105 is very disappointing.

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First I the game breaking bug that prevents you from transferring money to Bosco. The only solution appears to be to patch the game - which deletes your save files. That's just fantastic. So I do that, and start playing it again from the start.

After installing the patch, I notice these issues that weren't present before:
-The framerate is noticeably lower than it was before
-There are a few graphical glitches (mainly Sam and Max not turning invisible when walking through most of the doors on the internet)
-You can't run anymore
-The game freezes for a second every time you open the menu or save through the save point

Seriously, this is not what I expect from a patch. All it does is remove features or make them worse, aside from fixing a bug that prevents you from progressing through the game which has no excuse for being in a released game in the first place. Patches are supposed to improve games, not make them worse. And in this case it isn't optional, because the game is unbeatable without it.

I really hope I won't have to be this disappointed with season 2.

Also, as a side note, these forums are terrible. You can't search for any useful terms. Both "105" and "bug" got blocked for being too common when I tried to find a fix for this. I ended up having to find out the solution on GoG's forums. A search function isn't of much use if it stops you from searching for anything of use.


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    I've never had such a problem
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    Huh. I never ran into such a problem with "Reality 2.0" either.
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