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  • Only just heard someone talking about this today, 12 years after it came out. Kinda glad I didn't watch that when it first came out, that would've messed up an already pretty weird year for me.

    I'm Old Gregg

  • You need to catch up, we're starting a new arc this Saturday.

    Shoot, I'm two seasons behind on this show.

  • Oh, so the latest episode is a cliffhanger before a hiatus?

    I watched the latest episode of Boku No Hero Academia today, it was an awesome close to the first arc of season four. And I can't wait to se

  • No, the latest episode, which comes out every Saturday, was rapping up the previous arc. The new arc starts this saturday.

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    Oh, so the latest episode is a cliffhanger before a hiatus?

  • Wait, I thought that was gonna be about FatGum?

    No, the latest episode, which comes out every Saturday, was rapping up the previous arc. The new arc starts this saturday.

  • That was a while ago, I'm not talking about Toonami,

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    Wait, I thought that was gonna be about FatGum?

  • Oh. That makes sense.

    That was a while ago, I'm not talking about Toonami,

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    So I did it... I saw it. The Mr. Robot finale.

    And at the moment, I have no words.

    I'm just giggling with emotions right now. By the credits scroll, they had me on the verge of tears.

    • I'm sad that it's over.
    • I'm sad because of the events in the episode.
    • I'm happy because they managed to do what I thought was impossible. Explain the mindfuck of confusion this finale has and the lingering mysteries surrounding Elliot's mental state throughout the entire series.
    • I'm happy because they tied it up in a way that feels satisfying to me.
    • I'm happy/sad for the beautiful ending.
    • I'm proud for the actors, who all did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB. Everyone. From Carly Chaikin to Grace Gummer to BD Wong to Christian Slater to obviously Rami Malek. This show has talent.
    • I'm nostalgic for the show's evolution and want to watch it all over again
      also because this final reveal will put scenes into a new light.
    • And I'm also the teensyest bit mad that Esmail still didn't tell us what happened in those infamous 3 days. Seriously. What. Happened?!

    One of, if not my personal favourite show of the 2010's. Big congrats to USA Network, Sam Esmail, the entire team at Universal and Anonymous Prod. who brought this to life, and everyone else involved with the creation of the show.

    If this doesn't win at least best original score or cinematography (or best episode 407) at the Emmys this year (in Sept. :frowning:) I'm gonna be so mad.

    I'll post more thoughts later. I just need to process this and maybe let go of these emotions for a bit. Holy freaking cow. :grin: :dizzy_face:

  • Ahhhhh mannnnn. I gotta wait for it to come out on DVD to watch it. We gonna have one helluva discussion when I do.

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    So I did it... I saw it. The Mr. Robot finale. And at the moment, I have no words. I'm just giggling with emotions right now. By t

  • Nice. Season 4 is supposed to come out on March 31st, so it's not too long now. Unless you'll be waiting for a sale too, which is perfectly valid.

    Acheive250 posted: »

    Ahhhhh mannnnn. I gotta wait for it to come out on DVD to watch it. We gonna have one helluva discussion when I do.

  • And to anyone else out of the loop, I highly recommend this show.
    If you're into thrillers, emotional dramas, character-driven stories, this show has a lot of that.

    Just watch the first 7 minutes here.

  • Lol, I got rid of my TV five years ago there’s barely anything to watch these days but to tell you the truth I got hooked on CW's- The Flash , Salem and The Walking Dead but I stopped watching shows back when I was my late teens and spent my time at the library on YouTube and reading graphic novels and being more active then I was since my Dorkish years since I was in High School I was the Double D but not go get off topic just there.

    I’ve been watching some old shows on the Pluto TV app and watching some of Rob Zombies films like the one I recently saw was 31 which was ⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me.

    I really need to see The Devils Rejects , people constantly tell me I need to see that movie.

