Sam & Max are 25. Steve Purcell asks fans about their future..

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Hi all,
Steve Purcell announced on his blog that the first published Sam & Max comic appeared on the stands just 25 years ago…
In this occasion he asks the fans what would they want for Sam & Max in the future…
His blog isn’t that publicized.. so please, Sam & Max fans around here, go there and comment on what you’d expect for Sam & Max..
Let’s just hope that if many fans go there and show their interest in whatever they care about Sam & Max (game, comics, animated series, merchandise…), we’ll see something new in the future about them!

I personnaly asked for new sam&max comics..
Here’s the link to Steve’s Sam&Max; blog:


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    25 years? Today????
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    Well it was on July 14th..
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    Dang, and I missed it! :( Still - an amazing 25 years, eh?
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    Wow 25 years; and I only new about them for 3 of those 25... What I want from Sam & Max? Easy, Season 4. (Assuming it's up to par with the last 3, of course.)
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    More comics and news about Season 4!
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    How about a re-release of Sam & Max Hit the Road?
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    I thought you mean't they're age was 25... They don't act or seem that young :\
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    Sam & Max bunraku!
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    I'd like to see Telltale release all of the missing games in the series on the various platforms that support Sam & Max: Season One for Mac and PS3, Season Three for Xbox 360 and Wii (or Wii U if the Wii isn't powerful enough for Season 3), and the last four episodes of Season Three for iPad.
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