Telltale Batman Season 2

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Batman?,



  • It seems so judging by you know who at the end

  • I dunno but IT SHOULD because I love this game to death. I'm sure they didn't put the Joker at the end for no reason.

  • Yeah where's Season 2 Telltale? The game's not even out on Steam or mobile but I want a Season 2 right now!!! :P

  • Maybe it will take a while but I'm pretty sure they have some Plans.
    And with that ending...
    But we are Still waiting for Wolf Among Us Season 2 too...

    And Sam & Max Season 4. Of Course.

  • Season 2 needs to happen!

  • Let's just start adding 'WHERE BATMAN SEASON 2?!' alongside the Wolf/Borderlands/Minecraft ones on every video from Telltale on YT, shall we? :p

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