, failed massively to flip said table, ran with her brother to Wendy's, ordered 4 burgers and a pop, went to the men's room, threw up, and passed out. William, confused, ate 2 burgers, drank his pop, and found his mom and dad. They retrieved unconscious Hannah, and went home. Hannah got her sketchbook taken, and wasn't allowed to leave home except for school for 2 months.

    Debra revealed that she had attacked this girl Lea Parker brutally in 7th grade, giving her an almost unrecoverable concussion, only to be broken up by some teachers, and causing her appaled mother to send her to live with her aunt in Washington, where she became a nerdy shut-in

    Danny and Amelia evaluate their options on top of the roof, trying to decide whether to go rooftop jumping, or climb down the ladder, in which they decide to go rooftop jumping.

    And that's where our story begins

    Note: I'm not uploading a part today. Start working on one, maybe, but that recap took the life out of me, I'm pretty tired, that was a lot longer than I thought! But yeah; I recommend you read that whole recap, but if you truly are so lazy that you don't care about what happened up to this point, here is everyone's current positions:

    Danny: Rooftop Jumping w/ Amelia

    William, Hannah, Ned, and Debra: In The Garage

    Hiyoko: In Her House w/ Mrs. Enoshima and Erin

    James: Trapped in an RV, Sleeping

  • Okay: so due to time restraints, the next full part will be released on Saturday. I wrote some today and yesterday, and I'm not home after 8:30 tomorrow until Saturday morning. So most likely Saturday evening, if not Sunday morning. I might release a 1-character part, I might release the full 3, haven't decided yet, but you'll know when it's released. Okay? Okay. Thanks for the patience, guys ;)

  • James

    James woke up on the couch, inside the RV. Checking the clock on the wall, he determined he had slept for 4 hours. Not long, but fuck, longer than he had slept in the past 2 months, so he was pleased. However that brief moment of contentment faded, as he looked at the door to the RV. The wood was cracked, there was a hole so big he could see a walker's full head, and from the sounds of it, the whole group was still there, if not 2-3 wandering off. He sat up, drew a knife, and stabbed the brain of the walkers closest to the hole in the door, and cutting off stray hands that were reaching towards him, in total killing 3 and leaving 4 1-handed and 1 without any hands. And even after all that, he barely left a dent in the herd. In a panic, James looked for something to hold down the barricade. The TV was huge, a giant, heavy box TV. Perfect. He quickly stood up, as the couch began to slide, he was filled with adrenaline, and hoisted the roughly 300 pound TV, throwing onto the couch, and pushing the couch back, securing the door even more. He knew the couch would eventually move again, and he only had a couple minutes before he was totally fucked, so he had to find an escape plan, and fast.

    Ripping around, he had no idea where to go. He opened a door, and found the closet. A poncho, a hoodie, some shirts, pants, and shoes, and a Pirates baseball cap. Nothing of use. He turned to the door. It was starting to open. He only had a gun and 2 knives, one of his mains, and the one in his boot (and the one lodged in the walker in the diner's jaw, if he can make it back, and get enough time to dislodge it), so there was no way in hell he was fighting his way out... maybe he could get out a window? He ran over to the bathroom, just to see if he could make it out through there. He turned to the door, and swung it open, immediately being greeted by a walker. Some bald man in an undershirt and sweatpants, with an arm bitten to shit, hanging by his neck from his ceiling fan. There was another walker, a woman, who was disemboweled, with the left side of her face right down to her brain smashed, dead on the floor next to the bathtub, which itself was filthy with dried blood and brain particles. James simply drew his knife, looked away, and slid it into the hanging walker's brain, ending him quickly. As he looked at the window in the bathroom, not only was it too small, but also there was walkers on that side too.

    Suddenly, James had an idea. He remembered back in prison, one of his fellow inmates, Icebox, became so covered in blood from massacring walkers with a cleaver that the walkers no longer attacked him, because he looked and smelled like a walker. However, when he changed out of his jumper with everyone else, he thought maybe the walkers just didn't wanna fuck with him anymore, so he walked into a herd, and was ripped into shreds. So James ran to the closet, and grabbed the poncho, and cut open the hanging walker at the stomach, cutting arteries and smearing himself with blood. The poncho, his jeans, even his cheeks, chin and forehead, all covered with walker blood. However, he suddenly felt the ground start to move under him. He thought for a brief moment it was an earthquake, but then, he started to slide towards the wall. And then, he realized. The RV was being rolled onto it's side. He tried to grab something, but ended but being flung upwards, flying into the roof, and hitting his head, as he heard glass breaking, the TV and couch bang into the wall, and then the thumping and growling of walkers entering the RV.