  • This new fangled Mandalorian show is pretty cool. Just watched episode 1. I'll be dreaming about Baby Yoda all night! So adorable and I've only seen 5 seconds of him!
    That credits End Card was gorgeous! More of that, please!

    My current hope for the series is to have Mando get a lot more silver pieces of armour. The brown/green outfit is fine, but it seems pretty barebones for his kind of job. Plus that helmet is leagues above it in style.

  • I've been rewatching clips from Akira multiple times for the past four days.

    I think this is a sign that I should watch Akira again.

  • Teen Wolf (the TV show)

  • Currently Watching
    * Doctor Who (Season Twelve)
    * Endeavour (Season Seven)
    * Hunted (Season Five)
    * Star Trek Picard (Season One)

    Finished Watching
    * BoJack Horseman (Season Six, Part Two)
    * White House Farm (Six-Part Crime Drama)

    Planning To Watch
    * Castlevania (Season Three)
    * The Imagineering Story (Six-Part Documentary series)
    * The Mandalorian (Season One)
    * The World According to Jeff Goldblum (Documentary series)
    * Star Trek Discovery (Season Three)

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    Let's re-appreciate the amazing fight choreography that was made for Telltale's Batman series. (Thankfully uploaded by choreographer Vlad Rimburg)

    Full playlist of 11 fights

    Season 1 Episode 2 -- Bar Fight

    Season 1 Episode 4 -- Penguin Fight

    Season 2 Episode 2 -- Bane Fight

    Season 2 Episode 3 -- Catwoman Fight

    Season 2 Episode 5 Villain Joker+Harley Fight

    Season 2 Episode 5 Vigilante Joker Fight

    I was rewatching some of this previs footage, and wow it is simply stunning. From what I can gather, I assume these are the people (LBP Stunts Chicago) who Telltale hires to choreograph their fight scenes. That company then cinematically films a scene (probably with the help of someone at TTG) and then the animators pick and choose some of their favorite bits to animate and string together for their final fight.

    I'm pretty sure I remember seeing some of this footage mid-season 2 when these things were being talked about publicly. Because I don't remember seeing the base footage for that awesome Episode 5 fight scenes.

    If New TTG ever does a Batman Season 3, they have to stick with these guys.

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    I finished watching season 1 of Scissor Seven today. I highly recommend it for fans of anime and gorgeous animation.
    It's a show about a hairdresser called Seven who joins the assassin industry (to make lots of money). He's got a secret, badass past that he can't remember and spends each day taking on new (and sometimes weird) contracts. He can also control a pair of scissors with his mind. Alongside him is his mentor, Dai Bo, a blue smoking chicken. And, his trusty transportation method -- a small, round, green chicken called Xiao Fei. (who is also surprisingly strong and cute)

    I saw the english dub, and only finished the 10-episode main arc (final 4 episodes are bonus character side-stories). It's really quite good, with many humorous moments. The chinese music inserted at times is great, I love the band they hired for it.
    Animation is quick, sometimes bouncy, sometimes sharp. They animate fights, explosions and other cool effects really well.

    One weird thing is that it's another interesting show that can't decide if it wants to be serial or episodic. Episode 1 sets up the plot, main character's conflict, and the goal, but until the final 3 episodes, none of that really gets touched upon. It's just (sort of) a bunch of busywork. (some characters do return in the end)
    Episodes are ~15 minutes long so it's an easy binge.

  • Yankees Spring Training baseball.

  • I decided to go on a Terminator viewing marathon. I just finished watching Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. It's definitely not special, there are a few aspects that I liked but also some decisions that I wasn't okay with and there is only one thing that I really thought was the point where the movie just jumped the shark. A terminator programming cars and have them drive by themselves, controlling them with God-Knows-What. It was just way too much.

    Next is going to be Terminator Salvation and Genysis. I'm more interested to see Salvation because it's the only movie of the franchise that actually takes place in Future War but I won't expect much.

