Interactive fanfiction: Story of proud Gryphon

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This is story of house Gryff. House Gryff is sworn to House Hornwood. Their seat castle Branch lays at river Broken Branch. This is story of firendship, love, betreyal and power.
Story starts before season 1, during reign of King Robert.

POV characters:
At Branch: Galbart Gryff, Jon Gryff, Maester Olivar , Zoran Sand

At Hornwood: Lord Halys Hornwood, Lady Donnela Manderly, Lord Gregor Gryff

At Ramsgate: Lord Robin Ramsgate


Prolog - ongoing

Act 1: Wise old man

Act 2: Fall of Gryphons

Act 3: Living in ashes

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In this story your decision will determine what happens.
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    Prológ – Maester Olivar

    It was day as any other. Courtyard of castle Branch was alive with all kinds of sound. Villagers were coming with their harvest. After all it is as Starks use to say, Winter is coming. Soldiers were training under careful eye of Zoran Sand. He has served as master at arms for House Gryff. Lord Gregor brought him from Dorne after Robert´s rebellion. He is fierce warrior and respectable commander. He and Lord Gregor are good friends and Zoran is respected memeber of house Gryff.

    Old maester Olivar was at the rookery. He was bald, with small white beard, for his age he is still healthy and walking isnt problem. He was thinking for a while about his life. He sill remembered the day when he came to Branch to serve Lord Garwan Gryff. He was young then and he finished his study at Citadel. He never wanted to serve to northern house. He wanted to stay at his father´s keep, but destiny had different plan. His father decided to marry his daughter Visenia to Gregor Gryff and as it happened old maester at Branch has died so he was sent to serve there. At least he was by his sister´s side, he used to tell himself. Years went by and here he was, he watched destruction of his house, later his sister died after she gave life to her second son. Since then he was looking out for her sons. Suddenly he was back in rookery. Raven arrived from Lord Halys Hornwood. He was in hurry to bring latter to lord Gregor. He stopped before lord Gregor´s study. He could hear lord Gregor and his son argue. Galbart Gryff was eldest son of lord Gregor. His father made him castellan of Branch. He was eighteen years old with black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. He was strong and atheltic. After they finished their argument Galbart stormed away. Maester Olivar has knocked on the door and entered to the study. Lord Gregor was sitting behind the desk. His black hair had first signs of grey. He had thick black beard. His eyes were grey and tired. He wore dark green shirt with golden gryphon on it. „What news do you bring me, maester?“ Lord Gregor asked. „It is a latter from lord Halys, my lord.“ said maester and came closer to the table. „Read!“ said Gregor. Maester Olivar had nodded silently and started to read.

    „Lord Gregor,“ it started „You are ordered to come at Hornwood.“ signed „Lord Halys Hornowood.“

    Maester finished reading the latter and put it on the table. „Do you wish to make arrangements for the journey, my lord?“ he asked. „Yes. Is there anything else I should know about?“ said Gregor. He looked intense, it was clear that he was still angry from discussion with his son. „There is something you should know about, my lord.“ said maester Olivar. „A few villagers came here today. They claim their houses were raided.“ maester finished. „By who? Who dares to attack my people?“ asked Gregor suspecting the answer. „They ... They claim it was men of Lord Robin.“ maester answered. Lord Robin, lord of Ramsgate. They didnt get along with Gregor. Actually you could easily say that they were sworn enemies. Lord Robin has hated Gregor for a long time. „I will deal with this after I return from Hornwood.“ said Gregor. „Make all important arangements, I wish to leave tomorrow morning.“ said Gregor. „As you wish, my lord.“ said maester. He bowed his head and was on his way to leave. When he stopped and asked: „Who do you wish to take with you to Hornwood, my lord. Should I note your son or master Zoran?“

    [Take Zoran to Hornwood] [Take Galbart to Hornwood] [Go alone] [Take both]

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  • go alone

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    Prológ – Maester Olivar It was day as any other. Courtyard of castle Branch was alive with all kinds of sound. Villagers were coming with

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  • [Take Zoran to Hornwood]

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    [Go Alone]

    Gregor Gryff

    „I will go alone.“ said Gregor. Maester bowed his head and left. Gregor was left alone for rest of the day. Next morning Gregor had woke up early. He dressed himself and went down to the stables. Strong black stallion was prepared. At the saddle was golden gryphon in red-green field that was sigil of house Gryff. He appointed Zoran as his regent. His younger son Jon didnt want him to go. „Dont worry, I will be back sooner than you think.“ said Gregor to his son and huged him. With these words he said goodbye and got on a horse.

    He was on the road all day. He knew that he wont reach Hornwood sooner than tomorrow. He ve tied his horse to the tree and decided start a fire. As he was looking for a wood, he heard voices. He checked his sword. It still hanged at his belt. Voices were coming from the bushes . He hid himself in the bushes and listened. „We are waiting here whole day, and for what.“ said first voice. „We were paid to wait for some lordling who should go this way and kill him.“ answered second voice. „We could spent this day at inn insead. Hell, maybe we ve missed him, or maybe he changed his plans.“ said first voice. Gregor had heard enough. He decided to return back to his horse. He untied his horse and galloped away. He didnt stop until he reached walls of Hornwood.

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    Ikr, I ve created this house name for RP purpouses long before Gryff was introduced.

    House Gryff

  • Robin Ramsgate

    Lord Robin was older man in his late fourties. His hair used to be brown but when first signs of grey started to show he ordered his servant to shave it off. He had deep blue eyes, small nose and short, thick, brown beard. There was nasty looking scar on his left cheek, gift from Robert´s rebellion. Once he used to be one of the strongest people at the north, but now he was simply fat. Lord Robin was at his bedroom. He was looking out of the window at the courtyard. His son have just returned from White Harbor. Harwin Ramsgate was squire to lord Manderly. A few days ago lord Robin asked lord Manderly to release his son from his duty as squire and let him return home. He did that after he imprisoned two men who killed a few of his villagers. When he was questioning them they had claimed to serve House Gryff. Doors has opened and his son Harwin was standing there. He huged his son. „I ve came as soon as I could father. What happened?“ asked his Harwin. „We need to talk, son. Immedietely.“ said Lord Robin. They went to his study. „Can you tell me what happened, father?“ asked Harwin, his voice sounded impatient. Lord Robin had told him about those two he managed to capture. „What do you plan to do father?“ asked Harwin. „First, we will send petition to lord Halys that we demand retribution for our people that were killed. Hundred gold dragons for each our villager. Second, you will ride to Branch with an escort and demand apology from Lord Gregor.“ said Lord Robin. „Are you sure that those men belong to House Gryff, father?“ asked Harwin. „They had admited to their crimes. Do you think anybody could lie after torture?!“ said Lord Robin. „No. I didnt mean to question you, father.“ said Harwin. „I will go prepare. How many men do we have?“ he added. „Two hundred.“ said Lord Robin. „I need just twenty.“ said Harwin and left his father´s study. Lord Robin has started to write petition to lord Halys.

    What kind of petition do you want to write? [Angry petition] [Dimplomatic petition]

  • [Dimplomatic petition]

  • [Angry petition]

    Robin Ramsgate Lord Robin was older man in his late fourties. His hair used to be brown but when first signs of grey started to show he o

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