The Walking Dead: Elimination Game! Round 2, Match 1, 2 and 3 released!

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So, this is going to be a cute little tournament kind of thing where you can choose between two characters. For example, Dee vs The Stranger, or whatever, and if Dee got 5 before the Stranger, than she would be eliminated and the Stranger would move onto the next round. I'm not going to include Lee and Clementine, as they're the main protagonists and will no doubt win.

In order for someone to be eliminated, 1 character out of the 3 matches must of reached 5 votes. Whomever recieved the higher amount of votes will be eliminated from each pair.




Match 1: Sarita .vs. Tyler

Match 2: Sarah .vs. Victor

Match 3: Rebecca .vs. Anna Correa

Dead: Buricko, Omid, Shawn, Katjaa, Boyd, Beatrice, Jolene, Roman, Leland, Winston, Clive, Joyce, Dr. Logan, Reggie, Danny St. John, Andrew St. John, The Stranger, Vernon, Diana, Hershel Greene, Troy, Carver, Hank, Roberto, Andre, Brenda St. John, Mark, Lowell, Ralph, Walt, Chet, Jean, Vera, Ben, Ed, Nate, Maud, Michelle, Tavia, David Parker, Stephanie



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