The Walking Dead: The Butcher or The Cattle

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Hello, so get ready for some context.

This is before Lees Group comes to the motel, even before Lee meets Clementine. This is a story about the St Johns family and their time spent before meeting Lee and his group. The only thing that may be inaccurate (that I can remember) is if they named the electrician or if Jolene had a name for her daughter. So I made up both names. I hope you enjoy this fan fiction and pass it on to your friends.

Chapter 1

Andy: Watch Out Papi!


Andy drops a walker instantly. He reloads his gun, and rushes over to his father.

Andy: I, I saved ya dad.
Father: And I raised ya. Now ya wanna have a contest or get outta here?

Andy grabs his father, and they haul ass out of the forest. They head towards the barn, but notice the walkers piling on in. When they reach close enough to the fence, they notice Jolene and Danny standing on top of the barn. Danny with his rifle, and Jolene with her crossbow. When they see the walkers closing in on the barn, Andy’s father yanks him down from sight.

Father: Give me your gun, boy
Andy: This on-
Father: The other one! Hurry up boy!

Andy’s father snatches the rifle from his son’s hands, and stares Andy cold in the eyes.

Father: Now look here boy. You go ‘on now and help your brother and his girlfriend, here me?
Andy (whispered): That’s not hi-
Father: I don’t give a god damn what sh- Get a move on!
Andy: But where’ya go-
Father: MOVE!

Andy’s father shoves him away and towards the fence, as he runs off. Andy hops over the fence and heads towards the gazebo. He hops on top of the gazebo and yells towards Danny.

Andy: Danny!
Jolene: What?
Andy: Jolene! Where’s my-pop where’s
Danny: Mammas inside. pop She’s
Jolene: My little girls in-


Jolene unleashes a crossbow bolt through one... no two walkers’ craniums, as Danny reloads his gun. As Jolene reloads her crossbow Danny takes out several walkers around the perimeter, while more close in on the barn. One reaches for Danny’s leg, but Andy shoots it down first.

Andy: Where the hell is everybody?
Danny: This is everybody! pop That was Felix, this is –
Jolene: Danny!
Andy: pop Whatddya mean?
Danny: Look pop around pop Andy pop
Jolene: swoom It’s just us.
Danny: Now lets jus-


A loud scream comes from inside the St John’s household.

Jolene: What was that?!
Andy: pop Papi!
Danny: pop Goddammit I’m outta ammo
Jolene: Got one more bolt.
Andy: We gotta get to Papi.
Danny: We gotta live first!

Andy continues to shoot down pop walkers. pop Andy aims down his sights, pulls the trigger, and realizes he’s outta ammo. He checks over to the barn where Jolene is stabbing walkers with her last bolt, and Danny is crushing skulls with the butt of his rifle. Andy looks to his gun, turns it around and...

Fwoom! Fwoom!

Three walkers, surrounding the gazebo drop to the ground swiftly.

Fwoom Fwoom!

Two walkers drop on the side of the barn, as a dark figure appears from inside the forest. The walkers begins to walk towards their fallen comrades, and are dealt with accordingly.

Fwoom Fwoom!
Fwoom Fwoom Fwoom!
Fwoom Fwoom!
Fwoom Fwoom!

Andy looks around the gazebo, and behind him to see if there are any more walkers. He looks towards Jolene, who shrugs in confusion, and Danny, who gives the all clear.

???: Hey.

A voice comes from the forest, which causes Danny and Jolene to draw their weapons.

???: Whoa, easy there.
Danny: Gun down, son.
Andy: You know we woulda been zombie munch if it wasn’t for him?
???: Ah what he said!
Jolene: Speak, it’s easier that way.
???: This is the St. Johns, right?
Danny: Answer the lady!
???: I know the guy who owns this place. I-

Voice: OH MY GOD! DON’T!!!

Jolene: HONEY! Andy: PAPI!
Danny: Jolene!

Everyone rushes over to the house, following the sound of the scream. As they get into the living room, Jolene sees her daughter in the corner, breathing heavily.

Sophie: I’m in my happy place! I’m in my happy place! I’m in my happy place!

