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Greeting TTG forums. I am MasterStone.

Some of you may be familiar with me from recent story Heroes: The Captives. I've been doing some thinking and I have decided to start a sequel or something close to a rebirth. I feel I kinda messed up in the previous story and didn't get to explore a large amount of characters as I wanted. I tried to make a separated universe with unique characters and began to drop the ball a little. Originally I wanted to include characters from the TV show but I scraped the idea cause I felt it wouldn't be as good and I didn't plan ahead for. My head wasn't in the right place at the time, I was going through some personal things and I wanted to finish which resulted in me kinda rushing some things. You could say it turned into season 2-4 of Heroes, without the writers strike lol. So now after doing some hard thinking, I finally decided:

This Prequel will be set in the world of the Heroes TV show, half canon. I will TRY to go into FULL DETAIL WITH EVERYTHING.

I want every Character to get the spotlight, even if they get killed of. They still will be mentioned and reference in the story. Another thing, characters from my original story might show up some time as supporting characters without any major roles. This is a new story, a fresh breath of air you might say. A brave new world.

Now let's get down to business.

The Story

Rogue agent's of The Company secretly broken off from their former employers and formed their own group. This new organization is carefully monitoring the activities of several Superhuman's including the Petrelli's, Sylar, Hiru Nakamura and several others including Noah Bennet. Their motives are yet to known, but soon their actions will soon attract the attention of their former employer and several Superhuman's.


You may only create one character at this time. However if, more characters are needed, I will edit the OP informing everyone that characters are needed!





Country of Origin:

Backstory(DETAIL DETAIL!):



Superhuman Ability:

(Limited to one. Also I will ask if you can to be diverse. It wouldn't be fun if everyone had the same ability):
List of superhuman abilities if you're having a hard time choosing: http://heroeswiki.com/List_of_abilities

Thanks for showing interest, once I have everyone's characters I will get to work on the first two chapters. And if you have any question, shoot me a pm or leave a question here. Happy crafting!

Episode 1: Bad Business {Completed. starts on page 1 and ends on 3}

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Episode 2: Zombie Games; COMPLETE Starts on page 3 & ends on 5

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Episode 3: Foreshadow (Starts on page 5 ends on page 6)



Camilla Rios

Elizabeth 'Ellie' Lambert


Konrad Curze

Joseph Sands,

Stanford ‘Stan’

Dwayne Banks

Howard Jenkins Soultaker

Luthor Vassh Zeeth

Damian Becker



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    Name: Camilla Rios

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Aircraft maintenance.

    Country of origin: Mexico

    Back story: Camilla was born in Alamos Mexico to her mother Daniela, her father Amelio, and her younger sister Amelia. Her mother often often wasn't around since she had a very demanding job, and often seemed distant to Camilla. Her father was always around though, since he worked from their home as a painter. As a child Camilla spent a lot of time with her father and came to adopt his values. Camilla developed a love for art and was taught by her father, over time she became exceptionally talented in drawing and painting. Sadly, though, at the age of twelve, her father died of a sudden heart attack and by the time anyone showed up it was to late. Only to make matters worse for Camilla, she was present at the time. Her sister ran away from home and Her mother grew increasingly cold towards Camilla, often blaming her for the death of Amelio. She began to disappear for hours only to turn up drunk. At points she even turned violent, often lashing out at her for seemingly no reason. Her mother often abused her, physically and mentally. After her mother lost her job it only got worse, Camilla had to take up extra shifts at the restaurant she worked at. After many months of the abuse, long hours, no sleep, it all began to take a toll on Camilla. It affected her mental state severely, causing her to have multiple mental breakdowns. She began believing what her mother told her. That she wasn't worth anything, she would never be anyone, she was ugly, etc. This all began to add up, day after day until she finally snapped. She decided to fight back against her mother, which only resulted in Camilla getting knocked out because she was hit in the head with a pole lamp. She woke up the next day in a hospital, where she got the news. Her sister was found dead in Pueblos. She'd been shot after a drug deal went wrong. She waited in the hospital for her mother to show up, but she never did. Camilla was in the lobby of the hospital looking at the fish tank when the paramedics rolled in a patient on a gurney, it was her mother. A few hours went by, and she was pronounced dead. Killed by alcohol poisoning. Camilla was now an orphan, with no living relatives in Mexico, all before her 15th birthday. This sent her into a horrible downward spiral. Her mental health deteriorated along with her physical health as she gave into the world of drugs and alcohol. It seemed as if she were doomed to live the rest of her life this way, until what turned out to be a miracle happened. She was extremely high and walking to where she was staying the night at, when she stumbled into the street and was hit by a car. She narrowly avoided death, and spent some time in jail. Afterwards, she was adopted into a new family, American missionaries. She was taken out of Mexico and into the United States to begin her new life. It wasn't easy, but she eventually gave up on the drugs and alcohol. She came to like her new parents after a very rocky start, and still keeps in touch with them. Her rough past made finding a job hard, but she powered through collage and was certified by the FAA. She works on planes all day and night for San Francisco international airport, she rarely ever takes breaks and is seen as one of the most hard working people in the maintenance department. She discovered her power on accident one day when she was out with a friend. Some guys jumped them and tried to rape her, when she kinda dissolved them, all of them including her friend, and part of the wall. She kept it a secret and never told anyone, refusing to believe it was true, blaming it on drug relapses, thinking none of it ever happened, until she figured out she actually has a power, which she keeps very hidden.

