"No Other Way" and "New Haunts" Episode Discussion (TWD S11B)

The Walking Dead premiered last Sunday? What? And I missed it? I've been doing these threads for 7 years, and missed that. Damn.

Well, I have some catching up to do. If you anyone wants to comment on either last's week episode or the episode tonight, feel free to do so.


  • I really really enjoyed these two episodes. The Reaper arc is finally over and it ended in a pretty satisfying way. I especially liked Gabriel's confrontation with the priest, Negan and his pocket sand, Maggie taking Negan's advice and the Alexandria gang finally meeting the Commonwealth. The music in this was also top notch, in particular Maggie's big scene towards the latter half of the episode. Also RIP Alden, we didn't get to see it but at least the man took out one more Reaper before succumbing to his wounds.

    I thought the second episode was even better. Most of the gang moving into the Commonwealth and having to figure out how to go back to living a "normal" life was really interesting to watch and made it feel like I was watching an entirely different show. I really like how much they expanded on the Commonwealth from the comics. I love that Daryl took over as Judith and RJ's guardian and of course Carol is now in her sneaky mode which is fun. They nailed the castings for Pamela and especially Sebastian. The actor does a great job of being incredibly annoying.

    Pamela's backstory here is pretty interesting. It seems like she's straight up the daughter of the US President, who helped build the Commonwealth and died sometime during the apocalypse from natural causes, which certainly explains why so many people have rallied behind her. Her behaviour here seems to imply something more antagonistic to her comicbook counterpart, which'll be interesting to see play out.

    Overall, a couple of really good episodes. Looking forward to seeing how it continues from here.

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