Are we supposed to replay it?

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I was just asking myself that. It is, after all, a mystery, a whodunit; while I've gathered in some messages that some people received more clues than others, with the Lawrence/Toad choice especially. So, is it cheating to restart a new game, make the opposite choices and see what happens? I know that there are four slots and things to unlock, so ultimately, we'll have to replay it, but should we wait for the season finale? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I want to know if it's okay or if it may spoil the fun.


  • How could replaying your game be 'cheating'?

    I guess it all depends on how you want your game experience to be. If you played through it once thinking 'that's my canon playthrough', then it wouldn't make sense to go through it another time until episode 2 arrives. There's a much better sense of a continuous narrative if you're not aware of all the options you've seen in different playthroughs.

    However, curiosity is certainly not an invalid feeling to act upon as well. Getting those different perspectives on the case, catching more clues and detail and generally enjoying the game a bit longer... heck, why not?? Also, it of course makes you much more lore-savvy for community discussion. ;)

    I did not yet work out how the save system works for TWaU. But there ARE different save slots IIRC, so if you start a new game, in principle your first playthrough should not be lost.

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    Thank you for your answer. I do think that my first playthrough will remain my headcanon, but I do know that there are many other possibilities and dialogue to discover and they may tell you the story from a different perspective and bring new clues about the mystery. I'm also interested in having all the pieces to talk them through with everyone. There are indeed different slots but when you go to Extras on the main menu and on Player Choices you have your choices that appear without having loaded any save. I'm wondering if those will be replaced by the choices you made on your most recent playthrough. And I don't know I wanted some validation that there will not be some kind of puzzle where, for example, The Woodsman in custody would give you half of a clue whereas if you play with Dee in custody, you have the other half the clue, and you're supposed to figure it out with only half a clue, whereas if you'd play the game twice you would know the entire clue, ruining the surprise for Episode 3, for example. I know I may be over-thinking it but I just want to make sure you're not supposed to stay relatively clueless about it.

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    How could replaying your game be 'cheating'? I guess it all depends on how you want your game experience to be. If you played through it on

  • Well, to be honest the first time I played it I had no fuck**g idea what was going on or anything, after a long investigation and some things, I corrected it all in my second playthrough, claps I congratulate Telltalle for this great game. It's really awesome and I enjoyed it.

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