  • Finished watching season 1 of The Mandalorian. While I'm not sure it lives up to all of the hype, it's still a great show. And while I'm not a diehard Star Wars junkie that knows every piece of lore from the series, I do know enough to know that THAT ending...holy hell.

  • I'd agree with this. Overall a very well done show.

    Finished watching season 1 of The Mandalorian. While I'm not sure it lives up to all of the hype, it's still a great show. And while I'm not

  • I just finished my Terminator viewing marathon by watching Rise of the Machines, Salvation and Genysis. Here are my thoughts:

    Rise of the Machines had some pretty cool ideas and the best part is easily the ending of the film. It still felt unnecessary because it shares the same concept with T2 and that movie was better in every way. I hated how advanced TX was, I'm okay with the combination between liquid metal and endoskeleton but I'm not buying the fact that she can program and control cars with God-Knows-What technology it had in its body. Also, I hated Sarah Connor's fate in the movie, dying of cancer off-screen. Overall, I don't give two shits about this movie, the ideas of it deserved a better execution.

    Salvation is the only movie out of all the unnecessary sequels that I respect the most because it takes place during Future War and no more Time Travel shenanigans. However, I do understand why it gets so much hate. They made the Terminators look less scary because instead of terminating people, they just throw them around like puppets. The setting looks nothing like James Cameron's vision of future war because it has no plasma rifles, it lacks the environment of skulls and The Resistance have bases that look too secured for a Terminator apocalypse. A movie like this should have been a direct prequel to the first Terminator. That's the only sequel to T2 that could work but Hollywood gotta Hollywood, you know.

    Genisys was fucking terrible, just as much as Dark Fate. Who was in charge of the casting for this movie? Emilia Clarke is great but she is no Sarah Connor. Did they cast her because it worked for Lena Heady in the Sarah Connor Chronicles tv show? Both are Game of Thrones stars, in case you didn't know. WHO THE FUCK thought it would be a good idea to hire an actor from one of the worst action films ever made, Die Hard 5, to play Kyle Reese? Jai Courtney is garbage at acting and he is NOT the Kyle Reese we all know and love. Jason Clarke was also a terrible choice for an adult John Connor. He looks and acts NOTHING like him. The whole cast was horrible, except for Arnold Schwarzenegger and J.K. Simmons. Not only that, just like Dark Fate, it also destroys the legacy of John Connor's character. This shit felt more like a big-budget fanfiction because it has so many "What if" scenarios. What if Sarah Connor was raised by a T-800? What if John Connor was the main villain? What if Kyle Reese encountered a T-1000? What if a good T-800 fought a bad T-800? etc. WHO ASKED FOR THIS SHIT? I will never understand why James Cameron marketed this crap as the best Terminator movie since the first 2 films. I will NEVER watch this shit ever again. This and Dark Fate are both the worst. I don't care which is better, both suck nonetheless.

    Overall, here is my final verdict for each film in the franchise.

    T1 and T2 = Masterpieces
    T3: Rise of the Machines = Great ideas but unnecessary
    Salvation = Best ideas, horrible execution
    Genisys and Dark Fate = Plain garbage that no one ever wanted or asked for

  • I finished The Office a week ago. That was a fun show, I'll probably revisit it again in the future. The early seasons were definitely the Golden Years. Michael Scott cannot, and was not ever dethroned as the best part of that show after he left.
    For some reason the writers still wanted to introduce or even change an established character to fulfill the "idiot who doesn't realise he's an idiot"-shaped hole in the series. It was a nice attempt, but did not fill that hole by a long shot.

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    A short show I've started is Marvel's The Defenders
    The big crossover series of Netflix's big 4 heroes. It's enjoyable and action-packed. The interactions between the main characters is very fun, and surprisingly they're including almost all the important side-characters from each hero's respective series, too.
    Fun fact: in the early episodes, the show really loves to embrace the established visual "flair" each series had. Luke Cage's scenes have a yellow filter on making all the lights turn yellow. Jessica Jones has a blue filter. Iron Fist goes for a (dark) green. Daredevil doesn't really use a filter for his scenes, but the camera angles really try to shove in as many red lights as possible. Here's a red neon sign, here's a red lightbulb. Here's a red blanket, for crying out loud!
    When they do team up, the different filters and aesthetics tend to die out a bit. (Though in some cases -- Daredevil -- they still embrace it.)