    Note: Yeah. No choices, 1 part. And honestly, I don't care. All choices would have been superficial, and any other part would be filler. I just wanna get James' part done before I show what Hiyoko, Danny, and Hannah's group are doing. Because they all happen at once, and I want to show that, but James' comes before any of it, so that's going to be uploaded first. I didn't get a chance to write yesterday, hence why this part is up today, and also why it's kinda short. New part up whenever, I'm not holding myself to a schedule, but it will be up soon enough. Also, even though this didn't have a choice, I would still like feedback, because this part was dreadfully boring to write, and I really hope it didn't come through in my writing! Anyway, thanks everyone for sticking around, and I'll update my next part some point this week.

  • Great to see this back!

    maxbear29 posted: »

    James James woke up on the couch, inside the RV. Checking the clock on the wall, he determined he had slept for 4 hours. Not long, but fu

  • Okay, so explanation needed for absence: exams. 2 projects, studying like a motherfucker, exams. I don't think I need to explain more, really. I've been balancing social life, writing, and studying intensely all week, and I got like 1/4 of a part done. Seriously. Fuck exams. Sorry for the delays, hopefully y'all understand :/

  • James

    James stood up from where he was lying on the ground. Slowly rising, blurry eyed, he quickly fixed his poncho, and got ready to trudge through the herd. With the door now directly above his head, he hopped upwards, pulling himself up and out of the bathroom, and back into the rest of the RV. Terrified, he watched a group of walkers push by him, as he slowly walked towards the exit. He stumbled blindly past the herd, as several walkers began to fall into the door to the bathroom. Reaching the end of the hall, he realized- the door was pressed against the ground. Walkers were entering through a window, in a bedroom, at the other end of the RV. Jagged glass, and many walkers coming at him while he climbed out didn't sound ideal, but fuck, he didn't have a lot of options, so he simply turned around, and walked against the grain of the walkers coming at him, which should have been indicator #1, but James wanted to escape so badly he didn't notice, and he pushed through the walker herd, stepping over the door, as he walked towards the window.

    Staring intently at his one exit, he saw and heard something odd. A gunshot from a shotgun, killing a walker that was climbing in the window, then another killing one in the middle of the herd. Now was his chance. James, still shambling, walked through the window, getting a gash on his cheek from a piece of jagged glass. Immediately flinching, he came face to face with a walker, as the shotgun went off again, and the walker in front of him had it's brain blown out. He couldn't see where the bullets were coming from, but this was a god-given miracle, and he was gonna take it. The cut on his cheek suddenly began to leak out blood, in a large volume, as the herd suddenly smelled and heard blood and gunshots, and were searching for the human. James, now desperately praying not to be picked out, was suddenly grabbed by a walker. He suddenly engaged attack mode, pulling out a knife and sending it in and out of the walker's forehead 4 times. Almost free from the herd, James was ready to fight for his life, quickly looking around him, as there were walkers all around him, but only a select few noticed him. Quickly and stealthily putting a few down, he was now face to face with a tall, lanky walker. Leaping slightly, James executed the walker, as he heard a gunshot again, but this time, it wasn't a walker it was putting down.

    The bullet hit James in the knee, immediately causing him to topple over backwards, lanky walker falling directly on top of him. Now in a blind panic, he shimmied out of the herd, using the corpse of the walker as a shield, as another walker was shot, falling on top of him. James was bleeding from 2 places, and dogpiled with corpses, so he just kept using his 1 good leg to push himself away from the herd. Suddenly, the ground shifted, and he started rolling down a hill, 2 corpses tumbling with him, as he banged into a red car at the bottom. Dazed, he took 1 glance at his knee, and saw an exit wound, meaning the bullet passed straight through him. Slowly, he rose to his 1 good leg, hopping around the car, as he reached the front of it, and came face to face with a ripped, tall, 20 something Mexican dude, pointing a sniper rifle at him.

    "Woah, dude please, I'm not one of them" James said, weakly.

    "I know" the man responded, as he flipped his gun around, and whacked James in the skull with it as hard as he could, as James hit the ground, staying conscious for a moment, before everything went dark.

    NOTE: Yes, I realize, no choice, 1 part, again, but fuck, I wanted desperately to even get a part out. This one was more enjoyable to write, and I just wrote it in between study sessions. I plan to get 3 parts out this week, might be unrealistic but w/e. Anyway, next part will bring back choices and shit. FYI: Here's the current timeline, just because it's confusing AF rn: Hiyoko and Danny are in the present, 2 months and a couple weeks into the apocalypse, Hannah, Ned, William, and Debra are 1 week and a few days behind, James is 2 weeks behind. There ya go, current timeline, it's all gonna line up soon. Promise ;)

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