Anyone remember this

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Nostalgia Think about this trailer and than everything else on the forum, tweets and finale Episode


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    Ah, the trailer that got me into the game, and the game that eventually got me into all 3 Borderlands games (albeit in reverse chronological order: BL2, TPS, recently started BL1). Nostalgia, indeed.

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    It's amazing how different had I thought about that trailer more than a year ago and now, today. Times goes and goes...

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    Never actually watched the first trailer, only watched the announcement trailer and then went right on to the first episode when it released.

  • Funny to see how times have changed. When this game was first announced, people had similar reactions to when Minecraft was announced; they thought that Borderlands fans would be 12 year old FPS kiddies and that Borderlands' story would be about nothing more than memes and guns. I'm glad to see that people have since come around in the end. :)

  • It really is crazy, if you want to feel even more nostalgic, I'd recommend watching Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead Season 2 trailers aswell.

  • Sob the Helios was still alive then....sob I loved that goddamn station...

  • Wow, I've never actually seen this. Cool!

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    That was a cool trailer when it first came out, i also remember seeing this trailer for the first time and being surprised as it was completely unexpected and wondering how Telltale could make a game based around Borderlands.

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  • Yeah, back when the Helios was still up the sky even in the present time. Good times, good times.

    Though I slightly prefer the "Welcome back to Pandora (again)" trailer which was released even few days before the trailer in the OP, because after watching it, I knew the game was gonna be awesome.


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    I wanna cry, it makes me emotional. (there's no sarcasm in this comment)

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    I wanna cry, it makes me emotional. (there's no sarcasm in this comment)

  • I liked how one of the trailers looked like a tv series

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