Jolene rushes over to her daughter and grabs her tightly. Andy and Danny run over to the kitchen to find their mother holding down their fathers arm.


Like that cliffhanger...
Stay Tuned for Chapter Two
Lets discuss also!! I love the story and wanna hear any feedback


  • I like it. I'm trying to think who the mystery person can be, but I can't think of anyone we know off the top of my head. And I'm guessing Brenda sliced off her husband's arm, because he was bit...?? Looking forward to the next one. Keep it up!

  • Don't think to hard, a lot of it, especially that character, is original mixed with what the game said and didn't execute on.

    But it'll make much more sense in chapter 2. I haven't even said the fathers name yet lol

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    Chapter 2


    Father: UUNHHH!!!

    Andy: Papi!

    Danny: What the-

    The mystery man enters the kitchen, and the group lay there eyes upon the table to see the bloody mess left by their father and mother.

    ???: Shiiit…

    Brenda walks out of the kitchen towards Jolene and her daughter. She motions the girls to head to the kitchen, as she heads upstairs to get her first aid kits. Danny’s father, standing over the bloody mess, continues glaring down at the table until Jolene enters the room with Sophie.

    Father: Looks like yall did a bit better than us... hehe

    Danny: What happened Pa?

    Father: One of em dick munchers almost got me. (Lifts right arm) Tried to eat my goddamn hand off…

    Jolene’s daughter breaks from her mother’s bear hug, and walks over to the St John’s father. She reaches behind her back, pulling a shirt out and handing it over to Andy’s father. He begins to wrap his stub up with the shirt.

    Father: … But Superwoman Jr. here came to my rescue.

    Sophie: Again.

    Jolene: Again?

    Father: You won’t ever live me down, will ya?

    Brenda walks back downstairs and drops the first aid kits on the blood-stained table. She walks over to the powerless fridge, and pulls a whiskey bottle from the back and props it next to the medical kits.

    Brenda: Buut he still got scratched by one of those devils. But instead of cleaning the wound like I said, he had this “bright idea” to completely fix the problem. Ain’t that right?

    Father: Better safe than sorry hun, what if the disease spreads?

    Brenda: What if it doesn’t Caleb!

    Caleb: Ahhh you worry too much. I’m army strong hun, don’t forget. And besides…

    He grabs the bottle off of the table with haste, pops the cap, and takes a mean, 10-sec swig of the whiskey. He puts the bottle down on the table swiftly, and lets out an enormous grunt.

    Caleb: I feel fit as a fiddle!

    But in a split second, the father switches his hearty, whiskey fueled smile into a death stare as he looks over towards the stranger.

    Caleb: Brenda?

    Brenda: Yes darling?

    Caleb: Do you know this man?

    Brenda raises her gun, cocks back and sets her sights on the stranger.

    Brenda: No. I. Don’t.

    Andy: Ayee- eh Hold on now mama.

    ???: You guys and your guns.

    Jolene: Calm down, Brenda. He’s saved us, he’s no trouble.

    Brenda: Saved you?

    Danny: Well we ran outta ammo, an-

    ???: And I had ammo, and there were walkers, and 2+2=4, and can ya please lower the gun?

    Their father jumps off of the table and gets into the strangers face.

    Caleb: And you just came randomly huh? OR better yet, you came to save the day huh, is that what you’re sayin? Our knight in fuckin shinin armor, right? Is that it?

    The stranger looks the father dead in the man’s eyes.

    ???: Sgt. Caleb John, I presume

    Caleb: It’s St John to you!

    The stranger reaches into his coat pocket, grabs something, and then pulls his hand out to reveal a military dog tag.

    ???: Its Victor, Mr. St John...

    Caleb: Lemme see that.

    Caleb yanks the dog tag out of the man’s hand, and examines the inscriptions on the tag. Then, he drops the dog tag from eye level and scoffs.

    Caleb: Fuckin Morales…

    The St Johns brothers, Jolene and her daughter stand in a somber silence as they continue to listen to the conversation. While Brenda sanitizes the few rags left in the house, Victor and Caleb continue.

    Caleb: You guys shoulda been here, you know that. What happened?

    Victor: Whaddya think happened sir?