    Appearance: 6'6'', she has a very curvy figure although skinny, she has Long curly dark brown hair with one strand dyed blue, brown eyes, Latin skin tone, wears dark blue skinny jeans and a black Mexico Futbol T-shirt when she is off work, often wearing her favorite pair of red converse high tops. If it's cold she wears a Grey hoodie with a black beanie. She still has a scar on her forehead from when she was hit with the lamp. She wears a yellow topaz necklace, her birthstone. She also wears a brown braided leather bracelet on her right wrist, with a simple silver ring, that belonged to her father, on her hand. She has the Joan of Arc quote "I am not afraid, I was born to do this." Tattooed on her right shoulder, which came as a result of her fall from grace. She often keeps it covered, mostly because she is embarrassed by it because it reminds her of what he used to be. She has to wear glasses sometimes when reading of driving, but other than that she tries to avoid wearing them.

    Personality: She is mostly shy and quiet. She likes to work and get things done instead of wasting time. If she has a task she won't stop until it's completed or she collapses from exhaustion, which has happened before. She is still prone to mental breakdowns under pressure and due to years of abuse she is very insecure and always searches for acceptance. She likes to be kind to people, helping out in any way she can, Washing a car, mowing grass, cleaning gutters, holding a door open. It makes her feel good when she does good. She really doesn't know how to be mean, which can be bad since people view her as a push over. She can be extremely secretive, neither liking to talk about her past or her power, or her personal life, or anything she does. But, she is willing to listen to other peoples stories. She has a certain disdain for meat, being a vegetarian. She has a certain taste for alcoholic beverages though, preferring margaritas, Tequila, or Vodka.

    Super power: Acid secretion, although she is very weary of her power and refrains from using it if she can. But that can be hard for her, because she doesn't fully understand it. It's likely to show if she is scared or angry than anything else.

  • Name: Elizabeth 'Ellie' Lambert

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Professional thief/burglar

    Country of Origin: Canada

    Backstory: Elizabeth, who usually goes by Ellie, was born in the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Neither of her parents have been superhumans and freaked out when Ellie used her powers to play with her toys for the first time at the age of three. However, her parents had been fundamentally religious and saw her powers as a sign that Ellie had been tempted by the devil. Unable to deal with what they saw as a demon child, they gave Ellie away to a local youth centre, where she lived for most of her life. The early separation from her parents left Ellie with a deep emotional trauma and caused her to always be a troublemaker during her youth, someone who never stayed long in a foster family. While many foster parents considered adopting her for her bubbly and lively personality, most gave up on her when they realized that Ellie failed to follow their rules. She felt very conflicted about the bad relationship she had towards her countless foster parents, but was never able to overcome her own shortcomings to change this. Towards her real parents, she has no contact and she hates them deeply for just giving up on her because of something they couldn't explain. In secret, she started to control her powers up to the point where she gained considerable skill with them. During her early teens, she started to realize that her chances of having a good life are slim, given that she had little to no education or money. Mainly because of this, she started to steal for a living. Her powers came in handy during this. In the beginning, she used them to become a master pickpocket, stealing wallets or car keys without even getting near her target. During her late teens, she started to steal cars and to break into houses, where her powers were even more useful. Soon, she had amassed quite a fortune even before she turned 18, but also slowly managed to attract the attention of the police. In one particularly messed-up heist, she was nearly caught by the police and had to flee the city, leaving behind most of her possessions. She was forced to flee the country and decided to build herself a new life in Los Angeles, where she continued her criminal activities. However, unlike before, she no longer amassed huge wealth, instead she only kept what she needed to survive, living a humble life in a small flat instead, where she lives without much luxury. She has the habit of giving away everything she does not need, always towards those who have less than she has, mostly towards the homeless. Because of her powers and her considerable skills as a thief, she has no problems in gaining money and now focusses on making the lives of the truly poor a bit better. In time, she gained quite a good reputation among the lower class of L.A. However, she usually sticks for herself, rarely seeking the company of others, despite the fact that she has many friends.

    Appearance: Ellie is 5'6 tall, with a slim and wiry physique. She has fair skin, black hair and dark blue eyes. She wears her haircut slightly above shoulder-length and regularly dyes a few streaks in it in a bright red colour. She wears simple clothes, dark jeans, a blue tank top and a dark hoodie. She usually has a sly grin on her face. While she is fluent in english, her native language is french and despite the many years she spent in L.A, she still has a distinctive hint of an accent, which is especially noticeable when she is under a lot of stress.

    Personality: At first, Ellie appears to be playful, snarky and not serious in the slightest. She is feisty, outgoing and talkative, loving to talk about herself, but also loving to hear other people talk. Because of her childhood trauma, she often appears far less emotionally mature than she truly is, as she has the constant need of exciting things to happen around her and shows a childlike joy at even the smallest things. She longs for the affection of others and is very attentive and caring towards anyone she sees as a friend. Behind this behaviour lies the deep-seated fear of being abandoned and alone. That said, as a sharp contrast, she is a horrible team-player. She prefers to work alone and absolutely hates it if someone tells her what to do. However, she is competent enough to solve most problems on her own. While she never had much education, she is naturally intelligent and extremely cunning, able to develop complex plans and strategies. From time to time, she suffers from mood swings, where she can get angry at anyone or anything for even the slightest provocation, usually her anger is directed at herself though, whenever she fails at something. Whenever she gets angry, she cools down just as easily. She hates authorities with a passion, be it the police, the government or especially her own parents. As a free spirit, she despises rules and those who try to enforce them on her. However, behind her easygoingness and playfulness, she is far more thoughtful than she actually appears to be. She is a good listener and good at consoling others, even on occasions where she feels sad herself, but she has a problem with accepting gratitude or with showing sadness herself. She constantly worries for the safety of others and can't stand to see those she cares for suffering. This is a main reason why she prefers to do things on her own, so that she can't endanger others. She has a kind heart, especially towards those who have less in life than she has, but she hates arrogance, selfishness and greed. Towards weaker people and towards those she cares for, she gets fiercely protective. Usually, she is a very merciful person towards those who wrong her, but she can be ruthless and outright cruel towards anyone who hurts people she cares for. Ellie tries to put on a cheerful smile in every occasion and while her joy is mostly genuine, she also uses it as a way of concealing sadness.

