The Walking Dead: Forum Edition Part 3: Close Ties

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Previously on The Walking Dead Forum Editon:

Deltino had to make a choice. Did he hand over the prostitutes in favour of safety and cake OR did he reject the offer and respect the conseqences. You have voted and have decided that he rejects the offer!

"Hell no. These prostitutes may be crazy and inhumane...but they're humans man!" Deltino argued at Job S Stauffer as he became very cross.
"So be it...Blind Sniper, get em!"

In a flash all tanks aimed at the air dropping tear gas on the community town, making everyone pass out, including @Deltino , DLB, kennyWOOT and obviously the prostitutes. All of them passed out like flies in under a second with no fight left in them. Chuckling, Job then orders his men to round up the unconscious people and drive them to HQ...where the death camp is.
Deltino wakes up. He is in a rusty old cell with 6 candles placed around him. Outside the cell door were a bunch of zombies, walking and walking around his cell door oblivious to the fact that a major protagonist is within it. There is a loudspeaker in Deltino's cell and it activates.
"Welcome to The New Frontier concentration camp. We hope you enjoy your stay as it wont be long until you die LOL!"
This message left Deltino in shock, angrily demanding where his son is.
"Where the fuck is my son, asshole?!"
"Sorry but your son is also in a cell where he will die as soon as you try and rescue him so we can add shock value in this fanfic, hahaha!"
The loudspeaker unfortunately broke the 4th wall and was immediately perished as he choked to death. Deltino tried to find a way outside the cell and found a hatch on top. He climbed the particularly small hatch but managed to fit in there and escape into some sort of meeting room. After that he crept silently from room to room, trying to avoid any attention from the guards. As he made his way towards a cell that looked like it belonged to kennyWOOT, a guard jumped on deltino and confronted him threateningly.
"What the fuck you doin outside your cell?" angrily demanded the guard, who's name was @TheSloaningDead .
"Get out of the way you fuck. That's my son in that cell so you better pass!"
"Oh really? How about I challenge you to a fight!" the guard shouted
"Bring it!" answered Deltino as he clenched his fists.
The guard was incredibly energy pumped as he pulled out a Wii console with Just Dance 3 loaded in it.
"Best High Score gets to come out of here alive!" Deltino responded.

And so the dance off began. They were fighting it off with sick moves dancing to "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters. As the beat dropped, Deltino pulled out a crazy somersault whilst TheSloaningDead did 60 backflips in one go. Halfway into the song. Deltino's score was 8942 whilst TheSloaningDead's was over 9000. He had to pull off an epic stunt. He immediately performed a calvary dance and spun powerfully, reaching his score to over a 1,000,000 in under 30 seconds. Deltino successfully won the dance off and beat up the guard but sparing him as he ran off crying. As he won the battle, he opened the cell door and found kennyWOOT sleeping.
"Kenny wake up!" Deltino shouted
kennyWOOT woke up and hugged Deltino for rescuing him.
"Right now let us get out of here!" Deltino inquired!
However, Job S Stauffer stood in front of them, chuckling his ass off
"You aint getting away guys! I will take you to the execution chamber myself!" Deltino is enraged and fights Job for the first time. A bunch of fist fights and slaps ensue until they are both restless. Because of his failure to capture him, Job says "I'll fight you later when i have a gun!"
"Fuck off then!" demands Deltino
As Job flees the scene Deltino and kennyWOOT attempt to escape through the main entrance, spotting DLB in the background trying to escape herself! Unfortunately, Blind Sniper sees the escapees and flanks them at gunpoint, taking hold of kennyWOOT. At the same time, TheSloaningDead returns and holds DLB at gunpoint too! Deltino has another choice. Does he save his son OR save Don't Look Back . VOTE NOW


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