Best moment from TFTBL?

I did not find this specific topic and did not want to search through 91 pages, so I apologize if this thread already exists.

I recently finished the game and it was quite a ride, so shout-out to @ManBat who recommended the game for me and told me that its not a big issue if you have not played the Borderland games to jump onto this one. I can verify that aswell, sure I might miss a few hints and reference but it did not break my experience of the game in which I enjoyed very much.

But now I wonder what you enjoyed the most in the game? Me, personally really liked the music intros and the soundtrack choice is on spot through out the five episodes there is. But imo the intro song of Episode four takes the winners place... its a great song and a great intro to a very strong episode.

What was your favourite moment in Tales from the Borderlands? Has it changed or is it still the same since you played it given a bit more perspective and time? If it has changed please write both of your moments that you enjoyed the most.



  • My absolute favorite moment is that epic finger gun battle. Although the intro to episode 4 is right behind it!

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    The bro scene was pretty damn good. So were any Loader bot scenes.
    Personally, I didn't like the finger gun battle. I mean, it was funny, but it was also pointless and long. So it kind of just wasted time. It could have just been a cutscene and I would've been fine with it(not demeaning anyone's favourite part, I just didn't prefer it, myself).

  • I love the endings for episode 2, mostly for the music.

  • The intro to episode 4, The epic finger gun battle, & The final mission/heist when they go after the vault and kill the giant monster The Traveler!

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    Handsome Jack final scene/Helios crash

  • Can I say the whole game?

    There’s a lot of different contenders, from the hilarious (finger gun fight), to the well written (Jack’s final scene) to the emotional (Sasha or Scooter), to just a character being themself (Loader Bot), it’s so hard to pick one.

  • Honestly the moment where I had the strongest emotional connection with the game was the scooter in space scene, followed up by the projector. I don't cry often but that one got me.

    Also, loader bot was just too great in his scenes.

  • Rhys pounding on the glass as Loader Bot launches the escape pod without him on it.

  • Episode four is the best one imho

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    My absolute favorite moment is that epic finger gun battle. Although the intro to episode 4 is right behind it!

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