    Superhuman Ability: Ellie has the ability of telekinesis. She mainly uses her power to make her heists easier, lifting heavy objects, stealing stuff from afar, or unlocking doors, but she knows that she has a lot of unused potential in her powers and often trains with her ability to get stronger.

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    Name: Zuzanna, shortly called Zuzia/Zuza

    Age: 25

    Gender: female

    Occupation: IT Professional

    Country of Origin: Poland

    Backstory: She was always normal looking girl. It’s not like she was born way she is now. Everything changed at 7 April 1996 in Warsaw, at the day of her birthday, when trying to blow out the candles on her cake. 6 years old little girl almost burned down the table with food, which her mother has prepared for guests. This wasn’t her birthday wish; she didn’t want to be a monster, but normal girl. She possessed the power of fire, which today u can see in her very light amber eyes. In next days from an incident, she started to feel the power inside her, power which was awakening in her small body. Fear was huge; it was too big responsibility for so young girl. Her parents thought the incident was of faulty candles or so, they did not even though it could be done by her. With time, her appearance was changing, contact lenses was mandatory for school attendance, without them she was like a ghost, hiding from everyone, because of bullying. She was ashamed, because she was different. Once, she almost burned down her school, while being under attack of bullies and which she tried to fight back after cumulating too much emotions of hating them in herself.
    With years passing, her self-esteem was growing, she was much more confident and strong, she changed school and was not bullied anymore. In any free moment she was practicing her abilities in secret, controlling flames and lightning sticks. She is not ashamed of her look anymore – she is proud of it, and honestly, she like when people are looking at her gorgeous eyes with jealousy – because they are amazing! Whole family moved to US when she was 18 and full age, where they lived normal life, up to day, her father died on the construction site and she was left alone with her mother, which since then was mentally unstable. Zuzia was then 21 years old and knew, that now it is on her arms - responsibility of taking care of house and disabled mother, which tried to commit suicide after her husband tragic death. She knew she cannot take care of her on her own, while having work and being out of their small apartment for almost whole day, so she was forced to give her away to mental institution in which she was always under someone eye.

    Appearance: At first, before the incident, her eyes was brown colored. After awakening of her powers, they changed into light amber. She is 165cm tall, nicely shaped woman, with long and straight fairy ginger hair. Her face is covered in delicate freckles. She like to wear elegant and business clothes, which is unusual for IT employees. In casual days she jumps into light, green dresses. Zuzia’s smile is stunning, and with combination of her hair, freckles and eyes, mesmerizing.

    Personality: Zuzia is hard working, young woman, which is trying to survive and give herself a normal life, even if feeling guilty of sending her own mother away. Because of her line of work, she is usually very concentrated and analyzing person, as well as tensed because of all what happened in the past years. She is hardly opening for anyone as result of bullying she experienced and keeps her distance up to point she is sure, that this someone is worth her friendship. She is not very outgoing person, because what she prefer is to improve coding skills and her abilities. She have also quite a temperament and stubborness, which is perfectly matching with her flames.

    Superhuman Ability: Pyrokinesis

  • Prologue

    “Save the cheerleader, save the word.” Words to live by to some, but to other.. It’s just another excuse for false hope. Said the so called ‘villains’ of this ever growing world. There a balance you know, between good and evil. As the two alignments always been mortal enemies for millennias, always bickering amongst each other. Fighting about what they’re doing is right or wrong for their interest. The conflict between the two evolved over the years, along with humans. And when humans learned about their ‘evolution’, the quarrel between good and evil went for a sudden change.

    The present day, Noah Bennet has recently been tasked to track down a group of former employees of The Company who have went rogue. He was given the task personally by Angela Petrelli who recently became the know chairman. She wanted to keep this a secret between her and Noah, trusting that he will get this done quickly before it gets out of hands.

    Angela reminded Noah that Claire safety is important as well, so it will best to avoid letting her know is going even if it means hurting her. He agrees but requires that he have some backup just in case things got awrt in which he is certain it will.

    “The Haitian would due.” Noah says.

    But Angela has already sent The Haitian on his own assignment, so she already called in a group of people who are currently on ‘probation’ until the manage to fulfil their designated services before they are able to meet their freedom. Angela stands up and calls in a trio of women in their twenties. Each from a different country baring different origins and motives.

    “Allow me to introduce you to the ‘Angels’. Ironic because from the time they were brought here, they’ve been the complete opposite. But they will behave, their freedom depends on it.” Angela as she pulls up a file on the three women to discuss with Noah.

    This tall young lady is Camila Rios, age 26, former resident Alamos, Mexico and worked as a aircraft mechanic. This tall young lady had a tragic life. She spent a lot time with her and adopted his values. She had bad history with her mother, and one thing lead to another. While some of our people where in the area, we came across dissolved bodies. We seen most of it, what she is capable of, and we knew she didn’t meant to do. It was only out of self-defense, but we couldn't have her out there so we brought her in. There was some resistance, but we made her understand. Her ability is Acid Secretion

    Next is, Elizabeth 'Ellie' Lambert, age 22, former resident of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. She was a professional thief and burglar. As a young girl, her parents shunned her due their religious beliefs when they discovered she had an ability. From there on she went through countless amount of foster parents. Through her teen years she burglarized hundreds of house to the point where she had to leave the country due to the authorities monitoring her. Her ability were a prime key to her succession as a professional criminal. You guessed it, she uses Telekinesis, but she does’nt uses to cut open people heads like someone we know.. She’s not the same little girl anymore, watch her closely. Her cunning personality ages with her.

    Finally, we have Zuzanna, age 25, former resident of Poland and worked in the IT field. She began to learn about her powers on her sixth birthday, when she nearly set the table on fire. Of this lead to so traumatic events in her life including that she nearly burned down her own school. We were watching her, and noticed that she began to mature improving her self esteem and bettering herself. Peacefully accepting what she is, but she still required some kind of discipline or she would think that the law didn’t matter, and the rules were absent. She possesses PyroKinesis.

