its been a long time

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its been since August 30, 2010 that we havent seen sam & max game (beside poker night) i miss this franchise i’ve found myself reading the old comics and watching old episodes form the tv series even the discussions are not active every time i check it’s always from 2017



  • I miss them too, good buddy.

  • Seriously, Telltale games have become stale.
    Every single game is made on the principle of "cinematic storytelling".

    I want them to make some variety again, make a point-&-click adventure games for crying out loud.

  • Telltale forgot where they came from. We, the adventure game fans gave them their start. We got several great titles but slowly they started drifting towards whatever sells the most. A sound business practice, but a spit in the face to us who couldn't give two s***s about this "cinematic storytelling" and reaction time crap. I've tried Batman, I've tried TWD, neither of those held my interest for more than 5 minutes.

    I know I'm the minority here and most people who like Telltale's games nowadays will disagree with me, it's been like that for years. We won't see any more Sam'n'Max, TOMI, BTTF, hell, even Hector. Which is a real shame. I keep checking back semi-regularly and all I get is disappointed. Minecraft? TWD season what now? I mean come on, zombies? Still? I thought that fad went away (finally). Catering to the kids. Oh well. Whatever gets you paid, I guess.

  • Just fork the license over, if you aren't gonna respect one of the funniest dynamic duos in history.

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    While I do enjoy Telltale's newer content, it's still very frustrating and sad to not get anything new for the Freelance Police. Hopefully one day we can get another season, or just a new game from some other studio. (I'm still incredibly irked about that AMA where they said they had a new Sam & Max "project" of sorts in the works many years back)

  • I think that ended up being Poker Night 2. Unless you mean when they said we would see "something" for their anniversary. No idea what that was, but it probably didn't happen unless it was a brief sale in the store.

  • This was after Poker Night 2 came out.

  • Ah okay. That was during my "hiatus".

    Not forgotten, just left behind.

  • Well at least we're getting some overpriced figures this year woooo...

  • I think I'm on my 4th replay of all 3 seasons and I still love the game after all these years.
    I just want it back. I'll be semi-happy with just a remaster but I still want it back.
    Just like Destroy All Humans or other older franchises :(

  • you guys need to make a next season of sam & max it might could save the company!

  • I 2nd that notion.

    Lucoshi posted: »

    you guys need to make a next season of sam & max it might could save the company!

  • oh boy if only i could make a game (it would be shit)

    Jshadow posted: »

    I 2nd that notion.

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