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Are you #TeamYanny or #TeamLaurel? Vote!!! --->


  • It's blatantly Yanny, guys.

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    Both. The human brain can't handle hearing both at once so the brain auto-focuses on one of them based on the audio frequency.

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    Cannot hear Laurel no matter frequency or device I play this on. Team Yanny bitches.

  • I've only tried this on my phone, but it's Laurel. If I twist my phone so the speaker is in different direction it changes, but it still doesn't sound like Yanny. I want to hear it too!

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    I can hear both but Laurel is much clearer.

  • Depends on audio frequency. I recommend that you all Watch this video as it presents a pretty good explanation as why people hear both

  • This topic is really boring and stupid is what I hear.

  • I heard Yanny the first time, but after I heard a behind the scenes video of the pitch being changed to "Laurel", I now hear Laurel even on the original clip. It's so weird.

  • I hear Yanny, I know it’s Laurel, but like that damn dress I don’t give a damn. Still pretty interesting though to see the differing interpretations.

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    I keep hearing both of them. First it was Yanny, then Laurel, then Yanny again and it keeps going on like that. Right now though it’s been Laurel

  • no u

    This topic is really boring and stupid is what I hear.

  • Can't hear Yanny no matter how hard I try.

  • Better question: brainstorm or green needle?

  • Strong incredible counter argument: no u u

    no u

  • Both + brain needle and greenstorm. That video wasn't as confusing as this one haha.

    Better question: brainstorm or green needle?

  • who honestly fuckin cares mate lol

  • 100% Laurel. I’ve tried to hear Yanny, but it’s impossible.

  • It's completely Laurel for me.

  • I've tried so hard to hear Yanny but i can't i only hear Laurel.

    Why am i even doing this ? Why are we here ?

  • I hear only Laurel.

  • ♫ It comes down to this ♫
    Again, Y.
    Actually, I'm pretty surprised. I'm not that young and after 100 or so rock/metal concerts, my overall hearing isn't the best.

  • Could hear nothing but Laurel at first, fucked with the pitch then could hear nothing but Yanny no matter what the pitch and how much I wanted to hear Laurel again. Went back to it a few hours later and started hearing both.

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    This craze has been solved recently, it was originally a computerized voice saying Laurel but a high school student recorded the voice, however as she was recording there was some other noises in the background which interrupted the voice and made it kind of sound like Yanny. Oh well, it was a short and mysterious craze, very different to some of the previous crazes like fidget spinners and Fortnite but still pretty cool.

  • I keep hearing “Laurel”

  • I don't hear any L at all, no Laurel for me. Just Yanny.

  • All I heard was Laurel.

  • I only heard yanny once, but it was right after I heard someone screaming at a high pitch. Other than that, I've only heard Laurel.

  • I've heard both, but I heard Yanny more, so im goin with Yanny.

  • I hear white and gold.

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