Do you have any fond memories of videogames with family members?

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Recently, I've gotten hooked on the Netflix show: Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light. [If you look past the goofy and awkward title, it's a pretty enjoyable show.]

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Based on a true story, the show's about a bond between son and father, who at one point both had shared a love for the original Final Fantasy. In the present, Akio, now a young adult, is pretty distant from his father Hirotaro as they don't talk much and have grown apart over the years.. One day, his father suddenly quits his job for an early retirement (and he won't tell the family why). This concerns Akio, and uses his father's new bundle of free time to his advantage. He buys his dad a copy of Final Fantasy XIV, in the hopes to befriend his father and find out why he quit his job, while also concealing his identity through his online avatar. What ensues afterwards is some funny and touching moments (note: I'm only a few episodes in at the time of writing) of the father rediscovering, bumbling around, and learning more about the game he had once played, and Akio trying his best to succeed at work, while keeping his father alive against monsters he obviously can't beat. It's told in live action segments and through the engine of FFXIV, but it breaks apart story beats quite nice.

On to the point: Because of this, Are there any fond memories you recall of playing videogames with a family member?

I know I have some. Mostly it's just the occasional Wii Sports or Mario Party experience, but one that I recall from long ago is playing an old "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" quiz game on the PC with my dad. It was mostly him answering all the questions, with me guessing what I thought was the correct answer (I was way too young to even understand the questions at the time), but it was a lot of fun. We [i.e: him] even made it to the end and "won" a million dollars! If you want something a lot more recent: I actually got my dad to play through the entire season of Tales from the Borderlands.. [Through various lengthy breaks... but he got there.] He may not have caught on to everything, but he enjoyed it.

Please share your stories below..

[and I do recommend that you watch this show, regardless of knowledge of the game series. 'Cause I sure know nothing about it!]


  • My sister, cousin, and I used to play a lot of Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS. Good times.

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    when i was young my dad played medal of honour rising sun on the ps2 and my little sister used to play lego star wars and lego indiana jones with me i also played the wii with all my family

  • I had good memories of playing Mario Kart with my dad but when I was like 11 he just stopped playing. For some reason most of my family hates video games.

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    I used to play to the Mario Karts and Mario Parties with my older sister and dad from the N64 days until the Wii. Hell, I played pretty much any game that had co-op with my dad, throughout my childhood and teenage years. Off the top of my head I remember playing through the Halo trilogy back around when each game came out, or the Time Crisis games on PS1 and 2 as well as some of the Lego games. Also Resistance back when it came out in Europe in 2007. And there were plenty others.
    My sister doesn't care much for games nowadays, but my dad still is. Mostly into racing sims nowadays though, or games like Uncharted.Still wanted to play through most of Mario 3D World in co-op world back in 2013,and we still play MK8 Deluxe on Switch from time to time.

  • I have lots of fond memorys playing video games with my big brother( most of the time i watched) we liked to play a game where you are robots and have to destroy eachother ( no idea what it was called) we also played the sonic collection for tge gamecube quite a bit but most of tge time ge played but that never bothered me. We did most of the gaming at his fathers place ( he is my halfbrother but lives and lived most of tge time with my father) because he always had the newest consoles like the gamecube or the xbox his father also ellegaly download ps1 and 2 games for us ( most of them did bot work( but it always was cool to go through all the new games he got us and check which worked. Now that I think about that I realised that my brother wasn't always shity to me.

  • Sure loads I mentioned on here before that most of my fondest memories are game related. I would play worms with my brothers back in the day on my Windows 95, I had no school friends at the time and my home life wasn't very good so gaming became my life around that age. I would play nba and tony hawks with my big sisters boyfriend for hours then I would get invited around their house and we would play this weird sonic board game with him, my sis and her son on their import dreamcast, it was a pirate copy of a game I dont think was released in this country. We would play space channel 5 and lots of other cool games, and of course soul calibre.

    I would play mario kart with my dad and his best friend from his school days, we were playing together less then a week before my dads friend was murdered, I never really played with my dad after that.

    Years later my nephew was getting into hip hop and I've always been into metal I felt like we were drifting apart but guitar hero metallica brought us closer together we played everyday for weeks.

