Ween 09 Teaser

Boond you like to take a guess?

As for Strong Bad, He's just using a cardboard cutout to mask his shortness. Marzipan may as well be Velma Dinkley. JINKIES!


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    Coach Z looks like Cartwoman, or Bartman, or some manner of fairline or farx.
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    Maybe he looks almost like a variation of Mickey Mouse. Of course, for that to happen, he'd have to have the round ears. Maybe he's Chester Cheetah, spokescat for the Chee-Tos.
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    When I first opened the page I saw a few people in their costumes and not silhouetted, any chance of someone taking apart the flash file?

    EDIT: Nevermind, it seems the people at the HR wiki already did that. :)
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    When the wiki defiled it, they found a messege that said nice try Charly and a few costumes, so not much of a nice try.
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    Upon close inspection, I can try to interpret the following as the following:

    Strong Mad - Johnny Bravo. (Yeah, whatever.)
    The Poopsmith - Akuma/Gouki, or Shin Akuma/Shin Gouki (Street Fighter Series, he was previously M. Bison)
    Bubs - Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White), or Cleveland Brown (with his happy Black Guy Face, star of the Cleveland Show! Ha-ha-ha-ha!)
    The King of Town - Some Samurai or Alucard.
    Homsar - Either Harpo Marx, or Ronald McDonald, with a new hat. I'll have to go with Harpo.
    Pom Pom - What kind of character would wield a big sword, but the handle would be BELOW the shoulders?
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    Strong Mad is one of the "Money for Nothing" guys, and the King of Town kinda looks like Pyramid Head.
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    And maybe The Cheat is dreaming again!
    He's not Robin Hood, or Gungadin.
    He's not a Knight, or a King who's been crowned,
    He might just be plain old Muttley, the snickering hound!
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    strong bad looks like robocop!
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    But you KNOW he's not gonna appear in that shape, because he tries to hide his lameness.
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    Homestar looks like a women. or, with that thing producing from his chest, maybe thats a powdered wig and he's some historical guy. Y'know, that thing, that 1700s people have on their shirt.. or maybe i'm rambling nonsense. or both.
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    "HEY GUYS, I really like your covered-in-black-ink costumes!"
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    It was simple, nothing special, but... nice...
    -Nintendo boy1
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