Walking Dead = Emotions

Hi guys I posted some time last week for people to help me with my college paper about how you felt playing the walking dead and I made changes so please help me out <3 BTW I already posted this in the Walking Dead Fourm but I need more people!




  • Submitted, love the idea for your college paper already btw!

    Also nothing against the title of this thread but it might draw more people if you rename it to something clarifying that it's a survey so people get a better idea that it's asking about their playstyles.

    Good luck with your college paper!

  • Didn't you make this like 3 times already?

  • college sounds weird.

  • I DID! Omg i messed up several times, the first time I had no idea what I was doing, the second time I gave a link but people couldn't open it so I just ended up making another one XD

    Dex-Starr posted: »

    Didn't you make this like 3 times already?

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