    “Now Noah, please get better acquainted with your team, briefly get to know them on this potential suicide -esque mission. Thier performance will determine their freedom. You are also aware what is at stake here?” Angela to Noah.

    “Of Course mam, I’ll.. I mean, we will track down the rogues. Put them down if necessary and hopefully undo what they have done.” Noah taking the documents from Angela then walking towards the door. Camila, Ellie and Zuzanna followed him and they were on their way.

    As Noah and the trio left, a mysterious man steps out of the shadows of the closet door and approached Angela. He stood several feet tall, wearing a trench coat and dark sunglasses. Topped off with a deep and ominous voice. Angela was nervous with man's presence asking what he wanted immediately in a serious and slightly frighten tone.

    “I’ve sent them to find your son and his company. I believe we are finished.” Angela said.

    “No… not yet. Not until your… agents find my son. We will still need the time traveler, Nakamura’s son for the final step. After that is done and once my son is in my custody. We are done.. I’ll be in touch Angela. Send your husband my regards." The strange man as he begins to fade away in the shadows, but before he do, he lets Angela know that he is aware Arthur is alive, but ask if her sons Nathan and Peter know. He then becomes darkness and fades into the shadow of the closet.

    Noah and trio begins to track down the rogues, leading back to Odessa, Texas. One the road, Noah decides whether if he should stop to check on family before continuing his mission.

    [Check on Family]

    [Continue Mission]

  • [Check on Family]

    Good written, cannot wait for continuation.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Prologue “Save the cheerleader, save the word.” Words to live by to some, but to other.. It’s just another excuse for false hope. Said th

  • [Check on family]

    This is off to a great start! There is definitely a lot of potential for this story and I am exited to see where it goes from here.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Prologue “Save the cheerleader, save the word.” Words to live by to some, but to other.. It’s just another excuse for false hope. Said th

  • [Check on Family]

    I agree with Mathea and quality, this was a very well-written start! I'm excited for more :D

    MasterStone posted: »

    Prologue “Save the cheerleader, save the word.” Words to live by to some, but to other.. It’s just another excuse for false hope. Said th

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    (?) Noah pays his family a visit. However Ellie grows impatient which result in an argument between her Noah that only last briefly. If Noah chose to not visit his family her would run into Sylar along the way.

  • I didn't have the time to vote you prick whatsoever I will submit a char soon!

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    Voting closed (?) Noah pays his family a visit. However Ellie grows impatient which result in an argument between her Noah that only last briefly. If Noah chose to not visit his family her would run into Sylar along the way.

  • Just saying, I'm working on a character submission who will hopefully be finished later today :D

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    Voting closed (?) Noah pays his family a visit. However Ellie grows impatient which result in an argument between her Noah that only last briefly. If Noah chose to not visit his family her would run into Sylar along the way.

  • Sorry, I closed too early. Next time I'll legnthing the time for voting. :)

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    I didn't have the time to vote you prick whatsoever I will submit a char soon!

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    Name: Konrad Curze AKA Night Haunter

    Age: 36

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: The watcher of the night, The unbreakable shield against the coming darkness, The protector of the innocent...

    Country of Origin: Bulgaria

    Backstory(DETAIL DETAIL!): He was born to a pretty normal family, a mother and a father . He lived a normal life. Until one day in the middle of the night. He heard a sound down stairs. He walked down stairs and saw his parents bodies laying in a pool of blood with there throats ripped open. There was also four people dressed in all black, searching for stuff to pocket. When the men saw the you kid standing on stairs they started walk towards him with a knife, but as Konrad started weeping blood red tears the bodies of his parents stood up and the blood on the ground formed a sword in each of there hands, and they leapt out against the robbers. As two of the were stabbed to death, unable to move. and as more of the blood gathered it started to move up the legs of the robber that stood with a knife in his hand. Konrad just made a motion with his hand against his throat and the robber did the same. As the last one looked in horror as the all the blood started to cover him from head to toe, Konrad just pointed and a spike of blood pierced the robber in the throat. Konrad made a quick hand motion and the robbers head separated from his head. since that day he devoted his life to purge the land of all scum. His town has not seen a criminal in many years, anyone that has made a crime, being a child rapist to a petty burglar they have all been killed and drained from all blood. They have also all been showed publicly in the town, either hanging naked from street lamps or being impaled on a fence. He is known as The Night Haunter, a spirit that protects the town. But some claim that they have seen a figure appear and disappear in a mist of blood, only leaving a mutilated body.

    Appearance: A pale white face, with long unwashed hair, two tired eyes that seems like they have not slept in years. his body is covered in deep cuts. on his hands he wears two gloves with knifes on (Freedy Kruger wannabe)and they are bloody.A long fine cape in blue and gold, that drags on the ground. A old suit that seems that it would been a very very fine suit when it was new....those years have long passed. He is about two meters, but he walks kinda leaned forward. He also wears a old top hat. On his belt there are many glass vials, some with blood...some with wine. His teeth are covered in dried blood.

    Personality: He is a loner, a lone wolf. He has a sick seance of humor, seeing that he thinks that what he dose is pretty fun and beautiful. He likes killing as a normal man would like a fine wine. He may be brutal but he would never hurt a innocent. He also like to make a show of what he dose, he would go out of his way and waste much time just to make a cool entrance or put on a show. Appearance is all for him, to look cool and make people remember him.

    Superhuman Ability: Blood manipulation (controlling inside a body, making it a piercing spike or blade)

    enter image description here

  • How many years does those super powers exist in the story line? Can I Play someone who have his powers many years ago? Can i make an evil character?

