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    Dos Vidanya, ST...
    (it's not really goodbye, but I feel like Season 4 might be the last one. Still, it'll be a while till it's out. This is still just a teaser.)

  • So, this is how our boi became red guardian?

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    Dos Vidanya, ST... (it's not really goodbye, but I feel like Season 4 might be the last one. Still, it'll be a while till it's out. This is still just a teaser.)

  • I'm glad they revealed it in the teaser and didn't drag it out, because everyone knew that already.

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    Dos Vidanya, ST... (it's not really goodbye, but I feel like Season 4 might be the last one. Still, it'll be a while till it's out. This is still just a teaser.)

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    Netflix just released a new Stranger Things 4 teaser.

    Seems more lab flashbacks and test subjects are incoming for the new season.
    Hopefully it's handled better than it was in Season 2.

  • Welp, this season better have good pacing.

    4 new actors are joining Season 4 in recurring character roles.
    season 4 cast additions

    The hit Netflix series has cast Amybeth McNulty (“Anne with an E”), Myles Truitt (“Queen Sugar”), Regina Ting Chen (“Queen of the South”), and Grace Van Dien (“The Village”). The new season is currently in production in Atlanta.

    McNulty will play Vickie, a cool, fast-talking band nerd who catches the eye of one of our beloved heroes. She is repped by Silver Lining Entertainment and Lisa Richards Agency.

    Truitt will play Patrick, a Hawkins basketball star who has friends, talent, and a good life, until shocking events send his life spiraling out of control. He is repped by UTA.

    Ting Chen will play Ms. Kelly, a popular guidance counselor who cares deeply for her students—especially those struggling the most. She is repped by Atlanta Models and Talent.

    Van Dien will play Chrissy, Hawkins’ High lead cheerleader and the most popular girl in school. But beneath the seemingly perfect surface lies a dark secret. She is repped by LINK Entertainment and Innovative Artists.

    I'm all for actors getting jobs and all, (and yeah I'd kill to be on that set) but man this show is getting too big for its boots.
    They've got to end it eventually, and I hope Season 5 is the planned ending like the Duffer Bros. have mentioned.

  • That's 2022 confirmed for a premiere year.
    What holiday do we think this one's gonna revolve around? New Year's? (too early IMO) Valentine's? Easter??

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    With Teasers 3 and 4 released for the new season, it's only a matter of time until we get the date announcement and full trailer.



    Every season had an homage to some Iconic horror theme, with last season's being zombie-movie, slasher, cold-war scare. Seems like Season 4 can add "haunted house hijinks" to the mix.

    Also, a mention of Spring Break in that last one. I guess we can expect a March-April release window.
    NEVERMIND! They just released the title teaser today. Summer 2022 at the end.

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    Stranger Things Season 4 is dropping in 2 parts. The first part in May, the second part in July.
    Season 5 will be the final season.

    I'm glad they finally confirmed it, because the world-building is getting a bit too wide, and this felt like the show Netflix would make 9 seasons of just for the hell of it.

  • And here we go! This season looks pretty epic, and leading up to the grand finale.
    The Upside Down is evolving... yeesh.

  • STRANGER THINGS 4 is the most Supersized Ever

    Stranger Things Season 4 is getting long, for better or for worse. And the release structure of the two parts is quite different.

    Essentially, nearly every episode in the 9-episode season is feature-length. Over an hour each instead of the usual 45 mins.
    Episode 407 is 1h38m. 408 is 1h25m. Season finale 409 gonna be a whopping near 2 and a half hours!

    May 27, we get the first 7 Episodes of Season 4, it'll be about 9 hours of content.
    July 1st, we get the last two of the season. It'll be about 4 hours of content.

    The Duffer Brothers say there's going to be a lot of world-building in prep for the final Season 5. I just hope it's not too much.
    I already thought Season 3 was too packed with characters, plots, and scope.

  • I am going to need... a lot... of snacks.

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    STRANGER THINGS 4 is the most Supersized Ever Stranger Things Season 4 is getting long, for better or for worse. And the release structur

  • Mother of Pearl each episode is pretty much a movie.

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    STRANGER THINGS 4 is the most Supersized Ever Stranger Things Season 4 is getting long, for better or for worse. And the release structur

  • Me looking at how fuckin' old these kids are now compared to the first season.

  • Oh yeah Stranger Things 4 Part 1 is out today isn't it

    Also yikes there really are way too many characters now, look at these new character posters they just released!
    Granted, some of those are Season 4 newbies so they might not stick around, but dare I say it, the main, main group from Season 2-3 should start having some leave or killed off. I'm worried about the pacing and development this season.

  • Stranger Things 4 is pretty great so far. 2 Episodes in.

