this is painful...

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Me: Telltale... You were the chosen one!
Me: It is said that you would destroy boredom, not go out of business **
**Me: Bring balance to Westeros, Minecraft and shit, not leave us in cliffhangers

Telltale: I HATE YOU!!!
Me: You were my favorite Telltale... i loved you!
But really, it is devastating to lose Telltale, their games are my favorite. Might as well sell my ps4... and i shit you not, It ruined my day, maybe the whole week. I waited YEARS for Season 2 of The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones, but i'll never play these games. Fuck... i loved gaming, but it's a expensive hobby, without Telltale, is just not worth it for me, TWD's last season will be my last game. My childhood and teenage life are officially dead. I know i shouldn't get so frustrated but... I do feel worse than when i was dumped by my ex, and even worse than when i lost my first job!
I hope that this forum remains online...


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