Hector - Irish fans

Keeping in the spirit of things leading up to the release. Seriously, how many Irish people is there here (both North and South), in general and how may have played Hector already? I'd expect there to be loads of Northern fans since that's the games homeland... or I would hope so. It be great if there'll be a new tradition of making point and click adventures games on the whole island! That'd be sweet. :D I dunno how many Southerners are in on Hector, but I'll be sure to spread the word down here too!

I can't wait for this game, see what I'm reduced to now, lol? XD


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    I think it's just you and I Hayley.

    I think Ireland would be a good home for a new breed of pointing and clicking, we know how to spin a yarn
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    WOO! Represent! *brofist* XD

    And that ball of yarn could be used to solve the puzzles of our games. And maybe get us out of the recession.

    Seriously, why didn't we think of this sooner? We could've avoided recession.
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    I was under the impression the game did take place down south. I've met more chavs down south than I have in my time up north. :P
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