Destiny: New Blood - The Interactive Story PUT ON INDEFINITE HOLD

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This story will be set in the current time October 2631

Over the years mankind chose to expand and explore outside the boundaries of their little blue planet, known as Earth. First they traveled to the moon only to find nothing much beside a grey wasteland of craters. Then would eventually travel beyond the moon and final land on Earth’s far red neighbor, planet Mars.

When mankind sent their astronauts to the red planet they noticed something strange about its surface. It would appeared to be terraformed, possibly now able to sustain life. This fascinated them so they extended their exhibition of the planet until the came across something amazing. The astronauts discovered a massive machine in a shape of a sphere. It was resonating with light, its source of power as it terraformed them planet.

This discovery would change fate of mankind and would usher a new age for mankind itself dubbed the Golden age.

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As this machine, or the traveler terraformed other planets and moons beside the gas giants, it allowed mankind to spread their civilizations across the solar system. After the traveler completed its tasks, it would return to planet earth and sleep somewhere in Europe for an unknown reason.

Something also followed the traveler on its journey to our system. Could it been fleeing from this darkness and seeking some kind of sanctuary or protection..?

These few pages should give you a better understanding of the lore in this world and so on if you aren’t familiar within Destiny. There's a lot of lore in this game, but not much is required of this story. Keep in mind this an original story that will resolve around your characters and their choices.

The Golden Age:
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The Dark Age:
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The City Age:
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You are a guardian, brought back to life by a Ghost, a tasked to rid the solar system of the Darkness that followed the traveler along with other guardians. You must also defend the last city of humanity that forged during the dark age when the other cities in the system fell to Darkness.

Alliances will be forged, bonds will be broken and the fight of humanity will rest in your hands. Will you save it or lead it into annihilation?

Your legend is born here:


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    List of Guardians alive:

    • Vex
    • Blane
    • Sebastian "Shadow Spider" Kossuth
    • Emese "Shadow Viper" Kossuth
    • Naomi
    • Zoe "Everbright" Laskarina
    • Andrew "The Knight" Gates
    • Lord Árpád Kossuth
    • Arthur Vitéz Kossuth
    • Anita "The Guardian" Kossuth
    • Sólyom Raphael "Falcon" Kossuth
    • Beata Ildikó Kossuth
    • Francis Ákos Kossuth
    • Alejandro "Paladin" Kossuth
    • James Stark
    • Jonah Stark
    • Dawn-777
    • Roger "One-Eye" Black
    • Zeus-03
    • Helmi "Chief" Raag
    • Timea "Tomboy" Kossuth
    • Walter "Ace" Berger
    • Billy "The Farmer" Madison
    • Natasha Romanov

    List of Guardians deceased/Taken:

  • Please explain what (Awoken, Exo) are, please explain what (Hunter, Warlock, Titan) are

  • You can search it up on the Destiny wiki.

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    Please explain what (Awoken, Exo) are, please explain what (Hunter, Warlock, Titan) are

  • didn't notice the wiki link, thanks

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    You can search it up on the Destiny wiki.

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    Oh yes, your new story =) And Destiny sounds like an exciting topic. After you showed the picture in your last story, I only thought of Science Fiction, but Destiny is actually even better. I am very excited for this and I will try to write my characters down this weekend!

    By the way, if you wish to edit the main post of this story, follow this link, which only works for you as the thread creator:
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    Thank you, I was wondering why I was not able to edit, the topic in my last post.

    Oh yes, your new story And Destiny sounds like an exciting topic. After you showed the picture in your last story, I only thought of Scienc

  • Chapter 1

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    Out of all the worlds, it chose to visit us the Traveler. We still to this day wonder why the giant sphere of wonder decided to take shelter in our system. It brought something with it a gift that allowed mankind to travel beyond the Earth and form colonies elsewhere. With its gift came it's curse as something followed it. The Darkness, the enemy of the machine brought along terrors that destroyed our colonies and sent us in a dark age.

    We pulled in a corner during the fight against the Darkness. As it ripped apart our cities we forced to take shelter under the traveler, bathing within it’s light to strengthen our greatest warriors, the guardians.

    We were able to push back the Darkness then began to form a fortress, or a city. The very last one on earth. It took many years to construct it making it large enough to hold millions. Large housing areas in many space for agricultural development and farming. Everything we will need until we could find a way to take back our land from the invaders. The city was guarded by towers, the base where the many factions of the city that work with the guardians to protect it.

    This was what left of humanity after the battle, the collapse of the great age that the Traveler brought to us. We must protect it, guard it with out lives as a Guardian. It is our duty to take back our world and preserve the riches that the Travel has bestowed upon us.

    The Darkness refuses to give and abandon its motive to take the city and the Traveler. As it prowl and scrape among the walls of our fortress of solitude comes the time to bring in more recruits who had fallen long ago. A ghost, a tiny mech born of light and metal will fly from the nest to seek those worthy of taking up the responsibility. They will bathe in the light of the Traveler and become something the city needs, something humanity needs.

    Deep in the wilds of the Cosmodrome, a base in old Russia used to send people to the moon colonies and beyond is being scouted by Vex, and hunter sent by the Vanguard to investigate strange activities in the ruins of the old base within the Cosmodrome.