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    Well in the previously story he did i made a character that was 417 years old and he was ok with that... He was also a Inquisitor and was very fucking evil

    Xemnes posted: »

    How many years does those super powers exist in the story line? Can I Play someone who have his powers many years ago? Can i make an evil character?

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    Yes there is no limit to what age your character can be, as long as you give a story behind it. You can make your character any alignment you see fit. (Good,Evil, Neutral)

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    How many years does those super powers exist in the story line? Can I Play someone who have his powers many years ago? Can i make an evil character?

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    Name: Joseph Sands

    Age: ??

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Serial Killer

    Country of Origin: Canada

    Backstory(DETAIL DETAIL!): There is not much detail about the life of Joseph Sands. The main reason about the lack of information about him, is because Joseph Sands died 30 years ago. Josephs personal history was dark and filled with blood. His father was a drinker, and abused him, his little sister and his mother. Joseph was 8 years old, when his father shot his little sister in front of, after he raped and killed his mother. At this night Joseph tryed to hel his mother but was beat down by his father. The police came in and shot his father, in the moment were he was trying to kill Joseph. Joseph than lived in an orphanage. Without family and friends Hoseph had a rough life and was often seen in brawlings. In the age of 12 he did his first stealing crime. But than he was adobted by a women named Lisa Harrington. She tryed to gave him a new home and be a family with him. She succeeded. Joseph improved himself, as a good son. After 5 years, he was not the same boy anymore. He became a good student and was a responsible young man. But the dream ended when Lisa diseased on cancer and died a painfull death after a year. Joseph was all alone again and started to drink. From this day, he lived on the streets, without any family, friends or something else. The loneliness wich follows, was what finally broke his soul. Later crimes like vandalism, mayhem and robbery follows. First, he simply robbed people to survive, but later he started to kill them without any real reason. It isnt clearly known when he started his career as a serial killer, but Joseph was 19 when he killed his first person. His first victim was an old man, who couldnt really protected himself against Josephs attack and was easly done. Joseph didnt take the money of the man. He just cout his throat open, and stabbed his body over and over again. Joseph than traveled from city to city, where he tooked one person after another. It really doesnt matter to him wich gender his victims had. It seems that he just wanted to kill as many people he could kill in order to avenge himself for his lonely life in this world. If nobody loves me, I'll make sure no one else will. Joseph never really had friends or a job, wich makes it even harder for the police to find him, but wasnt really necessary. Joseph died in a car accident. A car rammed him, as he was crossing a street. At this day he learned his super powers.
    He waked up hours later in the Morgue among other bodies. He felt that he wasnt alive anymore. His heart stopped beating, his blood dried in his veins, and he felt nothing. Except a hunger of flesh. Josephs eye started to light red and his tooth became pointedly. He also felt how his body became stronger and faster. Joseph lerned also that he was able to resurect other corpses. So he brought back every dead body in the Morgue as Zombies. But they werent slow or weak zombies. Josephs monsters were fast and strong like him, and he was able to control them with his mind. Joseph than fleet with his Zombies out of the city and hides himself with them. He hides over 10 years in a forrest with his group of living dead, who do what ever he orders...and he recognized a strange feeling again. He doesnt felt alone anymore. His Zombies became his new Family after the years. He wasnt alone. At this point, Joseph made a plan. He wanted every people in the whole world to join his family. So he started his hunt against humanity. He attacked innocent people and ressurect them after they killed.He know that there will come a fight, and he plans to build up an army of the dead. So he attacked police stations and entire villages.

    Appearance: Joseph is a tall, muscular, balled man with white skin and a harsh look on his face. He doesnt have Eyebrows or lips anymore, after he died. After the many fights, against polices and other super humans, he has many scares on his entire body. His eyes are gloming red and his teeth are sharp. He wears a brown jacket and black Pans and boots. He has two machetes wich he uses in fight with brute force.

    Personality: Joseph Sands doesnt talk very much. He has and endless hatred for the whole world and it seems that his only wish is to kill others, so he can ressurect them into his family. The only real wish in his life was to have a family. The loss of his mother, his little sister and Lisa causes him a post-traumatic stress disorder. If he sees a women with red hair, like his sistser or Lisa, he cant kill her or gets sentimental. Joseph sees the life as torture and the hell itself. I thinks that if everybody his part of the family, than everyone will have peace for ever.

    Superhuman Ability: Zombifying (Joseph can ressurrect dead people as his zombies. His Zombies are wild animals and faster and stronger than a normal human. His mind is linked with every zombie he created. The Zombies are dead if theire brain is crushed. A Zombie doesnt feel pain or emotions. If Joseph resurrect a victim with super powers, he can order the zombie to use this powers.)

    I hope this is ok. Sry for gramma, english is not my mother language.

    Picture: Joseph Sands Joseph Sands2 Joseph Sands 3

  • OK reminder, I was going to post a chapter today but ran into some technical issues. I will try to post it later this week.


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    Chapter 1

    Noah visited his family while in company with the Angels. As he pulled up to the driveway, he recalled caught a glimpse of the past. It was a nostalgic feeling. Noah asked the Angel to wait in the car until he returned, He would only take five minutes, then the would be on their way. Elizabeth asked what’s stopping the three for making making a break for it while he was away and Noah answered her sarcastic question.

    “One, you’re not stupid and two we have you tagged. Wait her and I’ll be right out.”

    Elizabeth rolled her eyes then stared the opposite directed while Noah went inside. Camilia, remained silent while glaring out into the suburbs while Zuzanna turned on the radio which played the latest pop tunes to ease the awkward moment util Noah returns. Before the sound could finish, the news broadcast immediately came on mentioning bodies of deceased strangely coming back to life. It was not in Odessa, but in a town close by. Elizabeth thought it was a joke but the other two ladies weren’t taking it as a joke. It could have been another like them, another ‘special’.