    Caleb walks over to the kitchen window and gazes outside, then turns his attention back to the dog tag. He examines the tag intensely once more, and then clenches the tag tightly.

    Caleb: But it didn’t have to happen. We planned ta-

    Victor: With all due respect sir, and believe me I’d love to talk about all the good times you and my dad had, really it sounds fun. But you just cut your hand off. There are dozens of walker bodies outside of the house. We should focus on that first.

    Danny: Yeah Pa, he’s right. The fence is down in so many places, and after all the rounds of ammo we went through, we’ll need to get the fence up before more walkers come knockin.

    Jolene: Then let’s get on that fence before nightfall. Sophie wanna come with?

    Sophie: Sure mom.

    Danny: I’ll come help.

    As Jolene, Sophie, and Danny head out the door, Brenda removes the shirt from her husband’s hand and begins cleaning his stub.

    Victor: I’ve been on the road for a while, so if it’s alright with yall, imma go to the barn and hit the hay. Caleb, if you need a hand, lemme know.

    Caleb and Brenda turn the gaze to Victor, Brenda’s eyes filled with the fury of Hades.

    Victor: What? Not even a chuckle?

    Caleb: Yeah, you’re definitely Morales’ kid.

    Victor leaves the house, and Andy steps forward towards the table. He looks at the lifeless hand on the table, then looks over to his father.

    Andy: You ok. Papi?

    Caleb: I’m alive, ain’t I?

    Brenda: For now...

    Caleb: Oh hush, hun. And you Andy, whaddya doin here anyway? You supervisin?

    Andy: Naw not that, just came to check on y-

    Caleb: Boy, you saw me cut my own hand off, then wrap my stub in my own shirt. What’s ta check?

    Andy: I, just...

    Caleb: It’s time to stop poutin and to step up son. Like I was tryna teach ya earlier. Go be useful.

    Andy: I’m not Danny, pa.

    Caleb: Who you convincing, me or yourself? We don’t have time for these petty things, a bunch of our friends just died Andy. I got one hand Andy. Suck up your feelings so we can survive son!

    Andy, filled with anger, storms out of the house and slams the door behind him.

    Caleb: Drama queen.

    Sophie, Jolene, and Danny are outside by the barn working on the fence. Danny and Sophie on fence duty, while Jolene, equipped with her bow, is on zombie watch.

    Jolene: So, you’re second time saving Mr. St John?

    Sophie: Well, the first time was a while back. He was choking on a turkey bone, but-

    Danny: Still counts.

    Jolene: But he’s 3x your size, Sophie. How could you do the Heimlich maneuver on him?

    Sophie: No, it was last thanksgiving, and the Falcons were playing finally. And he ran up to me… and he looked like he was asking for it. Sooo

    Danny: That’s some technique, Soph.

    Jolene: Has to be.

    Sophie: What’s a Heimlich maneuver?

    Later that night…

    Caleb walks outside into the eerie night, holding a bottle of water in hand as he heads towards the watchtower. He climbs up the ladder, reaches the top and hands the bottle over to Victor.

    Caleb: Guard duty on your first night?

    Victor: Just tryna feel useful, I kinda slept as soon as I got here.

    Caleb: I think you’re the only one who's worried about that.

    Victor: … Besides, I can’t get much sleep anymore.


    Caleb: So, how’d it happen?

    Victor: How’d what happen?

    Caleb: You gave me the dog tag, son. What happened?

    Victor looks off into the distance, and they hear a moan in the distance. Victor stands up and scopes out the area, and eyes a walker coming from the forest. He grabs his gun, aims at the walkers head, and shoots the walker down. He then drops back down next to Caleb, grabs the water bottle and takes a couple sips.

    Victor: When my dad told me that the zombies were the least of our problems, at first, I didn’t take him seriously enough. Less than one week into this hell, and now, the message couldn’t be clearer.

    Caleb: Whaddya mean?

    Victor: Ha, you know what I mean.

    Victor gets up and motions Caleb over to follow him, as they gaze over to the wall.

    Victor: And your defenses, they’re shit. Walkers could take any of these fences down easily,

    Caleb: And you suggest?