    Gaming gave me a escape from reality that I desperately needed as well as it being a subject I could get excited about with other people, I think I owe alot to gaming.

  • My dad helping me beat Super Mario 64 using a guise he printed from our old computer (ancient times)

    Playing Mario Kart 64 at a friends house who actually had all 4 controllers

    Star Fox 64/Banjo Tooie with my best friend across the street

    I love my N64, still have it in fact and now i let my son play on it sometimes


    "Mom it's not shit it's called Bioshock Infinite and I think that save for the shooting parts you would like it it's the history and philosophy sttyle you like so much"


  • My great grandpa bought himself an atari 5200 in 1977 (Even though he was about 50 at the time) and played it all the time, eventually he played it with his grandkids (my dad) and when he passed my dad got it, so now we have an atari passed through the generations, we'd play on my VR, me and my family, but my dad loved the atari especially. I never got to know my great grandfather, but in a way I feel as if i get to know him better when I play. (We have some sick games and he kept the cases too! Original Mario Bros. and Pacman and stuff, its great)

  • The struggles of life...
    I know the feeling.

    "FOR FUCK'S SAKE RAVEN STOP PLAYING THAT SHIT" "Mom it's not shit it's called Bioshock Infinite and I think that save for the shooting pa

  • I played TWD Season 1 Episode 1 with my mother once. She made the choices, while I controlled the actual gameplay. I'll just say her choices were... quite interesting. She blatantly lied to Hershel's face at his farm and got caught with it, she wanted to throw Duck out because she thought he was an annoying kid and he didn't like Kenny because apparently he was a rude redneck.

    I asked my mother what her favorite character was at the end of Episode 1 and she said it was the police officer from the start. Interesting choice.

    Also, I played some old Lego games with her when I was just a young kiddo (Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones etc).

  • I mentioned before that my mom played a few games during my childhood. Despite being afraid of some stuff (basically, the hostility in things like Arx Fatalis and Morrowind were too much for a scaredy-cat kid), I watched my mom's gameplay as if it was the best show in my life. I'd bring my own tiny chair to seat next to her, even a few crackers for both of us, then scream or squeal at each important event in the game(s). After that, I'd try to play too, only to ask for her help to defeat the first boss (ahem, every boss because I was easily scared :P). You can imagine her struggle to keep a straight face when I told her I was afraid of a snail in Harry Potter...

  • I used to play Super Smash Bros Brawl with my older cousins when I was five.

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    Yes, I have some fond memories. When I was younger, on special occasions, my dad and I would go to Walmart and he would buy me a new game. This went on from the era of Gameboy games up into the beginning era of Xbox 360 games. I used to get so happy and excited in those days. And also, my grandpa(bless him) used to play a handheld pocket poker card game and he once showed me how to play it. My grandpa and I weren't very close, but we bonded that day, which was cool.

  • When I was younger I used to love watching my older brother play video games. I was so fascinated by them and couldn't understand how he was so good at them. One year for Xmas he got a PS2 and gave me his PS1 and I just remember sitting in my room the whole day playing that barely even paying attention to the other new things I had gotten. He is the main reason I even started playing games. He taught me how to play and I still vividly remember the day I beat him for the first time playing Marvel vs. Capcom. I was so excited I didn't shut up about it the rest of the day. Even years later I still like bring that up to annoy him. I have very fond memories of those days for various reasons but it always makes me happy thinking them.

  • Oh of course. My little brother and I trying to 100% Midnight Club 3, My dad playing Splinter Cell with me when I was 6, my mum, aunt, sister and I all sitting down to play New Super Mario Bros on the Wii, good times.

  • I kept kicking my dad's ass on call of duty and continue to do so. I loooove the way he hasn't killed me yet :joy: and over memories is every time my parents have told me to pause an online game

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    I played Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask with my brother... and I got my parents into gaming through Mario Tennis :joy:

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    I usually played games with my Dad when I was younger, most of them being fighting games. He's very competitive when it comes to video games.

    Even to this day, we play Mortal Kombat and Injustice together whenever I bring my PS4 to his house. It's actually one of the ways we bond.

    I'd also play Mario and Super Smash Bros with my Little Sister, NBA and Call of Duty with my Little Brother, and GTA with my big Sister.

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