    Inside, Noah is greeting by his wife, Sandra and her dog. Mr, Muggles. The two exchange in a kiss which is quickly interrupted by Mr. Muggles annoying little barks. Moah asked where Lyle and Claire were at this time, he wanted to see theme before he leave again. Sandra told Noah that Lyle was over a friends house while Claire was in the kitchen just about to leave. He told his wife to give Lyle his regards before venturing into the kitchen to visit his daughter.

    “Claire bear” Noah said reaching out to give his daughter a hug. She is on the phone speaking with someone. She told them to hold while she is acquainted with her father who she hasn't seen of a week, but spoken to on the phone daily.

    “Leaving again dad?” Claire said.

    “Another… Important business call. But have no worry. When I return, I’m taking the whole family out, even Mr. Muggles. Also Claire, your mother. Your bio-mom, Meredith will be here to protect you as well, but if anything goes wrong you know where to reach me. Okay?”

    “Right dad, please be careful. Whatever it is you're doing.”

    “Of course Claire, you too.”

    Noah then says his goodbye and finally leaves the house return to the car with the Angels. He opens the door and sits into the driver's seat turning the key. Elizabeth mentions what she and the others recently heard on the radio about corpses mysterious gaining life again. He reminds her that their mission at the moment is to find and apprehend the rogues then return to the Company. Once that is taken care of . The ‘zombies can be looked into later if other agents have not already taken care of it. Noah drive out of the drive and out of the neighbor en route to the last place where the rogues were last spotted. A diner not to far out of town.

    It only took a couple of minutes to get there. Noah and the Angels went inside and ordered something asking around if and strange suspicious men and woman. When he asked asked a waitress the question, she assumed that he was looking themselves since Noah and Angels seemed the the only strange ones here. She was joking of course and eventually answered his question.

    “Yeah, 3 men and a woman recently came by, ordered something then left. Just like you asked, they seemed a bit off, one of them had some strange looking eyes, almost as if they were… skarlet like blood. The others seemed normal, that's all I can tell ya. Oh the gentlemen with the scarlet eyes left his hat to. A fancy one too, and are you folks gonna order something or what?”

    Noah thank the waitress and went to investigate. Allowing the Angels to order something on the way. Noah eventually came across scarlett eyes hat and observed it then suddenly, a strange suave voice interrupts him asking to return his hate he recently lost. He turned around and faced the man while a smile on his face.

    “There your are, Clyde. I’ve been looking all over for you.”

    Clyde immediately recognized Noah and attempting to stroke him down with strange red energy. Luckily Noah took cover behind a table before getting hit. The Angel caught on after the energy blast and stepped in to help Noah deal with Clyde who then retreats after he realize he is greatly outnumbered. Noah tells the Angels to follow him and don’t let him get away no matter what. As Elizabeth leads the trio in the pursuit, Noah is left with several witnesses. He has to call in the Haitian to clean this mess up. While he does that the Angels capture Clyde.

    The chase leads through several alleys. Clyde was trying to ditch them fast, but the Angels split up to cover more ground. Zuzanna was closing in on him, but when Clyde uses his energy beams again she was nearly crushed by falling rubble if Elizabeth wasn’t there to save her. Clyde was far away by time the two could catch up, but just when he thought he was in the clear., he is stop by a hole in the ground falling through. It was created by Camila’s acid. She must’ve knew where he would head in order to set up a trap for him.

    Elizabeth and Zuzanna finally catches up, and noticed Camila catch and is congratulated by her team members.

    “Good work Angels” Elizabeth said in a humorous tone.

    Eventually Noah catches up with them, and is amazed at their performance congratulating them on their first ‘catch’. With one rogue caught, that only leaves three more still out there, but with Clyde in custody, getting to them should prove to be slightly… difficult.


    In a small town in the country Bulgaria. A bloody shadow watches over the town, punishing those who commit crimes in a gory matter. In the bloody mist, his victims are left as a mutilated body. He is known as the Night Haunter to the inhabitants on the town, and not a crime go unpunished while this being resides there.

    One night, Konrad Curze was approached by a mysterious man in dark who risen out of the shadows. he offered him a special job to him. A reason to further his cause and spread his justice throughout the world. Konrad felt the man was hiding something, demanding what his true intentions were before abandoning his home.

    “You are known around these parts as Night Haunter. Riding your home of evildoers, no? There are parts of the world that cought use a…. ‘hero’ like yourself. Join me, Konrad, and this world will be ridden from crime and one the verge of knowing ture peace..” The Man in Dark said.

    “Konrad was hesitant but feeling that he could make a difference if he put his power to use and help clean further crime elsewhere. He thinks over the Man in Dark offer.

    [Accept his offer]

    [I don’t know.. You seem kinda shady]

  • [Accept his offer] Eh, why not?

    I've worked on a character a little, but I wanted to ask a question. I recently just finished all four season of Heroes, so my question is when is this set?

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 1 Noah visited his family while in company with the Angels. As he pulled up to the driveway, he recalled caught a glimpse of the

  • Between the Season 2 and 3.

    It's kinda not canon though.

    NoHopeLeft posted: »

    [Accept his offer] Eh, why not? I've worked on a character a little, but I wanted to ask a question. I recently just finished all four season of Heroes, so my question is when is this set?

  • Alright, thanks!

    And I'm working on the character. Hopefully they'll be done soon. Maybe late tonight.

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    Between the Season 2 and 3. It's kinda not canon though.

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    [Accept his offer]

    This seems really meta, the chracter that i borrowed the name from also got asked to help in a greater course from a strange man after he rid the scum of his home.... now i'm wating for him to allow an assassin to kill him... and is there still a set number of chracter than one can make?

  • [Accept his offer] Hope this isn't the wrong choice.

    Great part!