    She is prone on a rock that looks over a canyon. The waterfall beside her beautiful but is slightly annoying her with the rushing waves and splashing while she is scouting the horizon with her sniper. Something catches her eye. Vex spot a group of Eliksni or Fallen for short. They are insectoid like beings that came here along with the Darkness. They were one of the primary forces hellbent on taking the last city and the Traveler back.

    The Battle of the Twilight Gap, the most bloodiest battle the Last City ever face. If the other Fallen factions joined the battle the city would have surely fell that day. We lost so many good Guardians during that day, some of the survivors are still with us. Guiding new recruits through these lands so they can be prepared for another battle like before and maybe ensure that Fallen won’t even dare recover from the hellfire we would rain down upon them.

    Vex carefully watches as the group of Fallen pick away the rubble that is blocking a building. She looks at the text that is above the doorway. It is in Russian, it reads “Observatory Tower” then locks back on the Fallen who are already gone. They must have entered the building.

    She then contacts her handler from the Vanguard, Cayde-6 who informs her that the Fallen may have found something very important. It would be in their best interest to find and recover whatever they might have found. It could be some old relic of the old time or something that could strengthen their arsenal and put the city in further danger.

    Vex acknowledges uses her Ghost to summon her sparrow to travel across the valley in mere seconds. She makes her way towards the building and before she enters she stops and place a beacon several feet away just incase things go sour. She checks her weapon the carefully enter the building walking up a few stairs before making it inside.

    Vex now find herself in a small indoor courtyard with broken glass everywhere. There are three other pathways in the area and she is unfamiliar where to head next so she ask her ghost.

    “Hmm, we have a locked door ahead of us that I can open - effortlessly. A random hallway with blinking lights on the left and a pitch black hallway on the right.. Great…” The Ghost said to Vex.

    It was up to her to decide where should go next.

    [Hallway with blinking lights]

    [Have Ghost open door]

    [Hallway in complete darkness]

    Somewhere else within the Cosmodrome the Titan named Blane also on a mission for the Vanguard is casually cruising around a lake traveling along that paths paths of Windmills. He too was on scouting mission but he would immediately find himself in a firefight.

    A sniper hits Blane's sparrow causing it to malfunction and swurve unctronallbly. He jumps off before it explodes then lands out of sight from the Fallen who shot him. They are unable to fight them as they cautiously approach the area of the explosion armed with their alien weaponry.

    Before they can ever notices the whole group is caught in an inferno after being shot by a rocket from Blane’s rocket launcher. Satisfied by this he completely forget a lone Dreg who is fleeing from the sight likely going to warn more Fallen of what just happened but then begins to run after him in his full speed.

    He builds some momentum while blue lightning begins to form around his body and before the Dreg can spot him it is hit by Blane’s electrified fist and disintegrated. He brushes the dirt from his helmet and goes back to what he doing but…

    An Fallen ship dubbed a skiff descends down quickly from orbit to drop of a band of Fallen. The Dreg he recently killed must have sent out a distress beacon but Blane had a handful of ammunition for his rocket launcher left. It was good think he stacked up on dozen from the Tower before he left on this mission.

    The Fallen drops in guns blazing as they are hellbent on taking Blane out. While reloads his launcher the Fallen also have a launcher of their own whose rocket stick to a hard surface before the wielder lets go of the trigger to cause it to explode. The old car that Blane was hiding behind went up in flames and sent him flying into a pond.

    When he recovered his Ghost appeared and ask if he would like him to call his ship and send out a napalm to end this skirmish quickly. Thane thought it would be unnecessary to waste precious resources on something so small and less fun so he decided to try something more….vintage.

    Blane opens his inventory and quickly browse through his weapons.

    [Assault Rifle w/ armour piercing rounds & radar]

    [Handgun w/exploding rounds & quick reload]

    [Electric sword]

  • [Hallway with blinking lights]

    [Handgun w/exploding rounds & quick reload]

    They both seem to be basses so I think this choices will fit the situations.

    Glad to see you started new story already :-)

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    Chapter 1 Out of all the worlds, it chose to visit us the Traveler. We still to this day wonder why the giant sphere of wonder decide

  • Story is unfortunately put on an indefinite hold due to me suffering writers fatigue. Original I was going to wait awhile longer before I would start this but doing so I believe I failed to properly explain my vision and where I wanted to take this.

    I think it would be best for me to hold off until I can recover from difficulties from my previous story so I can make this more coherent and understand for anyone who haven't played this game. I may have to comeback with some help as I mainly focus on strong character development as I short of demonstrate in my past stories.

    I hope you all can understand, I hope to dive back into this someday but I need to figure somethings out beforehand. Thank for submitted some interesting character. Though I expected some of you haven't had a clue of the lore you made some very interesting origin stories. I thank you for that and hope to use them in this someday. Sorry if you feel they went to waste.

    Thank you again.

  • Ah, these are unfortunate news. I haven't yet submitted a character, but have made plans about one and would have done so right after voting on this part. I really enjoyed this introduction you gave, it made me very excited for the story. But I can understand you. This is your decision and I fully respect and support it, although I hope you'll get back to this story eventually. Until then, I'll certainly have some nice ideas for my characters :)

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    Story is unfortunately put on an indefinite hold due to me suffering writers fatigue. Original I was going to wait awhile longer before I wo

  • Oh damn, I have just found your new story and found out is is already put on hold. If you want to return to it then I will still be interested and I will read it for sure!

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    Story is unfortunately put on an indefinite hold due to me suffering writers fatigue. Original I was going to wait awhile longer before I wo

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