The Mystery of William Kasten

I ADORE William Kasten's voicing for Max. I have heard all of the renditions of Max's voice and this is the voice I fell in love with. I even much prefer it over Dave Boats voice (though theories state they are one and the same VA, I find it somewhat doubtful after reading the interview)

My question is, who is William Kasten.. and More importantly, does he even exist? He has no voice acting history, no photo, no interview, nothing. Unlike all the other voice actors in the Sam and Max games, there is absolutely NOTHING on William Kasten. He has been my favourite voice of Max and now that Sam and Max is at a (hopefully) temporary halt, I was hoping to find out more about the man who brought Max to life for me.
He also did great work in voicing Jurgen


  • I suspect it's a pseudonym, but if you want to hear more of William Kasten (allegedly), have a listen down at the bottom of this list:

  • I really appreciate your help!
    After listening to that, he's quite the talent. Pity we know so little.

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    I suspect it's a pseudonym, but if you want to hear more of William Kasten (allegedly), have a listen down at the bottom of this list:

  • Also there was something I wanted to ask you about! I pmed you :)

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    I suspect it's a pseudonym, but if you want to hear more of William Kasten (allegedly), have a listen down at the bottom of this list:

  • It's been 11 years.

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    (and it's also been a few years since this thread was last posted in :p )

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    It's been 11 years.

  • I have theories, but I'm very unsure of these.
    My biggest guess is that William Kasten may be a pen name for someone else working at Telltale, but I don't have enough research or supplementary material to back that up.

    Because sound editor Jory Prum is no longer with us, we may never find out. What if he was William? This sounds dumb, but it's something I thought I should mention. He did receive an Aggie Award for "Best Voice Acting" for Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse., and recorded for every Sam and Max game. He also did the sound recording for Poker Night at the Inventory, which was Williams' last known performance as Max. Yet, this is very unlikely, but I'm still posting this.

    (and it's also been a few years since this thread was last posted in )

  • I looked everywhere. Are there any sources for the voice clips from the link WarpSpeed provided us with? Does this discussion really deserve to be opened up again? I just discovered Sam and Max a few months back.

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    I miss these series. It's been 10 years now and there doesn't seem to be any hope. =(

  • For those curious of the lines from the demo reel for William Kasten, here they are in a text format . Parentheses will be used to indicate the voice he uses for the characters, and ???? si for words I cannot interpret quite well:

    (raspy NJ-like accent) "Aw, get him outta here, will ya? I'm trying to eat my dinner here and he's bleeding all over. ah, now that's gonna leave a stain on the new carpet!"

    (character from a family-friendly piece; first-person) "I was raised by a family of ducks. We lived a simple life, north for the Summers, south for the Winters. My father, was a mallard."

    (Young kid) "My mother's gonna kill me when she finds out about these 976 calls. Oh, foul temptress, why do you curse me so?"

    (Southern Drawl) "Well paint my butt yeller and call me a caution, that's Big Mike alright and he's gone ????-loco"

    (Peter Lorre-eqsue impression) "You'll have to pardon my friend, he doesn't like it when people move too quickly"

    (Angry gruff-sounding man) "Apparently my ???? has a complete system failure, and it has released it's contents to my, uh, pocket."

    (Elderly-sounding) "When I was a boy, we never had your fancy "novocaine" and such, ???? and a pair of pliers, that's what we call dentistry."

    (Low British sounding) "Jones, would you throw another orphan on the fire, would you please? My ???? just doubled and I'm feeling rather saucy."

    (Nervous-sounding, rather deranged, apparently separate clips)
    1. "I suppose you're gonna tell me now I can't get a refund"
    2. "Oh, go ahead, go ahead, pile it on every day, the same thing"
    3. Ding-ding-ding, all aboard the misery train, oh, is this seat taken?"

    (Different groggy deranged voice) "Is it any wonder I'm losing my hair?"

    (Hillbilly like voice) "Alright, see now, You're Cousin Skeeter, he says to lighten one of these here, 'Blockbuster skyrockets,' right, and it says on the side, right, 'light, count to 5, and run away'."

    (Narrator for a children's story) "Once upon a time, there lived a little cloud named Puffy. Puffy would float around in the sky with all the other clouds. Sometimes, he would blow east, and sometimes, west, north, or south, depending upon which way the wind would push him.

    (Unsure how to describe the tone) "Hey, Marty, do ya smell somethin'?"

    These were from the different sources that Kasten voiced for. I am wanting to know where these come from, because if I can find out, I could determine:

    a. "William Kasten" is a pen name to a different actor
    b. at least gather more information
    c. solve a mystery that has went on for 11 years.

    Hopefully, I can find someone willing to track down the sources to these pieces of dialogue, and We can find out more of William Kasten. As I've said before, I just got into Sam and Max, and I wasn't planning on making this topic relevant again. All I want is to uncover this mystery.

  • As this topic becomes as obscure as the actor it was intended for, Here are a few people I think may be "William Kasten":

    Daron Jennings (Best known for the voice of Dennis on the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Games; No involvement with Telltale)

    Dominic Armato (Guybrush does sound a bit like Max at some times; Ever since Telltale got the rights to Monkey Island from LucasArts, he continued to voice Guybrush; Both actors have not done any voice acting since 2010)

    Michael X. Sommers (Has done very little voice acting; voiced George McFly and his father Arthur on Telltales' Back to the Future series)

    What we know about Kasten
    * Has a rather deep natural voice, as proven in the animated blooper reels for Sam & Max
    * Hasn't been credited for anything BUT Max
    * Is unanimously praised by the community

    I've also looked into other video games that featured obscure voice actors from Sam & Max or other Telltale titles. I will continue to update as soon as I can gather more information.

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