I Have Seen the God-Cow

edited August 2006 in Bone
I have ressurected this quiet little section of the forum because I have seen something not only awe inspiring, but totally true.

Alright, first, I was driving back from Wellington to Auckland. This is a very long and boring drive so I don't recommend it to anyone. Anyway, the sun was setting as I drove somewhere between Turangi and Tokoroa and having been driving for something like 7 hours I was starting to get kind of bored. As I gazed upon the scenery (mostly consisting of farms. On hills. As far as the eye could see) I caught a glimpse of something that has been forever emblazoned in my mind.

The sun was about half gone and as I turned around a corner a small hill raised up in the centre of it. Something about this drew my attention and I was unable to pull my eyes away. Suddenly, a shape became visible upon the side of the hill. It clambered to the top and I realized... It was a cow.

Words alone cannot express the sense of awe I felt as I basked in the glory of the silhouette of the noble beast emblazoned on the brilliant burning glory of the blood red setting sun. I really wish I had a camera with me at the time. But I didn't. And I had to look away as I was approaching a great big corner. When I looked back it was gone.

In other news, the theme to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Inner Universe by Origa) is really catchy and I've been listening to it in repeat for the past three hours.


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