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After playing TWAU, it was just too hard to find an actual liking to it, especially having read the comics. It follows a very, very similar structure to TWD

I like Telltale how they did their version of The Walking Dead but Fables (Comics) is a completely different story. The Walking Dead is allowed to kill off exalted, beloved and main characters because that was part of the flare and hook that the comics/show/game had.

However Fables is nowhere near like that. It's a constant struggle between Fabletown, and The Homelands. Sure random characters will die, but it's never unexpected, like during the battles, and if they kill off someone it's usually not someone important.

I can't fully judge this game too much because the other 4 episodes aren't out, but so far it's disappointing, especially if it revolves around trying to figure out who's a murderer and just finding more heads laid out on the doorstep. But random killings of characters you might grow a liking to just like in TWD just makes the entire game a waste of time if it's going to follow in the footsteps. Might as well call it "The Walking Fables"

I don't know what's with the Snow White dead deal, but I can bear with it right now, and only hope that she comes back alive properly like she should, especially being a main character. Realistically, I think having her "killed" is the worst idea Telltale's come up with, it was one thing in TWD to have a completely different cast of characters, but using actual characters from the Fables comics and killing off the wrong ones and just re-creating a different story? Absurd and idiotic. It's like talking to someone who read TWD comics before Season 1 of the show came out and hearing them complain about everything, even to this day I still go "who the fuck is Daryl Dixon?"


  • feel free to not buy it then

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    The game is a canon prequel to the comic, so Snow's "death" is truly surprising considering she's alive in the comics, heheh. Thing is, even the creator of Fables has said that he's really happy with how the game is so far and seemed to like the ending. So I think it's too early to complain, specially since Ep1 is like a quarter of the story. I wonder what Telltale is cooking, personally.

    If you only bought the first Episode (assuming you're playing on consoles) you should stick around by the time Episode 2 rolls out. Even if you end up spoiling yourself, maybe check some playthroughs of it so you can see the direction the story is taking before you decide if you want to buy it or not.

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    It's just a plot device, I doubt the whole game is going to be finding random heads places and bet the next 4 chapters will be exploring a story that far exceeds finding the murderer. Personally as a fan of the comics I thought they nailed the characters and atmosphere perfectly.

  • i think snow lost her head because no one expected it to happen (those who have read the fable comics and some other smart people like me)
    so it was a master stroke imo.

    snow must survive somehow and we are talking about magic and supernatural stuff and as other have said peoples belief/interest/in a fable brings them back. in the comics snow doesn't go unscathed and she survives that after a time..

    yes it shares twd mechanics and the dark/gritty themes but that is what people like/want and 'probably is' faithfull to the comics right ? (not read them)

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    you should definitely wait until it is finished until you give the final verdict, because i had similar feelings while playing Back to the future, i didn't buy it as the episodes were coming out so i didn't have to wait very long before the story had worked itself out, but halfway through Back to the future it felt like the entire timeline had been messed up and there was no way it was part of the cannon of back to the future, but by the end it had worked itself out in a very back to the future way, so it was good, so hopefully by the end of The Wolf Among Us the comic fans will be able to think "brilliant, so that's what happened before the comic timeline"

  • Your right Stalkinghead, I'm sure everything by the end will be sorted it out.

    you should definitely wait until it is finished until you give the final verdict, because i had similar feelings while playing Back to the fut

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