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 1 Noah visited his family while in company with the Angels. As he pulled up to the driveway, he recalled caught a glimpse of the

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    [I don’t know.. You seem kinda shady]

    A mysterious dark man who rises out of the shadows and wants to rid the world of crime, sure he's trustworthy, huh? Hell. No.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 1 Noah visited his family while in company with the Angels. As he pulled up to the driveway, he recalled caught a glimpse of the

  • Last, I kinda had to many characters on me which is why I couldn't write everyone's in. But, later down the line, there may be a few new characters I could use for future parts.

    husmusen posted: »

    [Accept his offer] This seems really meta, the chracter that i borrowed the name from also got asked to help in a greater course from a s

  • [Accept his offer] Konrad will just kill the dude if it's a trap so...why not?^^

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 1 Noah visited his family while in company with the Angels. As he pulled up to the driveway, he recalled caught a glimpse of the

  • [I don’t know.. You seem kinda shady]

    Nah, i don't think it's good idea. I mean, yes, i know, it is good way to put character into action, but.. i have bad feeling about it.

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 1 Noah visited his family while in company with the Angels. As he pulled up to the driveway, he recalled caught a glimpse of the

  • [Accept his offer]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 1 Noah visited his family while in company with the Angels. As he pulled up to the driveway, he recalled caught a glimpse of the

  • Voting closed

    (?)Accept his offer

    Konrad, accept the shadow man's offer. He follows the man to the states leaving behind his home. Though absent, his influence still lingers. If Konrad chose not to accept his offer, the man would have used some 'dire' persuasion.

  • Well...better be friends with that guy^^

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    Voting closed (?)Accept his offer Konrad, accept the shadow man's offer. He follows the man to the states leaving behind his home. Tho

  • Chapter 2

    Noah and the Angels brought Clyde to a secure unoccupied building where they would interrogate him for the information on his fellow rogue members. At first Clyde taunting Noah, calling him all comes of names, he was being a real moron and often made Zuzanna laugh without catching Noah’s attention. The other girls including Elizabeth did notice, but didn't say anything about it yet.

    Clyde was a bad boy kind of guy, he served as an enforcer of The Company during his employment, winning the hearts of many while breaking it at the same time. Charming yet deadly you can say. His ability wasn’t his only weapon, but sauve overlapped it as it won him out of many sticky situation. Except for this one.

    Noah proceed to up his interrogation methods by punching him and then slapping him several times making Zuzanna uneasy as some blood got on her shirt. Camillia didn’t care, and neither did Elizabeth when she asked to help out. Noah told her no of course and continued his ‘method’.

    “Where are they? Where are the rest of the rogues?” Said Noah

    “Go to hell. Fuck face.” Clyde replied spitting out blood.

    Noah then kicks Clyde while still tied up in the chair to the ground and proceeded to place a damp rag over his face. He drags Clyde over to the faucet and ran water over his face until he decided to give in.

    Noah punch him again, which made Zuzanna intervene begging Noah stop. Clyde notices this, Zuzanna defending him, he decided to not be a hard ass anymore and just tell Noah where his former group would be heading next. Even though Noah didn't trust him, he had no choice but. It was his only lead. He then cleaned up Clyde and placed in under the care of the Angels until he would return from making an important call. The Angel along with Clyde in their custody remained in the warehouse until Noah returned.

    Upon leaving, Noah went to a nearby payphone making a quick call to The Company, informing them that he has a lead on the rogues. After speaking with him, Noah hears strange moans coming from behind a dumpster. He ends the call, hanging up the phone and slowly reaching for his M9 pistol in his coat pocket. He slowly approaches the dumpster where the strange noises are coming from. Readying his firearm, Noah slowly peaks around the corner of the dumpster only to find something terrible.

    Back inside, The Angels are still serving as warden to their captive. Clyde chatters with Zuzanna speaking in her native tongue as if he were trying to earn her trust or if he just really taken a liken to her as Zuzana has to him.

    “Jak się masz” Clyde said,

    “Dobrze, dziękuję” Zuzanna replied.

    Elizabeth steps in, reminding Clyde that he is still a prisoner. Using her ability to lift him up and move him within sight so that he won’t try anything funny. Really if he wanted to escaped, he could have just used his power to cut through the handcuffs like butter and make his way out of there. He would have to get past a telekinesis user, an acid spewer and a fire manipulator. He wasn’t going anywhere, Clyde wasn’t an idiot.

    An hour has past, with still no sign from Noah, making Elizabeth impatient. On the verge of going out there to find Noah herself Camilia stops her and points to the window with the blood hands constantly rubbing against the dusty windows. Moans are then heard from outside where the hands were, gaining everyone's attention.

    “What the hell is that?” Elizabeth said walking slowly towards the window with a bloody handprint which dripped all the way down .

    As soon as she got closer, the moans stop and there completely. When she was but a few inches away a zombie like being scratched against the glass violently, attempting to force it’s way inside. Elizabeth is started and accidentally uses her ability to push the being away breaking the glass in the process. Other creatures just like the one she just dealt with picked up where their fallen left off. All attempting to force their way through the window at the same time.

    “They’re here! Shit!” Clyde terrified as if he encountered these creatures before.

    The Angels then take action, using their abilities to counter these creatures, denying them access to this warehouse. Another noise could be heard behind them, the sound of the warehouse door open. Zuzanna turns around to the cringey noises of the old door opening and prepares to scorch whatever emerges. It is Noah, who has just survived an attack from the creatures. The Angels were relieved to see him alive, and assumed he was aware of the situation.

    “We need to get up on higher ground, I have a plan! Grab Clyde and let’s go!” Noah as he opens the pathway that leads the the second floor and rooftop.

    Camila grabbed Clyde who was begging Noah to allow him to help assist him with the ‘zombies’. Which made Noah suspicious. Clyde knew about these creatures and never bothered to bring them up, not even a warning. Clyde retorted that the subject never was brought up, and afterwards, one of the zombies made it through and set its sight on Zuzana. Noah fired several rounds into the zombies chest but it didn't do much it keep on coming.

