The Walking Dead: FUBAR (private RP)

I apologise for this being private, if you want to be involved please message me. Accepted people include: (TBE).

It seemed a normal day. A quiet one. But soon after a woman died in Jason's care, all hell broke loose.
The apocalypse, something unheard of is now too very real. The undead feed on the living, the living cannot be trusted... what would YOU do?

Note: character forms are ONLY to be filled out using the following blank form. Do not post yet, those who are invited.


  • No posting still. Be aware that posts are NOT to be replied too, please. ONLY add comments if you please.
    Here's the form:


    Note - weaponry is PRE apocalypse, if you had any.

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    My main characters. Not so important characters of mine will be implemented as a reply to this post.

    Name: Jason (Jase) / Sophia
    Age: 26 / 22
    Gender: Male / female
    Looks: Brown, medium-length parted hair. Handlebar-style moustache-and-beard style combo and brown eyes. Darker complexion (e.g. Javier?) / Messy shoulder-length black hair. Hazel, almost golden eyes and a complexion similar to Omid's
    Clothing: Starts off with a plain black shirt with faded jeans and white slip-ons / starts off with a forest green shirt (with a black long sleeve underneath) with dark jeans and white slip-ons
    Weaponry: Starts off with a switchblade (previously equipped for safety purposes) / starts with a Glock 30
    Other: Before shit went south, he was a nurse (doctor or whatever) / previously a security guard

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    Those accepted may now post their forms. :3

  • Accepted people include:

    1. ArmedwithDeath (me)
    2. -Bigby
    3. Clemenem

    Those accepted may now post their forms.

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    Name: George

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Dark brown, short wavy hair. Light stubble serving as facial hair. Dull, green eyes with dimples, complexion similar to Luke's.

    Clothing: Long sleeve, red flannel shirt. Brown leather belt, worn, loose, blue jeans. Brown tennis shoes, worn and dirty.

    Weaponry: A hand guard bowie knife.

    Other: George was a private detective before things turned bad.

  • Cool! He's accepted lol of course.

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    Name: George Age: 30 Gender: Male Looks: Dark brown, short wavy hair. Light stubble serving as facial hair. Dull, green eyes with d

  • What's next?

  • Um sorry well it's a bit late for me to post anything worthwhile but I suppose we could start. It's set in Georgia, heh of course.

    -Bigby posted: »

    What's next?

  • "She's gone, Jason. Just stop."
    Jason scoffed with saddened fury. He had tried so hard, so much to save this woman... and he just couldn't do it.
    "Damnit. Shit." Jason muttered. He put a hand to the poor lady's cheek... when it struck.

    (for now, it's a prologue for each individual, I guess. They'll rendezvous somewhere lol I guess)

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