• NO, he's right, I read the comics awhile back, its a more elaborated version of the game, the game "Wolf among us" is a prequel of the comic book FABLES, & the comic book FABLES: Wolf among Us, is the elaborated version of the game, I don't wanna spoil anything so I'll tell you a little bit, so just read the comic FABLES: Wolf among US to really understand, the "Crooked man" in the picture above is not really the "Crooked Man who DIED/imprisoned", if you know what i'm saying, just like "Nerissa" is not really Nerissa, she's really Faith, get it..

    I'm glad this wasn't the ending we got. Just imagine the crooked man snatching nerissa after she turns the corner after her and bigby's final conversation. but the crooked man is dead by then so it must be different from the comics.

  • Interesting, Nice find.

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    I know this is going to sound stupid, but I assumed Nerissa at the end was Faith because she walked so comfortably, like it was natural for

  • The idea of Nerissa being Faith really bothers me, because I really like Nerissa while I just liked Faith.

  • But if she is....based on the personalities of the people we've met, "Nerissa" is more like-able than "Faith."

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    Technically we never met one of them. The ones were met were both the same persob

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    Narissa is Faith. Faith is the one that is still alive and scaping to start a new life at the end of the game. What I don't understand are the details of this "plan" the have going. Here's my 2 cents about it and a little time line with the events how I think happened.

    1. Crooked Man shows in town and starts messing with things and taking Fable Town over.
    2. The girls at the Puddin' and Pie don't like this after some time and have the desire to escape the place
    3. They start arguing about a plan to do so, involving framing Crane for his Snow fantasies and somehow linking it to the Crooked Man's illegal glamour black market opperation via the photos.
    4. Nerissa gets nervous about the situation and tells everything to Georgie thinking that he will stop the girls from going on with the plan.
    5. Georgie goes to the Crooked Man and tells him everything. He waits for a decision at The Crooked Man's place.
    6. Meanwhile, the other girls discover that Nerissa was the one who told him about the plan. Or maybe Nerissa told them directly in hopes that they will forgive her or to have her concience clean (somehow, idk how that works for some people).
    7. They argue about it (shown, maybe, by one of the pictures in the Metalworks, where Faith is shown aguing with Nerissa and pointing at her, while the other photos show them as very good friends).
    8. Nerissa feels bad and decides that to show that she is sorry, she will giver her life in place of Faith, because they know they are going to get killed for sure now. They girls (all sad and understanding) accept her decision and make a plan around it.
    9. Their original plans change. They need to wait until Georgie comes back and they still have to see their clients but they know that Faith and Lili are going to die for treason. Faith (the real one) goes with the Woodsman in place of Lili as herself (she is covering for her, The Woodsman's girl was Lili and he doesn't seem to know Faith prior) and starts a fight to hopefully get Bigby into the scene to stop it. That way Bigby will recognise Faith when Gerogie kills Nerissa glamoured as Faith for treason. She leaves her coat with the Woodsman with a hidden note addressed to Laurence that says "Sorry". (probably for faking her dead).
    10A. The same day (either earlier in the day or late at night and before the next day's early "massage" call), Lili goes to meet Crane as Snow . They do their things but Crane doesn't kill her. He just finishes his "massage" and gets out. There's 2 options here: Lili dumps some fake blood or animal blood or something similar to look like Crane killed her. She takes some of the flowers and returns to the P&P so Georgie can do his thing. This is so Bigby can still find the incriminatory photos of her and Crane.
    10B. Option 2: Lili meets Crane and when they finish, Crane goes out and Lili grabs some flowers and kills herself. Either Nerissa or Faith will come later to get her head glamoured as Snow for later. Georgie will come pick her headless body some time after and dump it into the river.
    11. The girls go back to the P&P. Faith get's glamoured as Nerissa and Nerissa glamoured as Faith in hopes of reediming herself for her actions. Lili is either already dead at this point or she is just there waiting for Georgie to kill her. (Remember that Georgie says that he killed both himself, probaly true, probably lie).
    12. Georgie puts an "example" for trying to escape from the Crooked Man and kills Faith (Nerissa) and Lili .That or he asks about Lili and later he goes to the hotel where she got her appointment with Crane, where he discovers her headless body and picks it up to throw it into the river. He also closed the door shut so no one else discovers it and to have time to clean it later (lying to everyone that Lili escape his grasp for some time) . (what about the key not matching, probably it was changed long before by Crane).
    13. Georgie dumps headless Lili into the river and says nothing about the missing head, but we don't know what happen to Faith (Nerissa)'s body. Probably left it somewhere to dump one first and then go for the other, but apparently none of the heads were wet or muddy or anything else.
    13. Right now (sometime very early in the morning), Nerissa (Faith) has in her possesion the heads of Faith (Nerissa) and Lili. She puts Faith (Nerissa)'s head in the Woodland's doorstep with the ribbon and her own ring inside to make sure the investigation has some leads. This takes everyone by surprise since they were expecting no one to notice the dead of 2 Fable hookers.
    14. Crane ask for his "massage" earlier that day and apparently Vivian, in the phone, tries to distract Snow about the appointment with some invoce Crane needed to pay. Crane probably got a meeting with one of the Crooked Man's people instead to get the news and some protection while he was commanded to just go by the day like normal. Also, Doctor Swineheart is having problems determining the identity of the head (we are never told what kind of problems he's having with it).
    15. Nerissa (Faith) goes with the day and waits for an opportunity to leave Lili's head as Snow in the Woodland's doorstep while Bigby is investigating, the Tweedles are doing their own investigations to know what went wrong, who did it and probably investigate if Faith is still alive somehow.
    16. The rest is what you see in the game basically.

