Is Catwoman trust-worthy?

Man I love my choice to welcome her in the batcave but I feel like that choice could could lead to more damage in episode 4 and episode 5. Man I just can't wait for those episodes to come!! What you guys think about catwoman and what was your decision in episode 3?


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    I welcomed her into the Batcave and sacrificed myself at the end. I think she is good ally. Also she is our inside man in the Pact,for how long we will see.

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    I trust her as an ally/partner. They both care for each other but I dont think this story is gonna have a happy ending, something will separate them in the end...

    I would gladly be wrong.

    As for my decisions:
    I warned her from the GCPD.
    I invited her to the batcave.
    I did NOT "rat" her out.

  • Did everything right, warned her, involved her in cracking Riddler's laptop, could not leave her behind at the end.

    I've been very critical of her (posts I still stand by) in the past following her extremely aloof behavior at the end of S01E5 and the fact she stole from Bruce regardless (something she acknowledges in the rooftop scene in episode 3 if you parted on bad terms, nice touch Telltale). I was not ready to deal with her BS if all she was interested in was to toy with Bruce, I've had enough of that.

    But, thus far she seems....genuine. It could be an act all over again but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. She seemed hurt when you reject her in the batcave, there is a myriad of little elements here and here that lend credence to Selina being truthful and caring about us as much as we can care about her.
    I'm not asking her to get on her knees and beg forgiveness, but a mature relationship rooted in mutual respect and understanding.

    Of course, there is always the possibility that something will come between the two of them.

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    I don't trust her not to steal from Bruce, but I trust her to do the right thing in the end. =D She has this heroic trait in her, no matter what her behavior looks like most of the time. It's like an instinct. I wouldn't trust John to do the right thing, for example, but I do trust in Selina's inner moral compass. I don't think she'll blackmail or use her batcave experience against Bruce, but it won't come as a big surprise if she'll steal something again from Batman.
    And I know she really cares for Bruce.
    Regarding the choices, I didn't warn her, but welcomed her in the Batcave exactly because I trusted her enough. And I took the blame for the theft for both her and John's sakes.

  • I didn't warn her, i violently removed her from my home and sold her out in order to stay undercover. Safe to say that there is no trust between us in my version of the game.

  • I guess that depends on a few factors --- whether 'your' Selena is trustworthy, and what you ordain as trustworthy. It's worth keeping in mind that inviting her to the BatCave is already the trust option -- but what is it you're trusting her with? Your secret? She already knows that. Where your base of operations is? She could've probably guessed that. It'd either be at Wayne Tower or Wayne Manor.

    Not to steal anything from you, sabotage your efforts rather than collaborate until given no other option? She might, but there are individuals that don't count that. I think those occurrences will boil down to how 'your' Selena has been treated and her exact relationship with Riddler. If the writers persist on a revenge plot for Catwoman, she'd be well aware that Batman will only take things so far before it's handed over to the police.

    I didn't bring her to the Batcave on either playthrough. She's not that trustworthy for me. If one of her playful moments delayed me enough that someone else suffered because of it, I'd do more than not forgive her. I wouldn't forgive myself. It's unlikely the writers will go quite that dark with Selena in this version.

  • I don't trust her at all after the shit she has pulled so far (S1 and this episode)

  • I trust her enough, but I know she will probably do something to upset us before the end. With her I always weigh the pros vs the cons. Like in season 1 she uses Harvey and steals a valuable gadget from us, but she also helps us fight Penguin at the debate and ends up saving Bruce's life. So she is worth the trouble imo.

    However if this is the final season of Batman I can see them making Bruce and Selina go steady for good, leaving them on a happy note.

  • Why should Selina trust Bruce? Think about it, she’s a criminal and one who is apparently always under the gavel of the GCPD if Gordon can just spring his men on her. What’s to stop Bruce from locking her up if he doesn’t like her decisions? So she plays with him so he’s off his game if ever he should try to cross her. It’s smart, I don’t think she necessarily does it strictly for flirtation- Selina is a loner and a survivor. It hard for someone like that to let people in anyways...

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    You made some really good points about Selina in previous posts - about her culpability in people being hurt or killed, and lacking a moral compass or having a very compromised one - which now color how I perceive Selena. In one of my play throughs, despite my misgivings about her, I invited her into the batcave not because I trusted her to not steal from Bats, but because I felt he needed friends more than he needed to keep his toys safe. In my second play through I didn't invite her in, because, after all, she is too morally gray.

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    I guess that depends on a few factors --- whether 'your' Selena is trustworthy, and what you ordain as trustworthy. It's worth keeping in mi

  • I came into season two with pretty negative feelings toward TT's Catwoman. She used Harvey, she used Bruce, she helped the Children of Arkham, and she stole from Bruce and belittled him in the last episode.

    However, she seems to be genuine and sincere this season and willing to make a change. I have more positive feelings toward her now and am open to furthering their relationship. I warned her about the GCPD and didn't rat her out to the Pact.

    But I still imagine she'll end up leaving again at the end of the season for whatever reason. Maybe she'll leave on a more positive note this season and through no real fault of her own, but I still feel like she'll leave. But I could be wrong.

  • It actually really surprised me how divided the players were regarding whether or not to 'warn' Selena. For me, that really didn't boil down to a pro or anti Selena choice. The GCPD were attempting to apprehend a known criminal, had a plan in place. They were doing their jobs -- bringing those who commit criminal acts in Gotham to justice.
    ( Almost all of the choices thus far in S2 are nearly an even 50/50 split. ) It was almost a test of trust between Batman and Gordon, as Batman wouldn't have known without Gordon informing him.

    If she truly were earnest about turning away from a life of crime, following her paying her debt for those she'd already committed, I'd fully support that. I do believe in second chances and reform ( I'd in fact already given her that second chance before she opted to handcuff Bruce, steal the laptop, and through her insinuations informed John Doe that Bruce had ulterior motives effectively blowing Bruce's cover in Riddler's hideout. )

    I do understand why so many people were split in whether or not to go with John's plan and hand Selena over to Harley or give themselves up. I still have high hopes that TellTale will do something drastically dark with that outcome whichever path was chosen ( though I have an equal amount of doubts that it'd happen ). It just feels like a choice that should come with some deep consequences.

    I came into season two with pretty negative feelings toward TT's Catwoman. She used Harvey, she used Bruce, she helped the Children of Arkha

  • I fully trust her,I think she is our best ally,but something can happen in the finale which can surely put their relationship in danger,but I REALLY hope will happen,and they can enjoy the season finale together happily this time

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    Definitely trustworthy. Bruce never once expressed any fear that she will reveal his deepest, most dangerous secret to anyone. If she can be trusted with the biggest thing, don't sweat over small things like a stupid decryptor.

    And seriously, if she wanted to look for the Batcave, she can easily do so. Hey, she's the world's greatest cat-burglar. If she could over-ride Lucius Fox's security to steal the Phalanx key, finding the batcave is easy peasy.

    As for Waller's collars, she will break out in no time. She has broken out of much worse situations in the comics several times.

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    I see it in a different way. I opted not to save her because I can consistently trust her to rescue herself. That's super important as a love interest of a superhero without superpowers like Batman. Women who need protection and who are unable to save themselves will only become liabilities to Batman.

    Selina will last the distance because she is capable of escaping mission-critical situations.

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    It actually really surprised me how divided the players were regarding whether or not to 'warn' Selena. For me, that really didn't boil down

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