    Clyde then used his ability to weave a wave of red energy to decapitate it, finally stopping it.

    “Aim for the head next time. So are you going to trust me now?” Clyde asked.

    As more of the zombies prepared to pour in a decision had to be made, NOW.

    [Place Clyde back in cuffs, go with Noah's plan]

    [Trust Clyde, go with his plan.]

  • [Trust Clyde, go with his plan.]

    I hope this isn't a mistake. I don't think we can trust him. Not one bit, but in this case something is better than nothing and I don't really think Noah knows what he's doing with these things.

    Great part!

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 2 Noah and the Angels brought Clyde to a secure unoccupied building where they would interrogate him for the information on his f

  • [Trust Clyde, go with his plan.]

    I think he seems like the man with a plan after all ;)

    On a side note, after changing the my character's power and whole character in general, I think he'll be ready to submit soon :D

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 2 Noah and the Angels brought Clyde to a secure unoccupied building where they would interrogate him for the information on his f

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    [Trust Clyde, go with his plan.]

    Nice Polish by the way :-))

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 2 Noah and the Angels brought Clyde to a secure unoccupied building where they would interrogate him for the information on his f

  • Name: Stanford ‘Stan’ Brody. (Adopted name. Real name is a tight secret he tells no one.)

    Age: 18.

    Gender: Male.

    Occupation: Doctor.

    Country of Origin: America.

    Backstory: Stanford was born in Texas at some point in time—he keeps that a secret from everyone. He often lets on that he has fought in world war two under the name he uses today, but doesn’t ever mention if he has fought in earlier wars. Stanford grew up in various homes around the world, he can confirm that his family traveled a lot around the whole world. Stanford had a lot of time to age mentally over the course of many years. Keeping his death-counter at a low five times in his life up until he decided to serve as an army doctor in the gulf war. There he died about five more times and raised several questions about his disappearances and supposed deaths. Eventually he was sent home after his service, he considered reenlisting at lot of the time but ultimately sided against it. With his decades of medical knowledge, he decided to become a doctor and soon became rather well known for his surgical talents. But when his agelessness begins to raise a few too many questions, he knows it’s time to move on to another occupation in other places. Often sticking with being a doctor, he has also been a fireman, police officer, he’s been in the peace corps. He’s especially helped during deadly pandemics, such as viral outbreaks in more isolated places like africa, where not many as questions arise. Since doing anything for a long time can make it boring, he often looks for a greater meaning in life beyond just working as a doctor or other various jobs. Saving lives is good and all, but it started to make him feel like nothing more was being accomplished. So he tries to do a greater deeds and now attempts to help people a little more directly. Settling for the time being in New York to find a larger concentration of people in need of help. For the first time, he tried out being a vigilante. Having been physically healthy and strong most of his life, it was just a matter of learning fighting techniques. He doesn’t like provoking violence, but definitely comes to defend victims with… brutal ass-kickings that he ensure do not result in death. He even goes as far to revive the criminals with his medical knowledge to make sure they receive proper punishment.

    Appearance: Stanford’s left eye is blue and his right is green. He has dirty blond hair that’s consistently messy, although he’s never reluctant to comb it if ever asked, or appearing for a former gathering. Stanford normally wears a black overcoat and a white dress shirt beneath that.

    Personality: Stanford has a deep moral compass. Since he cannot die, he doesn’t like to hold grudges. He’ll often forgive people who have hurt him in the past if it was only him that they harmed. If an innocent person or someone close to him was harmed or even killed he would definitely attempt to teach the killer (or attacker) a lesson. Although he prefers to teach them a lesson, if, let’s say, a serial killer continued his serial killer-ways even after a stern talking to, he wouldn’t hesitate to stop them for committing any further crimes, but killing them. If it’s someone he partially loathes he’ll actually haunt them by coming back again and again until he finds a way to exposed them to the police and get themselves caught. Of course, he’d rather not kill anyone, and has to this day never killed a single person. He believes, being immortal, that if he cannot die it probably isn’t the best idea to kill anyone, since he thinks that you can’t come back from that easily. He likes to keep it that way, but has had his fair share of times where he wanted to kill partially evil people. All in all, he likes to spectate a lot of things. He’s served in several wars as a doctor. Only fighting to save lives rather than the alternative. Even though he’s much older than seventeen, he believes he stopped aging around seventeen, but thinks of himself as eighteen. While some might think of eternal life as a curse, he stands firmly, considering it a gift. He’s helped so many people in his time, he can see past the negatives of not dying. As said before he likes to spectate, he’ll definitely have moral talk with a super villain since he knows he cannot die, and the villain usually knows it’s not worth trying to kill him. He often indulges in the company and looks for their reason to do such things.

    Superhuman Ability: Immortality. If he dies, he just sorta wakes up somewhere else. With the same appearance and the same clothing. Though sometimes they're a little bloodstained and cut up.

  • [Trust Clyde, go with his plan.]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 2 Noah and the Angels brought Clyde to a secure unoccupied building where they would interrogate him for the information on his f

  • [Trust Clyde, go with his plan.]
    Just...dont let him die, he will be thankful^^

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 2 Noah and the Angels brought Clyde to a secure unoccupied building where they would interrogate him for the information on his f

  • [Trust Clyde, go with his plan.]

    MasterStone posted: »

    Chapter 2 Noah and the Angels brought Clyde to a secure unoccupied building where they would interrogate him for the information on his f

  • edited September 2015

    And... voting closed with a unanimous decision

    (!)****Noah trusts Clyde in this dire moment since Clyde knew about the 'Zombies' and their weaknesses. Making their way up to the second floor of the warehouse, Clyde comes up with a plan that will take all the zombies down under, in aslightly crispy. If the option to not trust Clyde was chosen, he would've remained in handcuffs and Noah would have went with his plan which would have been successful, with a cost.

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