    This is what makes more sense for me. I will write more of the details (probably), but there's some evidence to support it like I mentioned in some of the entries.

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    Also. That thing about the end where Nerissa (Faith) is talking about how she sold her friends out and how she feels sorry about it. I do think is Faith herself talking about Nerissa as if she where talking through Nerissa's eyes (because, she is basically her now).

    The Tweedles were looking for the coat (that's what Faith "stole" from the Crooked Man, maybe) since it was missing and could potentially link Faith to the P&P and the Crooked Man and all that.

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    If Faith's head from episode 1 is in fact glamoured and Dr. Swineheart has had this head this entire time wanting to do more "tests" then Swineheart has some explaining to do.. Swineheart not being able to figure out the head is glamoured is one thing but I find it harder to believe the head would be glamoured for this long.

  • Besides the mirror another minor thing that bugged me is why couldn't Bigby recognize Faith's scent I mean he still has incredible sense of smell when he is in human form hence the line he says in the comic and the game which is "Can't fool this nose." I think that maybe the glamours may switch the scents but I don't remember that being a case in the comics I could be wrong though.

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    It's certainly possible the glamours messed with Bigby's senses, especially considering that these are black-market glamours that are not really predictable. Bigby even stated in the game that he felt the glamours made by Auntie Greenleaf were strange.

    That would also explain why Bigby thought Snow was dead even though he's always been able to know where Snow is by her scent.

  • Yea your right! They were blackmarket and probably the point of them was to avoid Bigby from noticing something was amiss. Also about Snow you are right about him being aware of her location at all times because of her scent but he can also know her mood by changes in her musk.

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    It's certainly possible the glamours messed with Bigby's senses, especially considering that these are black-market glamours that are not re

  • I once believed that Nerissa is the one who lead Bigby on "that" case but in the act 2 (correct me if I'm wrong) even Dr. Swineheart couldn't confirm Faith body and he need to run test more. With that and antoher evidence I do believe Faith is the one who helped Bigby.

  • There really is no concrete evidence that tips the scale either way with regards to this. I personally believe that the Faith we met at the start of the story was Nerissa. I lean towards this interpretation because of two main reasons:

    1) We found Faith's cosmetics messed up at the Pudding 'n Pie. That points to a possible use of them in a glamour.

    2) Dr. Swineheart never says a thing about a glamour regarding Faith's head. There is no reason he couldn't figure it out, since a glamour requires a physical component and there are only so many places you could hide one in a severed head.

