No option to buy the episodes seperately???

The only buy option I can find is a full season option...

Which I can't afford at the moment. I was going to try out the series by buying the first episode.

Well done for shooting yourself in the foot, Telltale :mad:

If anyone knows somewhere I can buy these games seperately, I'd appreciate it.


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    Think I'll get something else... just finished To The moon and looking for something to fill a corner :p Hector looked like alot of fun but sadly can't try that.
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    I'm all for choice for consumers, but honestly, you really shouldn't play them as separate games.

    Do you, by any chance, own an iOS device? I think the first episode of Hector is still free on there (for a limited time). Puzzle Agent is also an affordable and very good Telltale game.
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    Or buy the latest Humble Bundle if you haven't already.

    EDIT: Didn't realise this thread was more than a week old, so you've probably bought something by now.
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