The Walking Dead: After The Rain Part 2

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The trance is fading away and the sound of the crowd grows louder. Clementine slowly opens her eyes and examines herself. Holding a hammer while being covered in fresh and rotten blood. Damien slowly approaches her, sickle in hand.

  • Damien: That was...spectacular.

Clementine feels dizzy. Noticing how this is a possible sign of fatigue, Christa gets up from the bleachers to run to her, only to be stopped by one of Damien's goons.

  • Christa: Get the hell out of my way!
  • Goon: Sit down, lady. 'Less you wanna be next.

Damien gestures to him.

  • Damien: It's okay. Let her through.
  • Goon: ...For real?
  • Damien: Yes, "for real." Darling, little Clementine's earned it. Now let her through and if you question me again, it'll be you tied to the pole next time.

The goon calmly obeys Damien's orders and stands aside. Christa, followed by Rachel, run quickly into the arena. Just as Clementine is about to drop on her knees, Christa is there to catch her before softly lying her down on her back.

  • Christa: Shit! Clem! Clem, can you hear me?
  • Rachel: Is she gonna be okay?! Oh my God, Clementine! Answer us!

Clementine is conscious, but her efforts in the arena have left completely exhausted. She's breathing steadily with her eyes closed shut. Damien, with his back turned to the girls, is chuckling while lighting a cigar. Rachel notices.

  • Rachel: I can't believe you'd do something like this to a little girl.

Damien turns around and subtly walks towards Rachel.

  • Damien: Hey, she's alive. Isn't she? Best is, she did it all on her own. You should be happy.
  • Clementine: ...E....El...
  • Christa: Clementine! Are you alright?!
  • Clementine:
  • Rachel: Clem?
  • Clementine:

Enraged by all that's happened, Christa stands up and faces Damien. Rachel leans in to watch over Clementine

  • Christa: Where...Is...My..Baby?
  • Damien: (chuckles) Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. You are the mother. Well, how do I explain this...Despite what Scarlett said, you'll at least get time to maybe hold him for a few minutes at least before she quickly takes him away from you. Cool?

Christa angrily walks towards Damien, to which which he quickly responds raising the sickle right in front of Christa, stopping her in her tracks. The crowd gasps and even cheer Damien own to slay Christa. He just calmly shakes his head.

  • Damien: Mm-mmm. Not today. Come on now, you've got a girl that needs help right now. Worry about her instead.

Christa looks down and turns her head away from Damien.

  • Christa: (in tears)...I just want him back....

Rachel gets up and walks to Damien.

  • Rachel: Eliza. My Dad. Where are they?

Before she can hear the rest of the conversation go on, Clementine slowly drifts into unconsciousness.


Clementine opens her eyes and finds herself lying on a couch. Christa is kneeling down beside her. She gives her an apple.

  • Christa: Here you go, Clem.
  • Clementine: I?
  • Marcus: Clementine!

Clementine sees both Marcus and Rachel heading towards her and Christa. She looks around and sees she's inside a large room with a carpeted pink floor. Sleeping bags cover it, but it looks like her group is the only one in the room. Parallel to the couch is a window.

  • Clementine: Marcus...? (gasps)

She quickly sits up on the couch.

  • Clementine: Where's Eliza?
  • Marcus: ...Fuck. I was hoping you could tell me.

Clementine notices Marcus' face is full of cuts and bruises.

  • Clementine: What happened to you?
  • Marcus: His thugs got to me. Don't worry, it's nothing serious.
  • Christa: (presents apple) Here.
  • Clementine: (she takes it) Thank you.

Rachel walks to Clementine.

  • Rachel: When was the last time you saw her?
  • Clementine: At the church. Damien took her somewhere. I thought she'd be here...
  • Marcus: Goddamn it. We gotta her and the baby and get the fuck out of this place.
  • Christa: Well, just how are we going to do that? Where would we even start?
  • Marcus: ...I don't know. I don't fucking know. But there's gotta be something. There's always something.

Clementine hears the sound of the door slowly creaking. Devin's peaking his head through the crack.

