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  • I just finished watching both seasons of American Vandal and I fucking loved both of them. Season 2 doesn't deliver on the comedy front as much as Season 1, but the drama is a lot more hard hitting.

  • my kitty chasing a moth around the house

  • I watched Toy Story 4 last night.

    Pros: It's a great movie, just like its predecessors. Toy Story still remains as the most perfect franchise in movie history. There are absolutely no bad entries. They are all good.

    Cons: It still felt kind of unnecessary. As much as I appreciate the advanced CG graphics and answering one question that wasn't answered in Toy Story 3, it still felt like it was made for fanservice or cash making. Now I'm not going to lie, the ending was pretty emotional, the villain was so well developed and like I said, I was soo mind blown by the graphics, I dunno why I'm surprised about it exactly. I can imagine how Tom Hanks felt towards the conclusion. My only real problem with the movie is the underdevelopment for Jessie's character, the only thing she did was making a distraction and that's it. Overall, I'm glad Pixar put a lot of focus on it and not insult the whole franchise which started their career in the first place.

    And for the love of God, do NOT make Toy Story 5. The original cast are all getting old and not all of their voices are going to be the same.

  • Watching Dragon Ball super and the uncut original naruto. Also trying to get into one peice.

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    Just finished Vis a Vis. Loved it. Such great characters.
    I had to add Zulema to my favorite villains ever list.

    I believe there's going to be some sort of spin/off. I can't wait.

  • I'm watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This show is sooooo underrated and overlooked, it lasted only 2 seasons. I decided to watch it because I'm a huge fan of the first movies and I wanted to see more. I heard the later films were pretty bad but I was told this show is the only good thing that came out after T2. Plus, Sarah Connor is played by the same actress who played Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. It's kind of confusing for a casting choice but still much better than Emilia Clarke in Terminator Genisys.

  • Where can I watch that show?

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    I'm watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This show is sooooo underrated and overlooked, it lasted only 2 seasons. I decided to

  • I pirated it. I don't think it's on Netflix.

    Where can I watch that show?

  • Oh ok

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    I pirated it. I don't think it's on Netflix.

  • I decided to finally start Naruto Shippuden again after the Pain arc however many months ago it was. Which of course meant that, according to the stream I was using, its season of FILLER!

    And flashbacks filler at that! Like, no joke, I skimmed the descriptions of several episodes and each one is an episode about a character reminiscing on how far they've come and/or simply having an adventure in the original Naruto's time. So after seeing a select few that seemed vaguely interesting/solid(the Naruto & Jiraiya in the Land of Waves is a definite watch next time), I settled on one that starred Tenten.
    For those who don't know, Tenten is The Girl on Rock Lee's team and the least developed of the original 12 Genin. So much so that her defining moments, her fight with Temari and her reliance on Ninja Tools, were primarily established in the anime & video games--the manga barely did more than breeze over the former in a single panel apparently. And reading the synopsis about her team(which has Naruto replacing Lee) going to meet this Weaponsmaster and protecting his work from thieves, I surmised that this would be pretty good focus for her character!
    It was kinda dull. If I could give my take pinpointing why, this felt a solid outline that the writer/director did little beyond the bare minimum. Despite being made the leader and getting to defeat the villains in the end, Tenten doesn't actually do much to say this her episode. The master and his assistant, with or without both looking weird, don't really form a relationship with her and aren't funny in themselves. And I don't mean in the sense that they are meant to be, but aren't good at it or for some come off as irksome instead--they just straight up aren't comedic characters bar the one quirk about the weapons. There was one legit joke that got a laugh and that involved a cut to a giant igniteable shuriken. Even the villains, who I assume are brothers, are kinda boring--they're just alternatively colored guys with ninja ponytails and they're mouths covered.
    (It lowkey took me a minute to find images of these guys.)

  • Vampire diaries S1

  • I watched "End Of The f***king World" on netlfix. Can't wait for season 2 coming out November 5th.

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    I recently got myself caught up on Episodes 1 and 2 of Mr. Robot's Season 4. Damn, it's a rollercoaster already and Sam (the creator) is already messing with me. It's freaking tense so far.

    I love the new kinds of cinematography touches they're doing, with a lot of cool long-shot scenes. They've really learned from Season 3's one-shot episode, and it's great.
    The choreography between Rami Malek and Christian Slater on

    the visual personality swapping between Elliot and Mr. Robot

    is also really impressive. They're going all out in doing cool new things this season and I love it.

    EDIT: This comment really needs to buy a Thesaurus.

  • I hate not having back up power in my house. temple run 3

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    Watching Scooby-Doo! Return to Zombie Island. ...The original was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I'm not out of the Halloween spirit yet.

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    Finishing Bojack Horseman Season 3 after taking a break from it.

