Is HoloJack more real then Handsome Jack?

All through Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack seemed ... well insane. I mean Legitimately psychopathic. I'm talking about if i had to use a real world equivalent, a tribal who rapes an virgin child to cure his aids and believes he did her a favor. Jack legitimately did not seem to understand right from wrong at all. Holo Jack on the other Hand seems more Sociopathic, He knows right from wrong, he has moral limits, but for the most part he doesn't give a crap. Which basically makes him an ass yeah, evil sure, but a legitimate villain unlike borderlands 2 which made as much sense as the joker saying "do i look like a guy with a plan just because i managed to get arrested at the same place with a guy who i sewed a bomb inside orchestrated attempted assassinations and such im not a guy with a plan those just i ... wanted.. them ..too" and "Nobody panics if everythings going according to plan...unless it's my plan." Both of which made me want to smash my brains in with a gold brick wrapped around a slice of lemon. Every time Jack said something Borderlands 2 i had to pause my game until my urge to punch the sheer willfull insanity out of him left me. But Holojack doesn't invoke that rage he's another character with his own shit. Vallory is more closer to borderlands 2 jack but she legitimately makes sense.


  • That's because he's the 'villain' in BL2 and as such we only get to see one side of him (AKA the crazy side). We don't get any behind-the-scenes glances at his thought processes/feelings/relationships, just how he chooses to present himself over our ECHOs. Just because we (aka the BL2 Vault Hunters) didn't get to see much depth of character doesn't mean it wasn't there.

    I think it's a similar thing with TPS - because we're working with Jack we get to see him in a completely new light.

  • The Joker was chaos for chaos’ sake, Jack has always had a grand plan and is anti-chaos. Vallory would be what you could consider a classic sociopath. She is only in it for what she can get out of it, and can maintain a level of personal control Jack never had.

    Jack is borderline, if you were going to put a tag on him for classification sake. He is narcissist of course, and psychotic. He also has a full range of emotions that he covers up with his bravado. However, what I get from it anyway, is Jack is also a man forever trying to prove everyone that is more that the abandoned, abused, disgusting, code monkey everyone made him out to be. In Tales we get to see a Jack who is getting to thumb through the book of his life and reflecting on the legacy that he left behind, and finding it is lacking.

    Then again I could be totally wrong and Jack is just an ass.

  • Obviously is more real, Telltale Games make the more realistic characters than any other video game's developer.

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    Obviously is more real, Telltale Games make the more realistic characters than any other video game's developer.

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