  • Devin: Is she awake yet?
  • Marcus: Yeah...

Devin softly closes the door and walks to the group. Clementine is confused.

  • Clementine: Wait, what--
  • Christa: He brought us to this room after you passed out. He was going to tell us something, but only after you woke up.
  • Marcus: (to Devin) And now that she's finally awake, what do you want?

Devin scratches the back of his head before taking a shaky, nervous sigh.

  • Devin: kids you were talking about? I saw them after dropping off Clementine.
  • Christa: Where are they?!
  • Devin: ...I saw Scarlett and two other guys take them into the woods. From what they've told me, there are a couple of abandoned cabins far away in there, near a lake.
  • Rachel: Why would they bring them there?
  • Devin: I don't know and...I really don't want think about what they can possibly be doing to them this second.
  • Christa: Oh God...

Suddenly, someone's knocking on the door.

  • Thug: Hey! What's going on in there?!

Everyone looks to the door, startled.

  • Devin: (to Clementine) Shit! I forgot! Look, just stand up.
  • Clementine: What?
  • Christa: What's going on?
  • Marcus: Did you fucking set us up?!
  • Devin: Clementine, just get up! Trust me!

Clementine follows along and gets on her feet.

  • Devin: (shouting) C'MERE!!

Devin grabs her by her hair.

  • Clementine: OW!!
  • Christa: What the fuck?!
  • Devin: (whispering) Sorry! Just follow my lead!!

The Thug opens the door, pistol in hand and walks over to Devin. He's Caucasian, same height as Devin, and sports camouflage attire. He doesn't look to happy.

  • Devin: Breyer, relax.
  • Breyer: What the bloody fuck took you so long?
  • Devin: I had to wait for her to wake up, remember?
  • Breyer: Hmph. (to Christa, Marcus, and Rachel) You three are coming along with us. Damien's got a little proposition for you all.
  • Rachel: Wh-what does he want with us?
  • Breyer: Well, that's why we're up here telling you to follow us to the gym so he can tell you. Dipshit.
  • Marcus: Mind your fucking tongue, kid. That's my daughter you're talking too.
  • Breyer: I'm the one with the gun. I say whatever the hell I want, and I'm telling you to move your asses to the gym.

Marcus reluctantly complies and everyone proceeds to the gym. Devin is still holding Clementine by her hair in order to shrug off any sort of suspicion.

They arrive at the gym and see that the bleachers are empty. Damien, without his mask on, is standing in the middle of the court, waiting to greet them. Once they're in front of him, Devin finally let's go of Clementine. Damien notices.

  • Damien: Maybe next time, use a leash.
  • Devin: (uncomfortable chuckle) Heh-heh.
  • Damien (to the group) Now, we've got a bit of a problem. During the raid, our gunfire drew attention to a lot of walkers. Despite our best efforts to fend them off, we've ended up losing some people. So, the best course of action is to hunt down and kill every walker within our proximity. Since there are four of you, you will be split up and put into a group.

Damien slow walks to Marcus.

  • Damien: How about you and Clementine go with...Breyer?
  • Marcus: I'm not leaving my daughter alone with you.
  • Damien: Oh don't worry. Her and Christa will be going with Devin. You saw how he nearly dragged Clem here, so imagine what he's gonna do to your kid if she acts out.

Marcus remains silent.

  • Damien: Tell you what. I'm feeling in the generous mood right now. Why don't you all go sleep in the church tonight?
  • Marcus: ...I'm not seeing how this is you being generous.
  • Damien: (shrugs) Hey, maybe you like the company of some fucking fairy tale character conceived thousands of years ago by a bunch petty whiners to watch over you. I don't know. ...Or everyone else can sleep in the church and you can stay here...with Breyer.

Marcus looks over his shoulder and sees Breyer glaring at him while twirling a knife with his fingers.

  • Marcus: ...Fine, I'll go.
  • Clementine: Wait!

Damien looks over to Clementine.

  • Damien: Next time don't speak unless you're spoken to. Obviously something your parents must've been too stupid to teach you.

