The walking dead interactive story for the walking dead (based of the game universe) reimaged

Basically i need your custom survivors names,ages,what type of weapon your survivors prefer oh yeah also what gender they are obviously xD but there are 2 i have picked from the game i picked Vince (400 days) and Eddie from (400 days) also i what i meant by interactive is you choose what happens to your character but Vince is the group leader EDIT: i'm back and ready now sorry for the wait. I've created 3 of my own custom Survivor

Name: Jak
Age: 21
Weapons: Glock 17, M4a1 (auto/Single fire), and a machete

Appearance's (both of them):

Family: Jacx (Brother)

Name: Jacx
Weapon Golden m9 Beretta, (THIS IS FROM CSGO LOL) Flip Knife Tiger Tooth,Darton Archery Crossbow

Weapon: Machete, AK47
Picture of her will be in the downloadable file of all the picture (optional)

*Note This Takes Place Directly After The Season 2 Kenny Ending. (when you leave with him.)

Other Peoples survivor that im using

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Oh hell yeah. I am so in.

Name: Kirsten Howell

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Weapon: Hunting knife (placed in a holster that straps around the right thigh), Smith & Wesson 6" revolver model of 1955.

Family: Claire Howell

Yeah, she looks like Lara Croft. Just, you know, not the boobs.

Name: Claire Howell

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weapon: Silver baseball bat, Smith & Wesson pocket knife.

Family: Kirsten Howell

Facial Appearance: Very similar to Kirsten's, has a lighter shade of brown, cut down to her shoulders and straight.

Both have amber eye color.

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Name: Irvin Brown

Age: 9

Weapon: Kitchen Knife

Gender: Male

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