    Is every Episode 11 really going to break your heart?! Geez, all these feels.

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    This is a cute little short

  • oh yeah, episode 11 is the big one each season. I think season 4's is the most devastating one easily.

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    Finishing Bojack Horseman Season 3 after taking a break from it. Is every Episode 11 really going to break your heart?! Geez, all these feels.

  • Season 3 is premiering tomorrow, can't wait.

    You know, I just realized I've never truly commented on here. All I've done is force encourage AChicken to watch Avatar and give me updates

  • I know, I'm so excited. The season is looking really good and all the reviews I've seen have been pretty positive. And for those of you that are still skeptical about the show, I present to you the cutest dragon in the history of the universe.

    Season 3 is premiering tomorrow, can't wait.

  • I'm watching The Mandalorian, It is really FUCKING good!

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    The Dragon Prince Season 3 is everything I was expecting, and then some. A fantastic season, albeit with some minor criticisms (pacing was a bit fast, but with everything they were doing, and to do it in nine, 26 minute long episodes, it's impressive).

    Rayllum baby, my ship has sailed.

    Callum learning more magic, Xadia is awesome, Rayla gets more development than she did in S2, I loved Soren this season, my girl Aanya to the rescue, a surprising amount of death in a kids show, and a set up for future seasons.

  • this appeared on my recommended like 2 years ago and ever since then any time it appears I rewatch it. absolutely adore it.

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    This is a cute little short

  • Finally decided I had the free time to get caught up a bit on Mr. Robot. Just finished Ep '405', and all I got is.. stresssssss



    Okay, this episode only featuring two lines of dialogue was a pretty nice feat, but the gimmick did get old about halfway through. It worked most of the time, but some moments I thought to myself: Okay, surely someone would have said something there...

    They pulled some really cool heist type+hacking moves here. Was a great, tense episode with lots of sneaky typing, hiding and running (wow lots of running. Congrats to Rami and his Stunt Double)

    Questions. What was the significance of the opening traffic light turning green, then in the middle with Dom it was shown not to? Foreshadowing for her character's fate?

    Janice the taxidermist is still creepy even through text. Eugh.

    Camera angles were on point again. As they usually are. Bravo DOP.
    Special mention to the composer/soundtrack producer. The music lead the show here and it was all planned/edited very well.

    Krista is in biiig trouble. SHIT.

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    Ezran and his pet reactions when they found out they're together was hilarious and priceless 😂

    The Dragon Prince Season 3 is everything I was expecting, and then some. A fantastic season, albeit with some minor criticisms (pacing was a

  • If someone doesn't try to make a meme out of Ezran's and Bait's reaction, then we have failed as a fandom.


  • I finished watching Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That cliffhanger, man. I think this show will never get a second chance which is totally sad.

    The show was okay. There are so many great ideas but Season 2 focused more on quantity over quality due to having 22 total episodes. I started to get bored a little bit after the first half of the second season.

    The casting was good. Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker did a decent job as the portrayals of Sarah and John Connor. Headey was kind of a confusing choice for a female heroine like Sarah Connor but she did a better performance than Emilia Clarke in Genisys.

    The best part of the show is easily Cameron, the T-900 model sent back to protect John Connor. Summer Glau did an amazing performance. She is easily my favorite terminator that isn't Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) or Robert Patrick (T-1000).

    It's definitely not perfect. It had confusing music of choice for an action sequence, there were too many plots that didn't need to be there and I was disappointed with some certain deaths of major characters. But at least it paid respects to James Cameron's vision of future war, even if there are some things that confuses me.

    I enjoyed this show a lot. However, I cannot consider it canon to the first 2 films because it has got some inconsistencies that kind of bother me. John mentions he was 12 when the T-1000 tried to hunt him down when he was actually 10 and the destruction of Skynet corporation happened in 1995, not 1997.

    Terminator should have never been a franchise in the first place. Dark Fate didn't fix shit. T1 and T2 are still the only movies that matter, the rest are fanfictions.

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    lord of the rings/ hobbit films, pirates of the carbibbean, castle rock S1, Scream 1 and 2 tv series

    and yes i am back on the forulms

  • After watching the Mr. Robot S4E11 mind-blowing nuclear-meltdown-of-an-episode, I decided to check out Sam Esmail's weird EsmailCorp production website, and unfortunately found that in the "New Media" tab that organises all the extra comics/games/books/web show bonus material for the show, there's also a link to Night School Studio's M.R. text-adventure for phones.

    Too bad clicking the link sends you to a blank Telltale.com page... :disappointed:
    Please, Telltale. Re-publish this thing...

  • I just saw Silver lining playbook movie. I thing it's the best movie I've ever seen!!

  • The Witcher on Netflix.

  • I decided to watch the original Miracle on 34th Street (1947) last night.

