The Walking Dead: Forum Edition Announcement(Ask to be a part of the story)(Auditions)

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Hello my beautiful sexy friends! You may know me as the guy who overreacts at everything or the guy who can weird you out in less than 6 seconds(Go check out AJ VS Badger if you disagree). Anyways, I have wanted to do this story thing about the zombie apocalypse but instead of original, interesting characters I want to do pre existing, uninteresting forum members! That is right folks! I am gonna be personally writing a 10 part series called... The Walking Dead: Forum Edition! This story will focus on action, character development and romance upon many forum members. Here is the list of some members I WILL add in the fanfic:

*Deltino as the main protagonist
*Job S Stauffer as the villian
*Blind Sniper as the second villian
*OzzyUK as the stereotypical american
*Dont-Look-Back as secondary protagonist
*Wiso2kInfinity as the executive of "The Slaughterhouse"
*Ukilledkenny as the mentally unstable leader of a group of male prostitutes
*Poogers555 as the old "man"

And there is more...way more characters that will be added. HOWEVER, I want some suggestions. Do you want to be part of the story? Simply just ask to be part of the story. An episode may even appear shortly so get your asses ready cuz I am ready to release them!

Also make sure you also vote on this strawpoll on what you want to see more of in Part 1 of this deluxe fanfic:

PS: Please tell mistergamer11 that he has no creativity whatsoever. I asked him to help me with my amazing fanfic and he put:
I'm sorry my dude. Sexual fan fics aren't really my thing lol. You're gonna need to find someone else, sorry. But if you need help with something other than sexual fan fics I'd be more than happy to help you man.

O you cheeky rascal! Anyways good luck to whoever makes it on my fanfic!



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