    Then, why more tests? As someone elsewhere theorized, it might be because the time of death did not match up. If the Faith we saw at the beginning was Nerissa, then the real Faith was already dead. The timeline Bigby would have given Swineheart would have been wrong then.

    There are still issues though. The biggest would be, why does Nerissa glamour up as Faith to sleep with Woody? What does Woody have that she wanted? The most obvious answer is the enchanted axe, but how does that figure in?

  • First off, I realize I am about 4 years late for this discussion, but I thought of something that most everyone seems to forget. When looking at Lily's body, you can see track marks from the mundy drugs while she's glamoured as Snow. So if it's a cheap glamour, the wound would stay, like if say, someone got cut hopping a fence. So something is wrong with the continuity if Nerissa hopped the fence and got cut, because when we see her at The Pudding & Pie, there's no cut anywhere. Unless we take into account the possibility that it was some other random fable whose head was left on the doorstep, that Faith put it there and that the real Nerissa is somewhere else. The box could be chalked up to someone looking for the photo Faith stole. As for the bruises left on the head, and the bruises on Faith at Woody's apartment, That could be a different stripper from the Pudding & Pie, we see plenty of cubbies in the dressing room. We again see on Lily's body that marks left while in a glamour are possible, and stay there, so there's no telling if that really is Faith at the apartment to begin with.

  • Best guess about the blood thing is it was just something forgotten midway in development. However, the more popular the Fable, the faster they heal/more powerful they are. Nerissia is the Little Mermaid, a very well known story, so I think its safe to say if she cut herself, she healed quickly.

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    First off, I realize I am about 4 years late for this discussion, but I thought of something that most everyone seems to forget. When lookin

  • True, but The Woodsman is from Little Red Riding Hood, another very well known tale, and he is still seen with a scar on the back of his head for a while. And I don't think something that left a cut deep enough to leave a blood trail like that, even for a fable, would completely disappear that quickly.

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    Best guess about the blood thing is it was just something forgotten midway in development. However, the more popular the Fable, the faster t

  • Woodsman was also hit with his axe which apparently has some type of "runic magic" stuff tied to it, so I think it is safe to assume that would leave a mark on him, instead of being scraped by a fence. Also Woodsman isnt as well known as the little mermaid. The extra blood could also just possibly be Faith's head dripping.

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    True, but The Woodsman is from Little Red Riding Hood, another very well known tale, and he is still seen with a scar on the back of his hea

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    I am glad that this post has been bumped up.
    I do have some questions that may or may not be important to this Nerissa:faith theory..
    What was the blackmail photo doing in Lily’s murder room? Faith had it and the brothers were looking for that photo everywhere. We know that jersey and George got the body so wouldn’t they comb the room too?
    Why was lily in snow’s normal clothes? It is shown that she ate the apple recently for the role playing, was this a mistake on developers part or on purpose?
    My theory is that Nerissa and faith are both alive or just Nerissa is alive. Not enough data or logical sense for the little mermaid to be dead. Nerissa would never glamour as faith after telling Georgie. No matter how bad you feel about ratting your friends out, you would not risk your life for that. It is shown that Nerissa had problems walking when she was on pole (because it feels like glass when she walks) and the cigarettes she smokes are different. Plus, I’ve always wondered what was such a popular fable doing with little known fables like Vivian, Georgie Porgie, Gwen and others.

    It could be just Nerissa as she says in the end something like “we are the forgotten ones, no one remembers us and the crooked man was banking on it” maybe faith had already died so Nerissa bashed faiths makeup box, got her makeup for the glamour and went to see woodsman. The woodsman is angry that faith doesn’t recognize him if you stand outside door. She made an impression on Bigby so when Bigby finds faith’s head, he cares because of their interaction instead of just finding out she is a working girl, bufkin stamps deceased and there is no justice for faith. Nerissa has to make sure that Bigby has personal connection to case before dropping off head. She could also use makeup to put bruises on faith’s head since glamour would not do that. Especially black market glamour (and we know they got it in black market from the butcher shop).
    If Nerissa was alive and faith was dead that would be a huge surprise to the players, and we know telltales love to throw twists.. making us think we know what’s happening (aka with woodsman and crane) and then throw us for a loop.

