I recently played the first game again and there's one thing I'm confused about the story (spoilers)

If Faith is Nerissa, then who is the head in the beginning of the game? There's pictures of Faith and Nerissa together so they are different people. Was it Nerissa who was actually killed and Faith glamoured Nerissa and herself to switch appearances? But Gerogie said he killed Faith. Unless they switched appearances before that. Why did Faith decide to become Nerissa?


  • It would have to have been the real Nerissa's head, since Faith would no doubt have to lay low since Georgie wanted her dead.l and thought he had done so.

    The real question is why did they swap places in the first place?

  • I do not think Faith is Nerissa. It is impractical for her to be able to afford glamours that can keep her in Nerissa form for that long. It is more likely that Faith from the first episode was not Faith at all but Nerissa glamoured as Faith to motivate Bigby further alongside leaving Faith's head at his doorstep. This would also explain the Georgie problem since he really killed Faith and he does not know about the night Nerissa glamoured as Faith went to the Woodsman's apartment, so Nerissa hanging out wouldn't be a big deal.

  • The is def a possibility but it is important to note that by the time we meet Nerissa in episode 2, the actual story of the game ends about 3 days later so it really hasn't truly been that long, plus Nerissa at the end of the game was planning on leaving, so if it is Faith she'd have only been glamoured as Nerissa for about 3 days as after she left Fabletown she'd no longer need to use the glamour if she was Faith.

    I do not think Faith is Nerissa. It is impractical for her to be able to afford glamours that can keep her in Nerissa form for that long. It

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    Faith is alive, Nerissa is the one dead and we didn't meet her at all.
    Faith (in shape of Nerissa) backstage said that Faith misses alot of her shifts,
    So Nerissa gets Glamoured as faith and cover for her,
    That's why Woody told Faith in the start I have seen U before.
    Gorgie wanted to kill faith after Nerissa told him about Faith's Plan, so he killed what appeared to him to be Faith but she was actually Nerissa (Glamoured).
    When Faith knew, she Glamoured her self as Nerissa all along the story, and planned to revenge for her.

    Strong evidence for this, is that Dr.swine heart suspected something about Faith's body and "required further investigations" this is said by Snow when Bigby asked about the body report.

    Another strong evidence when u ask mirror about Faith it says my lips are sealed (because of the spell), however it shows her father's body, so it should show dead Bodies without problem.

    Last evidence, when (what appears to be Nerissa) told bigby in his office she used to be called little mermaid, which was Faith's Fable Original story (drawing in bufkin's book) when she escaped the village disguising as a (donkie).

    Last thing, u can clearly how emotional Faith went in the Trial when it comes up with her she name, "Nerissa, MY NAME IS NERISSA", because she was doing all of that for her.

    I hope everything is clear now 🙂

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