Walking Dead S3 fantasy fiction plan

Hello all. I need your creative help.

For the last couple of months I've been trying to create a fantasy scenario Season 3 based on my chosen ending of Jane and letting the family in.
Clementine wants to start something at Howe's and is reunited with some familiar faces plus makes new acquaintances later on. What follows is a slow recovery, coping, a treasure hunt for a warehouse of supplies and a large bandit group whom wants to take Howe's for themselves. But Clementine is not going to give up without a fight.

FYI the returning faces are Christa, Bonnie, Mike and Lilly. Any haters of these characters, I would ask you nicely to refrain from any ill comments.
I have locations planned out and being a firearms enthusiast, and keeping continuity of the years in check, I believe I have something. But I've gotten writers block from time to time and I like some help on filling some of my tales gaps or give input on what you would like to see (and no seeing any of the name above killed is NOT an option).

From Ep 1-3 Clementine is recovery from the events of S2 and tries to patch things up with fellow survivors. Ep 4 is the treasure hunt and Episode 5-6 will lead to a fight for Howe's and I thought of (when I get to it) a multiple ending type thing as well.

So please, will you help a fellow creative fan out?

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