Sadly TTG is finished


  • As someone mentioned in the other threads, small chance this series gets saved by DC because of the reviews and popularity, but other than that this is unfortunately finished.

    Thank you, Batman telltale team, for a great story.

  • Batman season 3 had so much potential. At least we got a relatively decent amount of closure in S2E5.

  • Yeah, at least we have that.

    While this series had the potential to become a trilogy, we should be thankful that TEW ended with no hanging threads, and a powerful conclussion. I actually think that both seasons work well together in terms of narrative themes, and as a unified story.

    It's something...

    Although we will never know more of this batverse, i'm afraid...

    Batman season 3 had so much potential. At least we got a relatively decent amount of closure in S2E5.

  • Gutted as this basically confirms the end of the Batman series. There was so much potential for a third season especially since season 2 was so good. The only real looseends were what happened to Mr Freeze and Catwoman if u free her.

    I was so invested In the story and the characters for this series so hearing that this is the end is devastating.

  • I just read this:

    "We previously reported that a skeleton crew will remain behind to complete work on The Walking Dead Final Season. That information was inaccurate. Sources who wish to remain anonymous explained that there is a skeleton crew at Telltale, but they will be working on the Minecraft Story Mode project for Netflix. In fact, The Walking Dead team was also laid off today and The Walking Dead Final Season will not be completed."

    Is that true? I'm not a fan of the Walking Dead, but it's crazy to think that they wouldn't finish the series since it's their most popular.

  • I have played a lot of telltale games.

    Game Of Thrones
    Guardians Of The Galaxy
    Tales From The Borderlands
    The Wolf Among Us
    The Walking Dead

    However I think it is safe to say Batman was and is by far and away my favourite.

    An the fact that we are not going to get a third season to be perfectly honest pisses me off.

    Out of all of the games that they could have continued this was the one that had the most promise and potential.

    An I don't know what choices everybody else made in their Batman games that enabled them to have 'closure'

    However my four save files sure as hell did not have any 'closure' to them.

    There were a hell of a lot of questions left unanswered.

    An unfortunately it looks as though they are going to stay that way.

  • I couldn't believe the news when hearing Telltale is finished. I was hoping for a season 3 to see how things would continue. Batman Telltale made a great story: Thomas Wayne was a crime lord, Vicki Vale was Lady Arkham, playing a part in creating the villains, which mask was more important and the relationship of characters.
    The aspect which impacted me the most was how they made The Joker. Instead of just making the crazy psychotic villain he has always been, Telltale actually made the player see him as a friend.
    These Batman games are some of my favourite Batman stories. I'll miss Batman and John Doe

  • I just wanted to say thank you for two very good Batman games, Telltale, I will miss you.

  • I'm gonna miss the Telltale Batman series, absolute gems. I'd say it's the first game that made me truly interested in Batman and it's characters.

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