    I can see why it's a christmas classic. I really enjoyed it. Interesting plot of "this guy isn't Santa, but really believes it, and could be called so if people would just play along".
    I like how they didn't really dwell on the fact that this old man is so deluded he truly believes he's Santa. That could have turned dark really quickly.

    The movie's a great comedy at times, too. Lots of silly and laughable moments, especially about consumerism and the 'goodwill' fight between Macy's and Gimbels. Santa can be a badass, too.

    I didn't expect the climax to involve the trial of whether to legally, objectively say the man is Santa, but I was engrossed in it. The final 'twist' of delivering all the lost letters to Santa in the courtroom, effectively having the US Government's Postal Service to recognize the old man as Santa was a very cool moment.

    Socially, the idea of the film having some gender-subverting roles was cool, too. Fred Gailey was the sympathetic, emotional guy who believed in Santa against all reason. Doris Walker was the no-nonsense, logical woman who tried to steer Gailey and others away from the idea of fantasy and into something real.

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    I finished off Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance recently and it was very impressively done. The pacing could've been tighter in some spots, but the puppetry and production design is incredibly impressive and the world and characters are so enjoyable and interesting that I felt legitimately bummed out that I had left. Hope it gets a second season.

  • The Green Eggs and Ham TV series doesn't suck? What the fuck?

  • New year, new trailer.

    A Quiet Place Part II looks like it's going to be interesting and worthwhile. Seems like it'll play with multiple timelines, where we see the beginning of the apocalypse, and continuing on from the last film, where they're trying to find a better safe haven, or maybe make a silent community? idk.

  • I finished The Witcher, now I'm watching... You.

  • Guys, Parasite is so fucking good. Even if you're not into foreign films, I highly recommend you check it out.

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    I tried watching a new Netflix series "The Healing Powers of Dude". Got 1.5 episodes in. Not for me, did not like, hard pass.

    It's a show about a kid with social anxiety disorder trying to survive school with the help of his emotional support dog, Dude. Nice. Should be relatable enough, right? He does this with the help of his emotional support dog, Dude (voiced with an internal monologue by Steve Zahn). Ok... the premise sounds like it could make for some slightly compelling TV.
    But unfortunately the show has the setup of a sitcom, so almost every moment is wrapped up in some kind of joke or mood-breaking goofy character. Either that, or the show often feels nothing like reality.
    The acting isn't the best from every person, IMO.

    First, while the show revolves around Noah, the kid with SA, they really try to cram in as much "omg look at the cute doggy" moments as possible, even so far as bending the rules of emotional support animals (according to critics) by having Dude be allowed to accompany him at school, even in places like restaurants.
    Plus with the snarky, off-hand comments interspersed with "oh look food" hijinks, I half believe that the dog is the real main character.

    And don't get me started on the caricatures of human beings. The principal is someone who I can only describe as "discount Andy Bernard". It's like they wanted to get Ed Helms, but couldn't, so they got someone who looks almost the same and had him act like his iconic Office character.
    There's just a lot that's really taking me out of the show.

    Not to mention the weird reality plot-holes. Are we not going to talk about the fact that the kid skipped the first two days of school due to anxiety? Just a small comment acknowledging it? No word from teachers or even the principal about it?

    Not that it couldn't do anything interesting with it, but the show is also rated G. So that probably limits the amount of dark, compelling moments it can have.
    I will say, the moments where the show personifies Noah's SA are mostly fun to see, but it does not make up for the way they are presenting this.

    I should have judged this book by its cover. Was not impressed by the trailer, but thought to give it a shot. Still not impressed.

  • I watched the latest episode of Boku No Hero Academia today, it was an awesome close to the first arc of season four. And I can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeve for Saturday! Now, excitement aside, let's get into my thoughts on the arc altogether since it has just come to a close.

    This anime had some of the best animations of the season, in my opinion, You can really see that they've improved from season 1 all the way to season 2.

    Screencap of season 3

    Take this screencap from the previous season as an example, as you can see, they have some okay anatomy and some good faces. My only real gripe is that Tsuyu Asui's glove doesn't have fingers other than her thumb and pointer finger. While it doesn't break the scene, it is a little weird but something first-time viewers may not notice.

    Screencap of a previous episode from Season 4.

    I really like the animation in this season, the style of shading and coloring fits the gritty and violent nature of Shie Hassakai arc. You can really see Overhaul's ominous and evil ways just by looking at how he's drawn. As for Eri-chan, you can see that she's an innocent child and the main focus not just by her facial features. But also by her body language and posture, If you were to take a good glance at Eri-chan's body language you'd've realized that she's cupped her hands and she's bent over.

  • Shoot, I'm two seasons behind on this show.

    I watched the latest episode of Boku No Hero Academia today, it was an awesome close to the first arc of season four. And I can't wait to se

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