Why releasing the games in episodes is a good idea

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Instead of releasing everything at the same time. The best idea is like 2 weeks between the episodes, the waiting used to be too much in past Telltale games.

And why is it a good idea? Of course, there is the fact that it gives more discussions and predictions among fans. But besides that, this is a good idea from a marketing standpoint. Basically if you release everything at the same time, once it is out, in a few weeks everything is done. The marketing and hype wont stay for that long. However if you release in episodes you always can release trailers and basically promote the game more. The hype remains for a bigger period of time.


  • I think that's what they're doing.

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    I agree. I feel 1 week may be the best option market wise even if it does go by fast. I personally would want it to be every 2 weeks as I feel that works really well for Episode release, discussion, Episode Trailer, Discusses until next episode release, but I feel general audience which are impatient will want it asap. So I feel best choice would be weekly to make sure the momentum never slows with the majority.

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    I think that even if Telltale does stick with monthly episodes, it'll work out better because Telltale will have better predictability. Since they won't be doing live rewrites like Telltale 1.0, we'll have an actual semblance of a schedule instead of 2 to 5 months of radio silence followed by a staff member tweeting "#SOON ;-)"

    But, that said, I would definitely enjoy weekly or bi-weekly episodes as long as it wasn't too rough for Telltale 2.0's PR team to keep up with advertising.

    Even with Telltale 1.0's shaky release schedule, I recall hearing after the studio collapse that advertising individual episodes compared to traditional game releases was a bit more involved in its work load (but that could also be related to how many games Telltale worked on too).

  • I just can't wait for potentially weekly Episode trailers. Telltale trailers are great. And reading the Episode descriptions should be fun too.

  • You have to wonder how many casual players old Telltale used to lose between episodes!

  • for real tho why were casual fans like getting episode 3 deep and then just

    You have to wonder how many casual players old Telltale used to lose between episodes!

  • I'd definitely enjoy having weekly discussions with people on the episodes, it'll be a really good five weeks.

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