    It could be both; faith in beginning, Nerissa in middle and faith as Nerissa saying goodbye.
    We see a beginning timeline at blood mary’s place. The last pic is of them fighting. I am assuming this is when faith finds out Nerissa snitched.
    Nerissa may have had enough time to tell faith what she did (they show a pic of the three girls before to show how close they are) and unfortunately Nerissa did not make it in time to warn lily. Could be they went to warn lily and she was already dead so they left picture in there. The cigarette theory is good. Faith smokes huffs, Nerissa smokes shoreline and when Bigby offers real Nerissa a cig she rejects it but at end “Nerissa takes it”. Showing it was faith at beginning and end . Bigby uses his intuition at end and that could be because it really was Nerissa before and when he runs into “faith” at the end , even with glamour, he knows it is her. Also if you give faith money, she does put it in georgie’s Book for that night. I do believe faith was faith in chapter 1 and Nerissa was herself. The last chapter I am not sure if it’s nerissa or faith. Also, the question arises, well then who was glamoured as faith? And wouldn’t the glamour wear off at some point? We know all of Georgie’s girls had ribbons, we see Gwen with one and she isn’t even in the game as a character, we hear someone having sex in open arms who isn’t a girl we met so we can assume there are more girls. They could have conned another girl to take faiths place for the night. Or because the doctor had to run more tests, maybe they used black magic to create faith’s head and that is why doctor is confused.

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    And another thing for those who are on the faith is alive nerissa is dead theory. Remember glamour does NOT change your personality. We see this at Aunty Greenleaf’s apartment first hand. We all knew something was wrong and her personality was same in and out of glamour. Also makes sense why Crane always re-enacted snow’s sleeping scene, he knew a troll could not mimic snow’s personality.
    Finally Dee admitted during interrogation that faith was a B word. As you see when the woodsman attacks her, she spits blood on him, hurts him with axe because he hurt her. When Crane attacks nerissa she just cries. No attacking back or spiteful words , just silence and crying. Typical of nerissa’s personality.
    Finally, when Bigby connects dots at end it could be because he WAS taking to faith as nerissa for the first time, as faith could not hide who she was, took his cigarette, walked the same way and said the same words.
    He would have noticed before if faith was acting as nerissa in previous chapters.

    Also, has anyone even mentioned that nerissa at the ending does not have the flower in her hair and has a different outfit on? When she confronted the crooked man she has the flower in her hair, as every time before.

  • Nobody seems to be bringing up the fact that if Nerissa cut her legs, you probably wouldn't know because her legs are not real She's a mermaid, so correct me if I'm wrong but surely she must somehow ALWAYS have a glamour for her legs? Maybe that's why we don't see any cuts on her legs, because the glamour HAS to be that good...?

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    First off, I realize I am about 4 years late for this discussion, but I thought of something that most everyone seems to forget. When lookin

  • If you ask Nerissa about her legs during Bigby's first visit at "Pudding & Pie" she says her legs are real, not glamoured

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    Nobody seems to be bringing up the fact that if Nerissa cut her legs, you probably wouldn't know because her legs are not real She's a merma

  • I think that Nerissa is just Nerissa because first of all if Prince Lawrence is still alive why would Faith be avoiding him? It's pretty obvious that they cared for each other despite being divorced. Although they have many similarities I still don't think they are the same people. I think that TellTale is showing that Bigby is still capable of making mistakes and following the wrong leads like when he was following Crane who was not the one who murdered Lily. Also there would have to be another witch who is creating glamours like that because rememeber that Crane was getting the Snow glamours for Lily from Aunty Greenleaf. I understand why many people would think that Faith is Nerissa but I still have my doubts. I guess we will have to wait for Season 2 :smirk:

  • Prince Lawrence is a determinant character left for dead that has nothing to do with the story. Yeah sure he is tied to Faith but even if you save him from death, all you will find is that he knows nothing at all about what is happening. Red herring.

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