    I also started an anime called Cells At Work!
    It's a very enjoyable and educational series about the human body, only all the cells and viruses are anthropomorphised anime characters (and the body is represented as a packed, overlapping city). It's pretty cute, and I like it! The main duo, Red Blood Cell (who is directionally inept) and White Blood Cell, (the normal, always saving RBC, germ-killer) are fun to follow around, though it's the episode's plots that are the best part of the show.
    The episode about Cedar Pollen Allergies is especially exciting and clever. Basically, in the show, a Memory Cell recalls an old legend of an apocalypse that occurs when the allergens attack. Tremors, floods, explosions, etc. The various cells put in 110% of their effort to dispose of the rampant allergens, but in doing so it essentially brings upon the apocalypse upon itself (tears, runny nose, congestion, sneezes and coughs).
    English Dub. It's quirky. My only complaint is that there's a lot of Japanese Info boxes that pop up, and Netflix really doesn't translate enough of them. If any, they only put a subtitle up for the info title.

    Ah, yes. A lot of the music in the show is orchestral, which makes lots of stuff epic.

    Also Platelets are the most adorable cells in the entire body fight me

  • I’m rewatching friends and that 70’s show. Both make me feel a lil bit less miserable. But sucks ass how season 8 went of 70’s.

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    Frozen 2 has been released on Disney+ today, 3 months earlier than scheduled due to the perfect quarantine/subscription-buying time we live in.

    I saw it for the first time, since I hadn't bothered to go see it in theatres when it came out. I really enjoyed it, and I think it's a great sequel that expands on the story and lore of the first film.

    The shift to the season of Autumn brings some great colour to the mix instead of an eternal white+blue Winter the last film brought. Dark, grey rocks contrast well with character outfits, hair, red leaves of fall and the green moss. Visually, there's darker tones here, and thematically, well, It's quite dark at times, too.

    Spoiler spoiler
    Disney had some real guts to seemingly kill off Olaf near the end (even though I knew he wouldn't stay dead for long). I'm sure that broke a lot of kids' hearts, with the way it was handled.
    Spoiler spoiler over

    The music was pretty good. I particularly liked the backing tracks (or at least noticed it) way more than the vocals or lyrics, with some notable picks I'd say Olaf's "When I Am Older" old-timey broadway showtunes with sci-fi violin shrieks, and odd but kinda cool Pop Ballad infused "Lost in the Woods".
    The breakout successor to 'Let It Go', "Into The Unknown" is not my favourite song of the soundtrack, and I don't think it tops 'Let It Go' either, but the Theatrical version of the song features trumpets in the final verses and it's a nice surprise to what's been constantly played in every single trailer for this thing. The visuals are a nice accompaniment to it, too. Gotta love that artistic snow power!

    "Show Yourself" is the best part of the soundtrack. It doesn't overuse the wow-inducing high-notes like Into The Unknown (only uses one big one), is a pretty emotional song within the context of the film, and has a great duet and tie-in to a previous song in the film. It also fits Elsa's quest for truth really well.

    Also, I love how Disney just embraced the weird sad love-song music-video style for Kristoff's "Lost In The Woods" song. It's a ridiculous treat to watch. The solemn looking out at the horizon, the wide-shot and close-up face fade-in... Man, it's weird but fun.

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    I just finished the Mandalorian.
    Great show, and there's some interesting directors in the mix. Bryce Dallas Howard did one, Taika Watiti directed the finale.

    I don't quite get what that black lightsaber-looking thing was at the end, but it's cool.