    • The horror is clearly well-done. Really well-done. It's terrifying. I hate that I kinda like how dark it looks compared to previous seasons.
    • It can be a bit much though. Holy hell. Two unexplainable bone-snapping deaths in two episodes. Just... AAHHH YIKES. I signed up for this show for spooky possessions and subtle spooks, already I'm kinda like "can we maybe slow down guys?" O_O
    • New locations are great, but the splitting of the group and addition of many new characters means I have to re-wrap my brain around things in a lot of scene transitions. It's probably just me, but it's something to get used to. ("here we see Person X, so this is in location 1, we just changed to Location 3, which has persons B and C... okay...")
    • The bullies are just... bad. Like, writing-wise, I hate them. Why are they a thing. Why does Eleven need this humiliating arc in this season? Why are they so cartoonishly evil? I get this show plays on common tropes of 80's media, but this just doesn't feel right. The more scenes they appear in, the more unbelievable they become.
    • Disrespect towards Will is so shameful. All the guy wanted in Season 3 was to play DnD with his buddies, but they had girlfriends. Now, he's left, and they are back on the saddle and joined a whole freaking after-school club about DnD. SMH :triumph:
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    I just finished volume 1 of season 4.

    It's really good. I'll put up my thoughts later.

  • I'm really liking season 4 so far, especially episode 4 which I think might be the best episode of the series yet, in no small part to Sadie Sink's performance as Max. The season in general has had really strong acting with the biggest surprise being Joseph Quinn as Eddie, he really steals the show whenever he's on screen. He's just a really fun charming character despite being such a late addition to the series.

    The writing also feels more focused than the past couple seasons, with all the plot threads coming together in a pretty satisfying way, especially towards the end of this volume which had me absolutely enthralled. That doesn't necessarily mean it's all top notch, while the main stories have been great, some of the side stuff does leave me wishing there was a bit more/less to it. While I didn't mind the longer run time, some things did feel a little bit stretched out. Also not a fan of the Stephen King level bullies in this they were way too annoying, though I did feel a sick sense of satisfaction when one of them got their comeuppance lol.

    Season 3 is my favourite season overall but if they manage to pull off the ending, season 4 might end up dethroning it. I'm really enjoying my time with it.

  • I've passed the halfway point in Season 4 now. Finished Episode 4. Can definitely give some impressions on it I think.

    This season has been really great so far. The length of the episodes has been such a boon to the show, giving plots ample time to breathe and pacing to slow down. (Honestly I don't remember all that much of Season 3, I'm going to chalk that up to the pacing? There are a few moments my brain remembers but a lot of it felt like a storytelling blur.)
    The authenticity to the 80s culture, location, and themes is once again top-notch. Say what you will about the series itself, but Netflix has the budget to make this an accurate period-piece (at least to me, and outside observer).

    The horror in general this season feels a lot more pronounced, it's terrifying and I hate it, but that's what makes it good I guess! Plus the added mystery surrounding new villain Vecna and what his whole deal is. What's with the powers? Why randomly showing up?
    I do hope they don't reveal everything about The Upside Down by the end of the series -- the eldritch, unexplainable horrors are what make the concept spooky in the first place -- but I like how they're really trying to pull back the curtain some more this time around, deepen the lore and world-building of this otherwise macguffin alternate universe.

    And Sadie Sink. Man! She did a fantastic job in Episode 4. Really hope to see her name on awards lists this year. I think she could have a shot.

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    Trailer for Volume 2 of Season 4!

    It really feels like they're waving death flags for one of these characters.

    Me if Steve gets murked this season.

  • Kind of last minute, but I finished the first part of Stranger Things 4 yesterday. It's been a really enjoyable season so far and I can't wait to see how they end it/what they're going to set up for the final season.

    • The Horror this season was very disturbing. Lots of tense scenarios. I felt like Season 3 leaned too far into humorous breaks between the scary monster stuff, and it felt weird overall.
      This season has some terrifying body-horror. Every single time they show one of those mangled deaths, I just can't watch. It's just... soooo graphic. But so interesting for this show.

    • Somehow, the cast got a lot bigger but they balanced it out very well! Most of those people are side-characters so they only get an episode or two to feature, but the new mainstay Eddie is a great addition. Other things like Victor Creel, the Lab Orderly, bad Army dudes, Suzie again, and some of the kids' parents, get their chance to be memorable enough but don't latch onto the main plot so much.

    • A lot of the splitting up of the group is a bit overwhelming though. You've got Mike and the gang in California, the gang in Hawkins, Hopper in Russia,
      then the army in a secret location, 11 in the desert lab, then the Young Adults in the Upside Down
      characters change locations, it's a lot.
    • However, I think the increased length of episodes in this season was a fantastic choice. Each episode feels long enough, allowing for slower pacing, more character moments, more time to develop the story instead of rushing into things or jumping from one big setpiece to the next. (Plus the added short flashbacks to previous episodes are nice, if you take a few days between watching long episodes -- I hate the death flashbacks though ugh XD)
      The way they developed the mystery, tying in elements of D&D Satanic panic I thought was hilarious.