    Victor: Well you got lots of barbed wire it seems. If we could find some gas generators we cou-

    ???: Howdy neighbors!

    As Vince and Caleb raise their guns, they jerk to the sound of the voice, and they see a small group of heavily armed men at the front gates. The men are dressed in army fatigues, but most of their patches are ripped off. They raise their guns in response to Victor and Caleb.

    ???: Spare some sugar?

    Tried to focus on developing a story with more humanity here... But beware to expect the unexpected. Hope you're enjoying my story so far and prepare for it to get INTENSE AS HELL!

    PS: (And Victor is the character I created to replace the St Johns electrician, hope you enjoy my adaptation)


  • "Caleb, if you need a hand. Lemme know." Lol That was funny. Can't wait for the next one!

  • I almost didn't put that in... Lmao

    "Caleb, if you need a hand. Lemme know." Lol That was funny. Can't wait for the next one!

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    Chapter 3

    ???: Now, let’s not start with all the gunplay fellas. We don’t need to down this road, right?

    The man enters focus, as he pushes through the St. Johns gate and walks under the watch light. A tall, slim man cloaked in jean jacket attire and a blue trucker hat to cover his blood-stained hair. He continues to walk forward into the light, and as he raises his arms up, he reveals his M4 rifle strapped around his back.

    ???: Especially when its 7 of us and 2 of you.

    Victor feels some pressure on his shoulder, and turns towards Caleb.

    Caleb (whispered): Don’t lower your weapon.

    Victor nods in agreement, checks the clip of his gun, and reloads. Caleb and Victor turn their focus back towards the man and his group.

    Caleb: I know you ain’t come here for sugar. So whaddyall want?!

    ???: Aha shit, for farm folk, y’all ain’t so “Southern-Hospitality”. I woulda thought y’all would be happy to see some non-freaks for once.

    Victor: Well that gun you got ain’t so inviting.

    ???: My hands are up son, I just came here to talk. This is just… Plan B

    Caleb (whispered): Shit, V I need a gun fast!

    ???: Now! Back to what I want.

    Inside the house

    Upstairs, a rustling noise cuts throughout the silence. Jolene twists and turns in her bed, sweat oozing from her pores. She throws the covers off of her body, and she tosses the pillow over her head. She sits there for a while, hoping to cool down, and maybe fall back asleep. But she opens her eyes to the darkness, and lifts the pillow.

    Jolene: … Fuck

    She looks over to Sophie on the bed, sleeping like a baby still, even through her mom’s quick episode. Jolene sneaks off the bed and goes to the cupboard next to Sophie. She opens the cupboard and grabs a couple things. Then she closes the cupboard, and sneaks out of the room.

    Jolene closes the door to the house, and walks down the bottom of the stairs. She closes the gate, and walks towards the swing set, grabs a cigarette from her pack and lights it.

    Jolene: Ha, 7 days into this mess, and here I am (puff), still. I thought that (exhale) it’d be easier to go cold turkey with zombies breathin down my neck. (puff) But still I-

    ???: Especially when its 7 of us and 2 of you.

    Jolene: What th-

    Jolene drops her cigarette to the ground, stomps it out, and runs back inside.


    ???: So, it’s just you two on this big ass farm?

    Caleb: It is now. The strongest survive.

    ???: Shit man, that’s your family you’re talkin about!

    Caleb: They’re all walkers now. ‘Cept me, this dipshit, and you dipshits.

    Victor peers over to Caleb from the corner if his eye, but trusts Caleb and shifts his focus back to the man.

    ???: Oh, is that right?

    Victor: You still haven’t said why you came sneakin in the night!

    ??? (to Caleb): You ain’t lyin to me right? Cause I don’t li-

    Caleb: Boy, I don’t even know you! And you come to my house, tryna get personal with me?

    The group behind the mystery man begin snickering at Caleb’s comment, but as the leader turns towards his group suddenly, they shut the hell up.

    ???: Well, you’re right I guess. I’m Nate. Now that I said my name, it’s your turn.

    Caleb: What do you want, Nate?