Clementine feels hurt for a little bit, but she quickly shrugs it off to ask her question.

  • Clementine: Can you...please tell me where Eliza and Junior are?

Damien smirks and slowly walks to Clementine. He puts his hand on her shoulder.

  • Damien: ...In time.
  • Christa: (in tears) Go to hell.

Damien looks at Christa.

  • Damien: (sighs) Get them out of my sight. Breyer, Devin, come see me after your done.


Everyone is sleeping near the altar inside the church. While Rachel and Marcus are fast asleep comforting holding each other, Clementine and Christa are still awake and sitting up. Clementine checks the magazine inside her gun and sees she has two bullets left.

  • Christa: Please be careful with that.
  • Clementine: I know.

Christa's leaning back on the wall, hugging her knees.

  • Christa: You know, I still think about him.

This gets Clementine's attention.

  • Christa: I remember when we first met in college. He asked me out for a coffee and he just wouldn't shut up about civil war history. Next thing I know, we're living together, travelling together, and we're talking about having our own...

Christa looks at Clementine.

  • Christa: Was he okay?
  • Clementine: ...What?
  • Christa: Junior. Was...the...the last time you saw him. Was he happy? Was he warm?

Clementine nods her head.

  • Clementine: All he was missing was you.
  • Christa: (slightly chuckle) ...I know.

Christa lies down on her side feeling drowsy.

  • Christa: I have to find him, Clementine. I have to find him, and just...go.
  • Clementine: ...Go where?

Before Clementine can get an answer, Christa quickly falls fast asleep. Clementine puts her gun into her backpack and gets into her sleeping bag. Before she can snuggle up, she notices Eliza's brown jacket on the front pew. She quietly gets up and goes over to grab it. She walks back to her sleeping bag and sits down. She examines the coat and finds some things hidden inside the pocket.

The first is a previously wet photograph of Eliza and her parents. She's standing in the middle holding out a peace sign while her parents are standing by her side and have a hand on her shoulder. Her dad's face his been ripped out. Clementine turns the photo around and finds nothing but blank.

The second item Clementine finds is a letter, previously wet like the photo. She opens it up and sees some hand writing.

Dear Mommy,

I know this is something I should talk to you about, but I'm just too scared to say, because I'm afraid you'll be mad at me when I tell you. The night when we lost Dad...was a very scary night. I told Mr. Rob and the other grown-ups I shot him by accident, because I was trying to get rid of the monster that was about to eat him. But the truth is Mom, it wasn't an accident.

I hated Dad and I hated him for what he did to you and I just wanted it all to stop. I wanted him to go away forever. I still feel horrible about what I did, but I swear it was only to keep him from hurting you anymore!

Why Mommy? Why couldn't you have just told everyone about him? They would've been able to do something about it and we wouldn't have to worry anymore. It would've been easier for me and you.

I don't know how long you want us to stay here but if it's forever, I'm happy. I've made a lot of new friends. One of them's my age and she's pretty much my bestie!

But I just want you to know that I will be here for you and I will make sure no one ever hurts you again. I don't want to think about losing ever.

I love you,


Clementine turns the letter around and sees some more writing, but it looks like someone else wrote it.


Find me after they say your free to leave the tent. We'll talk afterwards.

I love you too, baby girl,



The story continues in Thicker Than Water.


  • Trying to sneak in the next part without my knowing, eh? Nice try :p

  • I was out on vacation, but I'm back to feed you more material. Thicker Than Water's gonna be a long one.

    And by the way, I posted this part just before December. Not the best I've done, for sure, but I gotta admit I was quite surprised no one even commented since then.

    Viva-La-Lee posted: »

    Trying to sneak in the next part without my knowing, eh? Nice try

  • Yeah I didn't even know it was up or I would have been here long before I was. It's not the longest or most riveting section of your tale, but it's still good. Can't wait for Thicker Than Water!

    I was out on vacation, but I'm back to feed you more material. Thicker Than Water's gonna be a long one. And by the way, I posted this pa

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