How do you want Season 2 to be?

I am sorry if I am creating a thread that was already made. However, I just wanted to know everyone's opinion on how they think Season 2 will be? Like I believe that Season 2 will have less POV characters Gared, Ryon, and Talia are who I think will be the main characters. I also hope that we will be shown less of the show's characters except maybe Tyrion and Jon Snow. I also want Gared to be in the Battle of the Bastards because that was an awesome scene if I am being honest HBO did a great job there. Let me know what you guys want in Season 2!



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    I'am gonna explain this a simple as I can of how I think Game of Thrones season 2 is going to begin and end.

    1 (1): 2 years later after the fall of Ironrath. Rodrick lives with Talia, Duncan/Royland on a simple farm in exile far up North. They plan to avenge their family by defeating the Whitehills, with whatever help they can find.
    1 (2): 2 years later after the fall of Ironrath. Asher lives with Talia, Duncan/Royland/Gwyn on a simple farm in exile far up North. They plan to defeat the Whitehills, with whatever help they can find.
    2: Mira has married Morgryn and lives as his prisoner/wife. She plans to kill him and escape him with help from a secret ally.
    3: Beskha and Ryon escapes to the Riverlands and survives by keeping a low profile.
    4: Gared marches on the Wall with Sylvi and Lord Gregors bastards. They cross the White Walkers.

    1 (1): Rodrick manages to take back Ironrath from the Whitehills and Ludd/Gryff is killed during the action. Rodrick finds Elena and they marries. Soon they are summoned to Winterfell by Jon Snow.
    1 (2): Asher manages to take back Ironrath from the Whitehills and Ludd/Gryff is killed during the action. Asher marries Gwyn. Soon they are summoned to Winterfell by Jon Snow. Later he reunites with Daenerys Targaryen.
    2: Mira escapes Morgyn when Cersei blows up the Great Sept and eventually reunite with her family.
    3: Beskha is killed, but Ryon escapes and manages to find Rodrick/Asher/Mira/Talia.
    4: Gared, Sylvi and the bastards makes beyond the Wall with an army for Rodrick/Asher and helps them defeating the Whitehills. Then they are all summoned to fight against the Army of the Dead by Jon Snow.

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    1. Let Rodrik and Asher survive. If they die after everything we went through i will rage quit the series and never look back.
    2. Let Gared's decisions matter. If he stayed in the North Grove and didn't do the blood ritual, the grove is overrun and he isnt able to make it to Ironrath in time to help. If he did the blood ritual and headed to Ironrath he is able to do major damage to the Whitehills. Etc etc.
    3. NO TV SHOW CHARACTERS. Seriously. They serve as little more than a gimmick, and everyone already knows that they have plot armor. Dumb idea and there should never have been Ramsay as a villain in s1. When episode 3 ended with him showing up again I pretty much rolled my eyes and got incredibly discouraged from playing.
    4. Let our choices actually affect if we can retake Ironrath/win the war. Don't force everyone into the same path. Telltale took the gritty realism of GoT to the extreme and it turned s1 into "shit eating/humiliation simulator". Not fun or realistic.

    And most importantly:

    1. Actually make s2 happen and start giving us at least some news. Even an image of the Forrester sigil that says 2019 or 2020 would be enough to reassure fans. If Telltale doesn't follow through on s2 after all of the time and energy the fans have invested i would be more than disappointed.
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    Rickard Morgryn doesn't make his move on Ironrath until the penultimate episode after the Forresters and Whitehills have decimated each other. During the interim, he stays in the shadows. If Mira refused to marry Morgryn, he's wedded to another woman from a respectable household, but doesn't have the legal grounds to claim Ironrath for himself, although this simply means Morgryn would use more clandestine methods to take over the Forrester ancestral home.

    If wedded to Mira, Morgryn can assume control of Ironrath with greater ease. Whenever we see Mira alongside Morgryn, she also has a visible pregnant belly, implying she's soon going to bear Morgryn's child. Another determinant subplot could have Rodrik/Asher plotting to rescue Mira, or avenge her.

  • I see no need for a King’s Landing POV unless Mira is alive and still in Margaery’s favor. When you think about it, throwing Sera under the bus might have saved her life in the long run. Though there is the matter with the Faith Militant and Margaery’s imprisonment. Wouldn’t put it past Morgryn to flee KL after that.

    I do think Torrhen will be the next Lord Whitehill regardless if Ludd was still breathing after S1. The Whitehills would probably have bigger fish to fry such as the Ironwood trade and of course Stannis’ army.

    The Forresters and the Whitehills should just end their blood feud once and for all in the Battle of the Bastards.

  • I agree with no need for King's Landing to have a playable character there because TellTale will probably move the story along a year or two to have Rodrik/Asher healed and capable of fighting again. Talia is almost certain to be a playable character.
    I also see no need of introducing another Lord of Highpoint unless the opening episode starts with Talia, Rodrik, or Asher killing off Ludd/Gryff. Also Torrhen will probably want revenge similar to how the Forresters wanted revenge on Ludd for killing Lord Forrester and Ethan. It would be cool if Torrhen was understanding like Gwyn and offered to help the Forresters or perhaps even honor Asher and Gwyn's engagement and have their houses join. Perhaps if Talia is older Torrhen will want to have her as his wife and still accomplish the same thing as Asher and Gwyn uniting their houses. Except Talia and Torrhen will unite their houses since Rodrik and Gwyn will not work and Rodrik doesn't seem like he will want to marry into the Whitehill's family since they are responsible for kidnapping Elena and forcing her to marry Gryff or Ludd and have the Glenmores as hostage since Lord Glenmore will not force Elena to die to save the Forresters, hence why he gave Elena to the Whitehills in the first place because he knew that they would be finished off.

  • I've made an entire post of ideas and stuff concerning season two of our dear game.
    My opinions and theories are collected there,Here you can take a look:

  • All I want is for Mira’s storyline to matter, and not to be killed off in the first episode (If we even have the same characters in season 2.) Telltale are waiting 4 years after they finished season 1, to start the story back up, so I have no idea how Telltale is going to manage this. I would much prefer for it to take place directly where it left off. As every sequel should be.

    They only way for it to make sense if it is a direct sequel is to have zero book/tv characters, otherwise it’s just going to be a rehash of 4 years of storylines we’ve already seen. If you’ve watched the show that is.

    But if they decide to do a time-jump then that’s even worse in my opinion, because then it’s not a true sequel. That’s why Telltale are taking their time with this. I’m sure they’re having trouble figuring out just what they want to do with the story. Heck, even GRRM is having trouble and he’s the one who created it. Game of Thrones is such a complicated story to get right, which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

  • I agree with everything you said. Game of Thrones is complicated because there is so much going behind the scenes and there is so much attention to details that it's pretty insane. I imagine TellTale's going to be working closely with HBO to decide when the story takes place since the story does take place in the show's universe. I would love if TellTale managed to hire extra developers in order to ensure that Rodrik/Asher remain alive like it's pretty important to the story. Rodrik or Elissa Forrester even say at one point there MUST always be a Forrester at Ironrath and I think that if Asher was to marry Gwyn, Ludd would allow Gwyn and Asher to remain at Ironrath since Gryff is dead and there is no other heir to Highpoint except Torrhen Whitehill who might not be as evil as his father or could want revenge on the Forresters. See how much details there are in this game alone the writing staff did a fantastic job and the developers did an awesome job when they created episode 6 because I know that it must've been tough to code. However, if it means that Rodrik/Asher are alive I hope they take as long as they need and make that choice matter!

    All I want is for Mira’s storyline to matter, and not to be killed off in the first episode (If we even have the same characters in season 2

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