Interactive story: The Walking Dead

This is story of Lucy Simmons. Lucy is 18 years old. She lives in Macon with her friends and family, but one day everything had changed. Your choices will determine how story will continue so be careful. Appearence of main character is open to readers imagiantion.

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    Season 1.

    Episode 1. Chapter 1.

    Lucy was sitting in her living room. She was watching the movie with her family. It was her favorite movie, Star Wars. When she was younger she wanted to be like Princess Leia. Suddenly phone started to ring. She took the phone. She asked who was there. „Hey, what are you doing? “Her friend Jenny asked. „I am watching a movie. “ Lucy answered. „Can you come over to my house? “Jenny asked. „I need to talk to you. “ „Of course, five minutes and I am there. “ Lucy said. „I will be waiting. “ Jenny said. Lucy had put the receiver down and returned back to the living room. „Who was that? “Mother asked. „It was Jenny, she wanted me to come to her. “Lucy answered. „Be careful. “Mother said. „I am always careful. “Lucy said and closed the door.
    Jenny’s house was at the same street as Lucy´s. Lucy knocked on the door. Door opened Jenny’s father. „Hello, Mr. Jenkins. “Lucy said. „Jenny wanted me to come. “ She added. „She is in her room. “Mr. Jenkins said. Lucy walked past the stairs and she knocked on the door to Jenny’s room. Jenny opened the door. Jenny was in the same age as Lucy. She had blond hair, green eyes. She was little bit chubby, but still attractive.

    Next morning

    After last night it was hard for Lucy to wake up. She was tired. „Good morning“said Jenny. She was already dressed up and she had a cup of coffee in each hand. „Good morning“said Lucy and tried to stand up. Lucy has dressed up when they heard the screaming. They run to the living room. They saw Jenny’s father fighting two people. First person was a man. They didn’t know him, but there was something strange about way he was walking. Second person was Jenny’s mother, she was in her pyjama. She was also walking strangely but there was something else. There was big nasty bite at her neck. Mr. Jenkins has tripped at cable and fell. Guy bit him and started to feed on him. There was a lot of blood. Jenny’s mother was coming to them. „Mom? “ Jenny asked. „What is wrong, Mrs. Jenkins? “ Lucy said. Woman said nothing. „What do we do? “Jenny asked. „Where is your dad´s gun? “Lucy said. „Upstairs, in bedroom. “Jenny answered. „But shouldn’t we call somebody? “She added. „Like who? “Lucy asked. „I don’t know, Police maybe. “Jenny said.

    What do you want to do? [Head upstairs for the gun] [Head to kitchen where the phone is] [Ask Jenny go to call authorities]

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    Head upstairs for gun.

    And man add more realism. They saw a walker tearing up the man and feeding on his flesh. And another one approaching them. The girls, instead of screaming or running, are like lets leave the walkers and go to make a phone call and have some coffee.

    And be sure to add LEE in the story

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    [Head upstairs for the gun]

    Without thinking she cried: „Upstairs! “ And started run to the stairs. All she knew at this moment was that she has to get the gun. She was almost there when she heard the cry. She stopped to look what was happening. Monster that used to be Mrs. Jenkins was holding Jenny’s arm. Jenny was stunned with fear all she could do was scream. Before Lucy could do anything Mrs. Jenkins was chewing at Jenny´s hand. Other monster joined her and it sank its teeth to Jenny´s neck. Jenny fell and monsters started their feast. Lucy turned her sight away. There were tears slowly running down her cheeks. She´s lost her best friend. She was sad and angry, however she knew that there was nothing she could do. She opened the door to bedroom. The gun was under the bed where it always has been.
    There was also silencer and some spare ammo. She left the room. Carefully she walked to the stairs. From there she could see two monsters still feeding themselves at her best friend. She aimed the gun at first monster and pulled the trigger. She missed. Monster didn’t notice. She reloaded the gun and aimed again. This time she shot it to the back and monster has noticed. Soon it was crawling up the stairs. She shot it again between the eyes. Monster was dead. She came closer to the second monster that used to be Mrs. Jenkins. Before it could grab her she shot it to back of the head. She´s knelt near Jenny´s body to say goodbye when it moved. First she thought that Jenny was still alive but then she saw her eyes. She aimed at Jenny´s head, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. She got back up on her feet and wiped tears from her eyes. She realized her family was still home. She opened the door and went out of the house. Roads where full of cars, everyone was heading out of town. She was running down the street back home. She stopped before her house. She opened the door hastily. “Mum! Dad! Jack!” she cried. She´s checked the house but no one was there. She started to feel desperate. She went outside. She didn’t know what to do or where to go. Her best friend was gone, her family was gone and she had no one. She looked to the right. “Shit. Those walkers are everywhere.” she said.

