Do me a favor Telltale

Telltale could you PLEASE PLEASE.Make a season 2 of Back to the Future to explain that confused end.I'm begging you please


  • I pretend that the ending was Marty and Doc go home and spend time together with their families at dinner. Then when Doc is getting his coat on, he tells Marty if he is ready for his next adventure ? Marty looks worried and says "What's wrong now ?" then Doc says "Nothing at all my boy. Your next adventure is college. I have placed a college fund system for you. It will be donated to you anonymously by a wealthy family friend." Then Marty asks "Doc, I thought you said that time travel should never be used for money reasons." Then Doc says "Precisely I did, yet this is from my personal estate from the 19th century. It is gold and silver currency. You saved my life more than a few times and I want you and Jennifer to have a bright future as I'm sure you both will." he says with a wink. The multiple Marty scenario was lame in my opinion.

    In all honesty I wouldn't hold out for a season 2 nowadays as this series is fairly old as it is from 2009-2010.

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