A list of glitches to fix

Hey guys, I had an idea - we start a list of bugs and glitches that we have encountered in this game, so that hopefully guys from Telltale see this and fix them. I really like this game overall, it's just that these bugs drag it down, and shouldn't be hard to fix. So I will start with those glitches I encountered, and if you have any more to add, just post them below.

--- Potential Spoilers Below ---

1) In the "Special Stats" sequence, Ramsay always refers to Ethan as "Ethan the Wise", regardless of player choice.
2) Even if Gared feeds the root to Cotter, Sylvi still acts resentful towards him, walking away from him in the end.
3) Even if Rodrik smashes Gryff's eye, at the end of Episode 5, during the ambush, both of his eyes are intact.
4) minor At the beginning of Episode 6, Ramsay says in a flashback: "It might be far more entertaining to watch Ludd
tear you to pieces" - even if Rodrik tried to stab him.
5) In episode 4, if Rodrik knocks Gryff out, Gryff is shown to be dragged into the dungeon, with his arms apart. In the
very next frame, he has his hands tied behind him.


  • Well they did fix the eyepatch glitch. I am not to certain about the other glitches it's been a while since I played Game of Thrones.

  • I remember some bugs I believe still stay unfixed:

    1.Don't forget on episode 3,when you have the meeting with Gwyn,There is an axe near the meeting with the Whitehill girl that you can click on but the interaction is cut directly by the scene with Gwyn.

    2.Episode 6,On Rodrik's story after the little confrontation with the Amaya and the pit fighters a Whitehill soldier comes to the gate and says:"I bring a message from the Lady Gwyn" the scene is so glitchy even on a Ps4/XboxOne suffering a huge downgrade that is still not fixed.

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