    Nate: Fuckin A, y’all gotta be military, cause y’all some mean ass Whatever, back to business. You might have thought at first we came here for the farm. And honestly after that lil back and forth we had, I’d rather let the walkers deal with you two other than wastin ammo. But look around us boys, it’s not only about defending your farm, it’s about equivalent exchange.

    Victor: Equivalent exch-

    Nate: Don’t interrupt son, listen! Y’all got a farm, so I’m thinking y’all got some food and animals and all that jazz. And if it’s just the two of you now, y’all got plenty to go around before y’all become zombie chow. So by equivalent exchange, I’m talkin about trading.

    Caleb: Tr-trade what?

    Nate: Well right now, I see one gun for two people right now. I think we can find somethin to trade for your food. Plus we can mow down the zombies in the forest areas around the farm. That’s a 2-for-1 right there. Whaddya say?

    Nate’s group gives out mixed reactions; some of the group cheer the deal, some shout about just taking the place, while a lone soul stays silent.

    Nate: So… Deal or No Deal?

    Caleb turns to Victor, his face masked with confidence, but his eyes filled with grief and uncertainty. Victor turns away from Caleb first, lowers his gun, and turns back to Nate.

    Victor: But what happens if there is no food?

    Group: No Food?!!

    Caleb (whispered): Raise that fuckin gun, son!

    Victor: I mean, if we run out?

    Nate almost turns back towards his group to talk it over, but instantly changes his mind, and turns back towards Victor.

    Nate: Well, that’s a good question. We m-


    A crossbow bolt zooms from behind Caleb and Victor, flies past and barely misses Nate’s face, and enters through one of his henchmen’s eye sockets, and the man drops like a brick.

    Group: WHAT TH-

    Fwooom Fwoooom!

    Danny: Fuckin bastards.

    Another one of Nate’s group falls to the ground, as a bullet exits through the man’s back and another bullet enters through the man’s forehead.

    Caleb lays down flat on the platform, as Victor grabs cover to hide from the shots. Nate and the rest of his group start shooting erratically in Caleb and Victor’s direction, as they try to find out where the shots came from. Victor shoots back at Nate and his group, hoping to attract walkers their way. And just on cue…


    Sounds of walkers screams erupt from the forest behind Nate’s group, and as they get closer the rate of gun fire slows down. Nate takes notice of the walkers behind them.

    Nate: FALL BACK!!

    Nate and what is left of his group run back into the forest, taking out any walkers in their path and attracting any of the ones that they missed. A straggler sees the two dead bodies on the floor and tries to get its feast on, but Victor shoots the walker down. Victor stands up, dusts himself off, and picks up Caleb.

    Victor: Do you know what I mean now?

    Off in the forest

    Nate and one of his group members continue running and gunning through the forest. The glow of the midnight moon is not enough to light their path, but as the screams begin to cease, the two finally stop to catch their bearings.

    Nate: Well if that wasn’t a shit show, I don’t know what is.

    ???: They took out Brady and Joe, and we ran?!

    Nate: Relax Vince, it’s just for now. It’s too dark anyway, we gotta get back to camp and regroup. Plus, that little shit didn’t have a crossbow. There’s more of em..

    Vince: Relax?! Whaddya mean relax, 2 of your men just died! Because of you! You decided to come here tonight, not us.

    Nate: Well we got like 2 cans of chili left Vince, we needed to find some food.

    Nate and Vince hear some screams behind them, and run off through the forest some more. They finally see some light, and they exit the forest to find the dirt road. They grip their guns firmly in their palms and continue on back to their camp.

    Vince: Well at the end of the day, we found some. It’s back at that farm. We just gotta take it

    Nate: Take, man I don’t know. There are places we can raid first, we don’t have ta-

    Vince: Listen to yourself! Look around you! You don’t wanna kill, you don’t wanna steal. I don’t think you understand how the world works now. Its survival, just like that guy

    Nate: But we’re human Vince, we’re better than that..

    Vince: Well… Maybe we shouldn’t be.

    Im sorry I suck at formatting, if you have any suggestions, I NEED THEM!!

    And yes that is the same Nate and Vince from the 400 days DLC! What do yall think about the tie-in? Does it match up

    Chapter 4 comin next week! Stay tuned!

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