    [Shoot group of walkers] [Go to the left] [Head back to the house]

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    [Head back to the house]
    Arm and armour yourself, grab supplies, head out on an adventure (when the streets are clear) later...

  • [Go back to the house]

    As group of walkers was coming closer Lucy run back to the house. She locked the door. She was afraid they would break the door so she moved the sofa against the door. Lucy hoped that walkers didn’t see her go inside. Her hopes were unanswered. Walkers were bashing to the doors. Lucy has curled up in the corner of living room. She was alone. She was afraid. She was emotionally drained. She was crying. She spent whole day inside of her house. She could still hear moaning from outside. She went upstairs to her parent’s room. She grabbed photo album, it was under her mother’s side of a bed. She spent two hours looking at photos. Tears were running down her cheeks. It was bittersweet kind of a feeling. When she finished she took the photo. It was photo of her and her family from holiday at Europe. She put it into the pocket at her leathery black coat. She wiped tears out of her face. She knew one thing now. She knew she didn’t want to die. She realized she didn’t hear moaning anymore. She looked from the window. She was right, walkers were gone. She heard gunshots from direction where center of the city was. She finally realized she felt tired. She went to the bathroom. Fortunately water was still running. She striped her clothes off and took long hot shower. After that she went to her own room. She dressed into new clothes. She took her coat from bathroom. Then she took from backpack. She took some cans of food, bottled water, drugs, medical supplies, spare clothes and put them into her backpack. When she was finished with packing she went to her room. She fell asleep immediately.

    Next morning Lucy ate what she didn’t pack last night. She didn’t have any intention to leave anything for scavengers. After breakfast she took her backpack and checked her gun. She checked situation outside trough the window and then she moved sofa away from the door. She opened the door. She looked at the inside of her house one last time. She locked the door one last time and walked toward the street.

    This is the end of chapter one of episode one. Stay tuned, chapter two will come out soon.

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    [Go back to the house] As group of walkers was coming closer Lucy run back to the house. She locked the door. She was afraid they would b

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    I know I know it´s been a while everyone knows.

    Episode 2.

    Lucy tried to get out of the town. Staying was too dangerous at least now. She heard that soldiers were herding all people in the big cities to keep them safe, but Lucy was skeptical about that. As she was walking down the empty street she heard somebody yelling. She run towards the corner. She saw group of five people standing before the local pharmacy. She watched as walkers were drawn towards group. Part of her wanted to help them especially children. Then she heard shot and group was running to the pharmacy. Lucy was glad that those people were safe. Unfortunately her excitement didn’t last long when she realized that walkers were now coming after her. She started running. She could only run forward because any other direction would mean death. She run. Then she heard car. Car stopped beside her. “Come in, quickly!” said man behind the wheel. Lucy didn’t think twice as walkers were approaching and she get into the car.

    They drove twenty minutes. When man behind wheel said: “We need gas!” Lucy found out that he is name was George. He was twenty-five. He was dressed in black leathery coat and dark blue worn out jeans. “You said we won´t have to stop before we reach Atlanta.” Said woman next to him. She was twenty-four. Her hair was brown. She was dressed in pink t-shirt and green jeans. “I said probably, Irene.” Said George. Third passenger was girl. She was fifteen like Lucy. Her brown-mocha colored hair perfectly matched with her brown-chocolate eyes. She introduced herself as Melissa. Her eyebrows reminded Lucy of Audrey Hepburn. “I don’t want to stop. I have bad feeling about it, George.” Said Irene. “We need gas if we want to reach Atlanta.” Said George. “I agree with George.” Said Melissa. “What do you think Lucy?” Irene asked.

    [Side with George and Melissa] [Side with Irene]

  • [Side with George and Melissa]

    I know I know it´s been a while everyone knows. Episode 2. Lucy tried to get out of the town. Staying was too dangerous at least now.

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