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Welcome to my first hosted forum game! In this game, there will be 12 players, with 6 partnerships. There will be dangerous events that range from knowledge to survival of the fittest, and it doesn't stop there. Test of Fate also has deception and betrayal, as well as many twists and turns along the way. Oh, and yes, there will be zombies involved!

The Host

The Host (Me) is a crazy and sadistic albeit smart man who has captured you all and is now forcing you to fight for your life for his own entertainment.

Key Components

Goal: Get up to 30 points and/or become the last man (Or pair) standing!

Points: There will be events hosted all of the time as the game goes on, which will have you on the edge of your seat and fearing for your own lives! Depending on the risk level and importance of the event, points could go up to 1 to 10! It all depends on your own performance.

Performance: In the events, no matter what they are, you will be graded on your performance, or in other words, the resources that you use and the choices that you make. This will determine how many points you will receive for each event!

Partnerships: Since there will be 12 of you, there will be 6 pairs of people. You will be able to choose who you partner up with. But choose wisely, you never know what they have up their sleeves. It's all about putting your trust in one person, or it may cost you your life. Partners will also come in handy, as they can help you get through tight positions. In some moments, you may not be able to survive if you have no partner.

Broken Pairs: If your partner dies or betrays you, you're allowed to partner up with another person that has also lost their partner, making a new pair.


Supplies: During events, you may get lucky and find some supplies along the way. You will be able to bring some supplies with you while on danger events (Food, water, weapons, medicine) They will help with your survival. It's up to you who gets what supplies between you and your partner.

Event Passes: You will receive an event pass if you win a fight and show mercy or win a knowledge event/test. These will allow you to not participate in an event of any kind if you wish with no consequences.


Knowledge: For some events, or "tests" you will be graded on your knowledge of the story as it goes along up until that point. Such as if The Host says something about where he lives earlier on in the story, you may get a question like "Where did The Host live?" And so on. Winning this Event will give you an Event Pass.

Danger: Varying from athletics, persuasion, to just plain old fighting and defending, you will constantly be in immediate danger in these Events. It all depends on the choices you make that decide whether you will survive.

Teams: Some events will have you teaming up with other partnerships, whether you are enemies or not. Either way you look at it, you're probably going to need to cooperate to survive.

Voting: At some points in the game, you will be asked to vote out one person in the game (It can even be your own partner if you desire to get rid of them) Why you are voting will not be specified. You could be voting for your enemy to get stronger unknowingly, or you could be voting for them to die a horrible death. It all depends on luck.


Alliances: Only two pairs are allowed to team up for an alliance, so only 4 people can be an entire team.

Betrayal: If you wish to betray your own partner, you must PM me first. Once I answer and confirm it, you may do as you please. You can just flat out leave with your partnerships supplies, hold them hostage, or even knock them out. However, you are not allowed to kill them while betraying them until you have fully completed the betrayal.

Fights: You can have fights with other people, as long as no events are going on. You will not gain any points from winning a fight, although you will gain some supplies for yourself and your partnership. You also have the option to show mercy to your opponent, which will give you an automatic Event Pass. Whether you win or lose the fight will be based on what you choose to do and how many points you have at that point.


The Hub: The Hub is a place where you can talk freely with any other survivors. This is where you may form alliances and discuss things.

Houses: Each partnership will be given a small house with two beds. This is where you will manage your supplies and discuss your plans amongst yourselves. You may also discuss you plans and strategies in PMs.

Town Central: News for Events and such will be announced by The Host here when it is necassary.

Survivors/ Partnerships

@TWD_25 (7 POINTS) and @ayylmao (7 POINTS)

@supersagig (3 POINTS) and @NoHopeLeft (3 POINTS)

@Lehfeels (2 POINTS) and @SuperChocoLatte (2 POINTS)

@Saltlick123 (2 POINTS) and @LiquidChicagoTed (2 POINTS)

@FauDeef (2 POINTS) and @Purugly (2 POINTS)

@InGen_Nate_Kenny (2 POINTS) and @PuhChewyChomp (2 POINTS)

@Poogers555 (2 POINTS) and @zachiscool3 (2 POINTS)

See you down there, survivors!



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