    • Bit worried they'll be revealing too much about the Upside Down and the eldritch monsters/world by the end of the show given what's in that last episode -- the beauty of it is the uncertainty about it. But we'll see.

    Unfortunately Netflix spoiled the Orderly/001/Vecna twist a week ago with a meme!! A freaking meme on their youtube channel!! They should at least wait to spoil that stuff until Part 2 comes out but... agghhh. Anyway...

    As for Part 2, wow. Can't wait. They nearly had me think Steve was going to die, I was really scared for him... and now there's Nancy on the edge too?!
    Well, for Steve, I figured they wouldn't tease us with his death on a cliffhanger, only to still go through with it in the intro of the next episode -- that'd be cruel!
    But... Nancy's got the same issue going on in the episode right after! I don't trust them to do a fake-out two times in a row, but we'll see.

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    Gonna do a quick (hopefully) bullet-point list now that I've finished the season.

    • Love the return to unexplainable horror, mystery, govt. coverups.
    • Longer episodes = slower pacing = I liked this... mostly.
      The last episode definitely dragged on at times just to build up unnecessary tension

    • Plenty of (side) characters get killed off throughout the season, adding to the stakes and scares.

    • Eddie is a great new character, really dig his vibes with Dustin and the rest of the crew -- his fish-out-of-water type character is fun coming in this late in such a huge series.
    • Glad they didn't shy away from resolving Dr. Brenner's abusive past towards all the kidnapped children. He may have truly cared for them, but clearly had ulterior motives and was controlling and abusive piece of shit. Glad to finally see his dead body.
    • The Satanic Panic plot got fleshed out way, way more than I expected. Proved to be a major obstacle and threat to our main characters. I enjoyed it. It offered a distinct 'human' threat instead of just eldritch monsters or stereotypical Cold War Russians.
    • About Russians, I like they didn't play such a big part this season. Hopper's break-out plot was engaging enough, but felt very inconsequential by the end with how everything resolved so smoothly. Nothing was really learned or any consequences were left in Russia.
    • Don't totally like the idea of Vecna/001 "creating" The Mind Flayer. I guess he just shaped him into a corporeal form, but it's a bit unclear here.
    • Metallica sequence was freakin' epic.
    • However Eddie's death felt very contrived. To buy extra time like that was impressive, but he could have kept running. Instead he sacrifices himself to a swarm of bats that die a few minutes later anyway. Also Dustin breaks his ankle because... they needed more stakes? Idk about that. RIP Eddie. Side character really did not fuckin deserve to die.
    • Max's death was extremely heartbreaking. Sadie Sink oooooh she's good. Caleb McLaughlin I think had one of his first major dramatic scenes in this show and it was fantastic. Awesome performances from both of them.
    • Max coming back to life... or something like that... felt really cheap. She's a great actor, they probably want to keep her -- hell, I can see some sort of "she is Vecna's empty vessel" plot for next season -- but damnit this Plot Armor stuff is getting so annoying. I really hope Eleven didn't also just curse Max to a new life of pain and misery. Breaking all 4 limbs like that -- she'll need months to recover anyway -- if Hawkins even has any months left after that ending...
    • Noah Schnapp also getting great dramatic scenes with the not-so-sublte Gay teasing for his character. He's one of the show's best child actors really. (Or... WAS! Now YA!)
    • But... ugh... man... Mike. I used to like this guy, the actor and the character. I don't know if it's the writing or if Wolfhard isn't putting the effort into it, but all of his dramatic scenes this season feel so flat and stilted. The heart-to-heart in the van felt flat, the speech to El felt lame... something about it really bothers me and I'm just not enjoying his character.
    • The gate earthquake was impressive, as were the scenes leading up to it. I was sure they'd end this season on a somber note, but they nearly had me convinced they had Vecna dead for real -- though I unfortunately called it the moment he fell out the window: his body would be magically gone by the time the characters reached the entrance. Still, the false-victory moment was nice. I didn't expect to get that.
    • Hope Netflix has a good budget for the next season if we're gonna get a destroyed Hawkins.
      And I'm not sure, but I'd hope some time-skip occurs. The characters vs. actors age gap gets even more unbelievable each season. But Vecna just lying in wait for a few months/years after what just happened would feel even more implausible given his "victory" in the end.
      Also can the Adults finally get clued into this Alt Dimension stuff in the next one?! It's getting maddening with how much this scooby-doo crew manages to complete every single year unbeknownst to the rest of the population. There's a "door to hell" sure, but hopefully the cult craze doesn't impact the next season too much because of it. I've had my fill already.

    Ok coolio. Time to see how long this next one takes. 2.5 years? 3? I say 3.

  • Behold...the greatest use of Metallica EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    I still don't know the context, never watched past Season 1, but this is fucking awesome. And it's the actual actor playing guitar, which makes it even better and more authentic.

  • Shall they make a stranger things game

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