    I think I'm going to start watching The Clone Wars series now.
    Got a loooot to catch up on.

    big picture sorry

  • Note that I mainly got this info from the Star Wars wiki and a couple YouTube videos.

    The black light saber is called "the darksaber." It is the only one of its kind and was used by the first Mandalorian to ever become a Jedi (Tarre Vizsla), as Mandalorians and the Jedi were not always on the best of terms. I believe the reasoning for its unique design was of how it reflected Mandalorian culture, while still acting like a lightsaber, and is highly regarded and respected amongst Mandalorians. It made a few appearances in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the character who uses it was voiced by Jon Favreau, the creator of The Mandalorian (TCW was also created by Dave Filoni, an executive producer on The Mandalorian).

    AChicken posted: »

    I just finished the Mandalorian. Great show, and there's some interesting directors in the mix. Bryce Dallas Howard did one, Taika Watiti d

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    It then became a key plot element in Star Wars Rebels. Was that Jon Favreau as Pre?

    To think it only came about because George Lucas made a small change.

    Note that I mainly got this info from the Star Wars wiki and a couple YouTube videos. (Spoiler)

  • Yes, that was Favreau's character.

    DabigRG posted: »

    (Spoiler) To think it only came about because George Lucas made a small change.

  • This whole coronavirus bullshit is spreading through the whole world and you know how I made myself calm from all of that? Watching the Final Destination movies. That's right. I didn't care because I'm not going outside that much anymore.

    I watched the first one back in December 2019, I really enjoyed it. What makes it so scary is that you don't know how the characters were going to die and those causes of death can happen in real life ANYTIME. Then I recently just finished watching the sequels, except for the fourth one because I heard it was the worst one and garbage. Dunno if I'll actually watch it anytime soon. The franchise is very interesting to watch, they are not masterpieces but they are definitely made for horror fans who love seeing gore.

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    If you're at all a fan of Anime, I highly recommend you check out the hilarious show Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Best anime I saw last year. Season 2 just started and it's so, so good. >.<
    You can watch Season 1 for free on Funimation. Crunchyroll works too but you need a subscription for it there.

    Kaguya Shinomiya and Myuki Shirogane have a crush on each other, but both are too prideful to admit it. For whatever reason, they think that in the game of love, whoever admits their affection first is the loser! How can Kaguya or Shirogane get the other to admit they love them, without giving themselves away? And so, the mindgames commence.

    I just had to gush about it. Anyone's got recent anime recommendations for me, feel free to say 'em.

  • I saw (Zombie Games : The Knackery) for the first time...ive wasn't aware of this movies existence back when I was in high school I even at that time I was glued to the SYFI channel along with Chiller which I would've expect it to be aired but become of the extended stuff cut.

    The movie basicly has to do with a reality show called (The Knackery) and six contestants participate on their survival skills on killing each other user thirdteen- minutes then they unleash the horde.

    The last mand standing wins £1million.

  • Aggretsuko

    It's good so far, I love how it isn't what it seems.

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    I saw the Wiloughbys tonight.

    Such a fun, charming, film with some nice dark adult jokes in there at times.
    Really well-made film by Netflix, it really seems like something one of the big-name animation studios would put out to theatres, but it's not.

    Cast was real nice, very soothing at times. Alessia Cara as Jane and Maya Rudolph as the Nanny were both my favourite, they did a really nice job there. (Will Forte, too, but I appreciated the former characters more).

    To be honest, the baby was my favourite part of the film. Such a bundle of energy and joy, and oh so adorable. They really embraced its frantic, beastly nature, for sure.

    Only complaint I have is that the plot seems so disjointed. Well, maybe disjointed isn't the right word -- they all flow into each other logically -- it's just that it's really not your typical 3-act film structure. There's a lot of sub-plots taking over one after the other, so it's "different" that way.
    I really enjoyed it otherwise. It's unique in many, many great ways.

