The Walking Dead: Forum Edition Part 1: The Beginning

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It is dark outside. The slow, cold air fills the tension in this abandoned street in Richmond. Not even the walkers plague this land awaiting their prey. However, one man not only is here...he lives here. Who is he?, you might ask. Well, his name is the one and only...Ekelund21. He sits there on the roof of a shop calmfully eating some canned food while taking in the view. Little did he know that something was coming. Suddenly, he heard a large truck move its way towards the center of the street, breaking the ambiant silence. Inside the van were 3 soldiers, each armed with an M4A1 who almost insantly stepped outside the truck. One of the men rallied the other two and specifically said, "Loot anything thats useful!". That man was MarijaaNo7 who is built like brick and has a deep smoker voice. The other two men(Cany0udance and VirulentVulpine) look at each other and nod, looking around. Ekelund quickly hides away from their view, wondering what to do. The men have a conservation while looting.
"So uhh Vulpine do you think this wrench will uhh be useful?" cautiously said Cany
"How about you shut the fuck up for once! That wrench is useful, for shoving it down your throat!"
"Jesus"Calmfully said Cany,"I was only asking!"
The two resume hording loot while Ekelund attempts to escape the building by jumping down the side. Unfortunately, Marijaa spots him and orders him to stop.
"Hey you! Come over here with yo hands up!" He ordered.
Ekelund nods and comes towards him slowly with his hands up to the sky.
"What are you doin here?" He ordered again.
"I live here."
"Oh really?" demanded Marijaa. "This street looks as abandoned as a park at night. I highly doubt you live here!"
"What are you doing here then?" said Ekelund
"I'm the one answering questions man!" Marijaa angrily explained with a smokers voice so rough its like sandpaper..
Immediately someone screamed "Walker!" and a gunshot was heard, shooting Ekelund in the head.
"What the fuck you two doing?" Marijaa angrily demanded. "You know how much a bullet is worth?"
"Sorry." anxiously said Cany, "I thought he was gonna hurt ya!"
"I wonder how the boss will handle this." questioned Marijaa. "I cannot have a soldier who wastes bullets on weaklings! Bullets don't come from the sky ya know!?"
A moment of silence occurred until Vulpine interrupted:
"Watch this!" shouted Vulpine as he shot bullets in the air, only for them to fall back down and hit the ground.
"Holy shit..."whispered Marijaa."We better go tell boss that we made a crazy discovery! Bullets do come from the sky!"

The men went back in their truck and drove off as Ekelunds body lays there with a bullet in his head...and three bullets at his torso.

The Beginning
Deltino is scavenging a car in the middle of the woods along with his son TeamKennyWOOT. They discover something unusual.
"Why the fuck did someone leave 200 pounds of unused tampons at the front of their car?" Exclaimed Deltino
"What are tampons dad?" Questioned KennyWOOT.
"Uhh girls use them for you know...doll dressing." explained Deltino.
KennyWOOT then asked,"Can I keep some dad?"
"Uhh sure, why not?" Deltino then gave KennyWOOT around 20 pounds of tampons as they moved on. They soon made their way into a city and then into an abandoned street. The street was cold and dark and abandoned, as though no one had visited for decades. It was consumed by nature and it did a good job of doing it. Ultimately, they heard a noise coming closer.
"What's that dad?" asked KennyWOOT
Above them was a swarm of bullets coming from the sky.
"Get to cover son!" shouted Deltino as he headed indoors along with KennyWOOT. The bullets kept on raining down as though a madman has been shooting the sky for hours! They hear two men shouting with joy.
"Man Vulpine, you really are an inventor. This is fun!" Shouted Marijaa as they both shot their bullets wildly into the air while Cany is holding a garbage bin lid on top of head, just in case.
Infuriated, Deltino storms outside and yells at them to stop. They stop firing and immediately get aggressive!
"What's your problem interupting us dickhead!" shouted Marijaa!
"Actually, what is YOUR problem man? Shooting bullets in the sky? What a waste!" questioned Deltino.
""I'm the one answering questions man!" Marijaa angrily explained with a smokers voice so rough its like a rusty fork.
"You know what?"Vulpine angrily explained."Time to die!"
Vulpine and Marijaa aimed their guns at Deltino and opened fire, only to realise their mags were empty.
"Shit!" Marijaa exclaimed! "I'm out!"
"Me too!" shouted Vulpine!
Deltino grabbed his handgun and pointed at both of them with his eyes peeled. However, he heard the sound of a gatling gun starting up as a girl stood behind them, aiming at everyone.

"All of you, put your guns down and listen to me!"
Everyone shockingly agreed and put down their guns.
"Ok I am gonna make this as simple as possible, my name is Dont Look Back and I am a member of the Kool Kids Klub. Unless y'all got something to offer, you are as good as dead!"
Suddenly KennyWOOT exits the building and says to her
"You can have those tampons" he said.
Dont Look Back turned to her left and was deeply amazed at the huge pile of tampons.
"Here's the deal! I'll get ALL of those tampons and you guys will be welcome to come over to my group, understand?" She shouted.

Now Deltino has a choice. Does he risk his chances with the girl and give her all of those precious tampons that your son loved OR does hereject the offer and face the conseqences. VOTE NOW and your choices WILL matter in the next part of The Walking Dead: Forum Edition!


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