Is Season 2 Really Coming?

You can’t really blame me for thinking this. You gotta admit, the announcement for season two sounded too good to be true. But it’s been six months+ since the teaser trailer was released. I remember the drama of whether or not the walking dead would finish and it was a miracle when it did. It was then officially announced that it was really the end. So for them to come out of the blue and announce a brand new game, it was kinda odd. Believe me, I want a Wolf Among Us 2 as much as anyone, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for something that might not come. I’ll feel a lot better when we eventually get an official release date. I just think it’s kind weird that it’s been at least six months and we’ve seen nothing but one teaser trailer.


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    Yes it's happening,right now they're hiring so that means they probably started working on it on the Unreal Engine,but it's gonna take them a while,but it's definitely happening. The game didn't get cancelled once and brought back to life only to get cancelled again.

  • Finally yahoo I haven’t been on this site in a min

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    Finally yahoo I haven’t been on this site in a min

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