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    Just finished watching Netflix's adaptation of the famous Dr. Seuss story Green Eggs and Ham.

    Boy, this is a show to check out!
    You're probably wondering "how do they make a 13-episode series out of a short children's book"? Well, you add a bunch of plot on top, that's how.

    Sam-I-Am (voiced by the energeticly goofy Adam Devine) steals an endangered Chickeraffe from a zoo (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker -- though only in warbles and chirps) and after a chance encounter with failed inventor Guy-Am-I (voiced by Michael Douglas) ends up in a cross-country trek to reunite the animal with its remaining family.
    Along the way, though, there's a story of repeated encounters with an overprotective mom and her whimsy-deprived daughter, some BADGUYS, a Goat with an awesome guitar riff theme song, and lots of Green Eggs and Ham.
    It's also narrated by Keegan-Michael Key in the same rhyming pattern used in Seuss' books!

    There's a lot of fun humour, a lot of interesting locations and one-off characters, some really great recurring jokes (one of which involves different bracelets), word-play, and some very unexpected plot twists and back stories for characters. It's awesome.

    I'm pretty sure the writing and animation team really embrace the Seuss lore, or are at least very, very inspired by it (by which I mean -- the vocabulary and design throughout seems spot-on). There's lots of whimsical words, whirly-twirly designs for objects, and ridiculous concepts that you just have to accept and roll with!

    The show can get pretty dark, too. The big corporate bad guy's motivation for sending his goons after the Chickeraffe has a pretty dark undertone to how tame the implication seems. There's a short monologue near the end of the show that's positively heartbreaking, too.

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    Aaaand tonight I saw The Matrix for the first time. Seriously iconic movie, never got around to watching it in all my life.

    Really glad I did! Some very awesome action scenes, with the martial arts combat scenes being AMAZING. I did not expect all the creepy body-horror though, with a buuunch of creepy robot tubes and technology plugged into people in the "real world". I guess that means the special effects and prop work was pretty well-done, given how much it managed to unsettle me! God, those were terrifying (do not get me started on that cyborg bug that can burrow into your belly button!)

    Apparently one of the stunt doubles for Keanu Reeves went on to direct the three John Wick movies! (Which makes total sense, given how fantastic the choreography are for them.)

    Also, yay! Now I'll finally get all those parodies and references to The Matrix in pop culture!

    Side-Note: Netflix and Vox's great Explained series is getting another limited series spinoff, releasing later today. This time it's very topical, all about the Coronavirus we're all quarantined away from. I'm excited for that.

  • I finally finished Stranger Things season one, and I am halfway done with season two! This is such a good show.

    It was so good, I was holding back from watching it just because I was feeling lazy. But, I'm happy with the show. I like the cast, they are all so funny. And in their interviews, they all seem like they are friends on and off the screen.

    Anyway, let's stop with the paragraph of me fanboying over the cast. lol

    I really loved the plot twists for season one, I didn't really expect some of the stuff. But, I understood it's hints and its other essential stuff that they need in order to make Stranger Things what it is. I wasn't expecting the ending, and I didn't know if I should feel happy or sad. Because one character is happy. But, the other lost someone important to the series.

    Season two is way different from the first season in many ways. It's not bad, it is actually good that the writers stood up and made some refreshing changes. And, that is something we don't really see a lot of writers or producers do. It just doesn't have the same feel like the first season. Which, I guess could be taken in a lot of different ways depending on how you look at it.

    Overall, I am happy with this series. And, I will continue watching it.

    Thank you for reading my block of nerdy-ness. lol

  • Season 2 remains my favourite season of Stranger Things.

    The awesome unsettling plot of Will being taken over by the Upside Down, topped off by some really impressive acting done by Noah Schnapp, detailing that slow shift.
    (He's underused in most of the series, IMO)

    I finally finished Stranger Things season one, and I am halfway done with season two! This is such a good show. It was so good, I was hol

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